the ship sails itself

Rainbow six siege Ohmtoonz moment - Seriouslirious Comeback (H2ODelirious)
  • Cartoonz: An' I just called... to say I love Ohm ~
  • Ohm: *chuckles* what?
  • Cartoonz: I would put something inside of something of his... ~
  • Ohm: How about some money inside my wallet?
  • Cartoonz: How about some penis inside that butt?!
  • Ohm:!
  • Everyone: Aw!

And bromance of the year goes to… 

From Shu’s Route

Yui: Shu-san, can I come with you?

Shu: Do whatever you wish.

Yui: Ok!

Shu: …

Shu: Wait.

Yui: ??

Shu: Give me your hand. This is how I can make sure that you don’t wander off. 

Shu: (Ignores the heart to heart conversation they just had a few minutes ago, with him finding out that Yui likes him to the point that she couldn’t leave him if she tried). 

Shu, you just want a reason to touch Yui, don’t you? ¬u¬