the ship sails itself

Rainbow six siege Ohmtoonz moment - Seriouslirious Comeback (H2ODelirious)
  • Cartoonz: An' I just called... to say I love Ohm ~
  • Ohm: *chuckles* what?
  • Cartoonz: I would put something inside of something of his... ~
  • Ohm: How about some money inside my wallet?
  • Cartoonz: How about some penis inside that butt?!
  • Ohm:!
  • Everyone: Aw!

And bromance of the year goes to… 

im off the deep end tonight and giving the show too much credit BUT i can’t stop thinking about this scene

by saying this, gendry is acknowledging the fact that arya is a highborn and he is not, therefore making them inequal as far as family is concerned. then stuff happens and they are separated and before rowing off into oblivion, he learns exactly who he is and where he came from

finally we see gendry’s return tonight and he’s wearing baratheon colors and what has he made for himself? a hammer with the baratheon stag on it

and i just keep thinking of him forging this hammer for himself while thinking of her, adding the stag because it makes him feel worthy of her, and learning to fight because she told to practice right, and it breaks my heart a bit thinking of how he kept her in mind this entire time. and seeing how excited he is to leave immediately and get on the road that perhaps will lead him to her dfjslkjsdf the ship just sails itself the longer you think about it ahhhhh