the ship that sailed

The Ocean is Vast with Unfathomable Depths – IT IS BIG ENOUGH FOR ALL THE SHIPS

So I saw some really nasty tags on a reblog. I don’t post that much original stuff so reading all the tags gives me life. The tone of the tags was “if this is supposed it be about this character in that other ship I’m going to roll my eyes then commit violence. I hate that ship and the people who like it”. The funny thing is, I ship their ship and the one they hate so I was actually applying it to both.

Here is a list of the things I’ve seen just last night and this morning:

• Basic hatred of other ships
• False assumptions that anyone who ships X must then hate Y
• If you like a certain ship you need your head examined/replaced
• If your ship isn’t the most socially conscious ship available then you must be [insert –ist here]
• Wishing ½ a ship was dead or would stay dead

I really don’t get how any of the above adds to your enjoyment of Fandom/Shipping/Tumblr. Who am I kidding, I do. I just don’t agree with it. It’s entertainment and you can like what you like and hate what you hate but to me, it shows a lack of confidence in the thing you love if you need to disparage others who don’t feel the same as you in order to enjoy it.

There are many ships I don’t like, understand or am indifferent to. Several of my long time mutuals ship something that I’m really uncomfortable with. I don’t unfollow them, or post hate for that ship, or wish any part of it dead, or send an anonymous message telling them why they’re wrong. I blacklist it and/or scroll by it on mobile then reblog, like and dm about the things we do have in common. This isn’t politics or the fate of the world, it’s fandom.

I am so tired of seeing ship hate. The ocean is vast with unfathomable depths – it is big enough for all the ships.

Now that I can breathe again after the CS angsty episode...

… how cool would it be if all the CS shippers joined forces to reunite Killian and Emma?!

*among the clouds in the skies* Cora: WHAT? Damn it, he chose her, how many times do I have to tell you?! I wasn’t betrayed by the pirate on that beanstalk for nothing! Zeus, do something!

Zeus: #*@*$&%£ (Olympian curses, lightnings and thunders) That’s it, I’m shell-phoning Poseidon and ordering him to create some tsunami or something and bring the Nautilus back to f****** Storybrooke! I bloody resurrected that man to bring him back were he belongs and my ship will sail, damn it! I already have the popcorns ready for the wedding, for me’s sake!

Tinkerbell, from wherever she is: I’m in. Already trying to convince Blue to give me fairy dust, it might come in handy. That pirate’s pined enough! 

Widow Lucas: You have my crossbow. 

Leroy: And my pickaxe. I solemnly swear that I won’t be cockblocking those two until they’re coming back from their honeymoon. I didn’t have the heart to do it when they decided to move in together, let alone at their wedding!

Nemo: On my way, guys. Trying to steer the Nautilus back to Storybrooke, but I think I need a portal. In the meantime I’m taking care of our boy Killian here. I just want him to return to his family!

Archie: These are the moments I wish I was a magician instead of a freaking cricket. I freaking lost it when Hook showed me the ring! I just ship Captain Swan. So. Much. All I can do is take care of Emma while you guys work your magic, the girl deserves some happiness… and most of all she deserves that WEDDING RING on her finger! Bring the Captain back, boys!

Zelena: WTF what do you mean the Captain left?! But… the engagement ring?! I’ve been waiting for this moment for ages, FFS! I f****** cursed his luscious lips to make the pirate kiss Emma, and now this?! Rest easy, Emma, my pretty, I can’t let my favourite lovebirds suffer again. Somebody give me the Black Fairy’s wand, I have a portal to open and a pirate to rescue! *wicked grin* And Baby Gold will learn not to mess with my OTP.

Arthur, from the Underworld: Oh no, not this again! My mate separated from his lady love? This just won’t do. Don’t worry, Zeus, I got your message and sent Charon on vacation to Honolulu. There’s no way Hook is coming back to the Underworld before a couple of centuries. 

David: Cough, cough… Excuse me, Arthur, I thought you meant my mate! Whose place is with my daughter! As soon as you find him let me know and I’ll make my son-in-law find his way home, come hell of high water! *sigh* I miss my bro. Hold on, Killian, I… I mean, we will always find you, mate. 

Because it’s never, ever terrifying when people start talking about the “new order” that’s coming, is it?

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did you watch 97 line vapp today? dk talked about wearing couple sweaters with jeonghan lol he said he bought it and gave one to jeonghan and suggested to wear it but that he won't do it again lmao they're so cute mingyu's face was so funny he was judging him so hard(i kinda wish they would do it again tho lol)

lollllllll I think they get a lot of feedback that day lollllll Its so cute and cringe at the same time (its is only me?) but yea I wish they could wear more. Its cute ahahaha Somehow I can imagine the whole seen of dk giving yjh couple sweater ahahahhahaahahha Mingyu know whats up ;))))))))))) LOL 

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What got you (ahem, I mean, most of us) into Sidlink or as I like to call it, Lidon?


Honestly just how much Sidon cheers Link on. Going up through that hell path of electric arrows, and seeing Sidon pop up and tell Link how incredible he was, it was adorable. 

Then when I actually got to Zora’s domain, and Sidon just gushes over Link and stands up for him against the elders, like, our shark boy had it bad.

At that point I knew. It was going to be a ship I was sailing on for sure. 

I also legit thought I’d be the only one to ship them. Glad I was wrong! 

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21 for Komahina ? I hope you'll feel better soon !

Thank you! These days have been weird for me but having requests and writing them makes me really happy ♥

21. A Promise 

Now what? What were they all supposed to do? Was that a happy ending? Was it even an ending?

What was going to happen?

So many questions without answer, Hinata didn’t want to dwell on them so much anyways. But he couldn’t help himself, feeling that although everything was okay… there was someone who wasn’t.

The ship was sailing, they were supposed to help the Future Foundation in who knows what kind of disaster they were involved in. And they were going to arrive too late, he knew that. But if they were going to leave, no one should be left behind.

This way, they all waited for Komaeda to finally wake up, the last of them. Damn, Hinata really suffered waiting for that to happen. He was about to lose hope, but he just couldn’t give up. He couldn’t give up on Komaeda.

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"For those who are silly enough to think that this fake ship ruined his career, ask Sunny how exaggerating her fling with HBK (which was real unlike a fake ship might I add!) did in ruining him. It didn't" - Thank you! Finally, someone with sense. The only person who'll be ruined by this ship is the blonde herself.

This ship wont sail forever.