the ship of ishtar

what? what’s this?? i don’t know!! i was reading Haunted by TobiSterling on Ao3 and this just… happened! it was meant to be a simple sketch, i swear!

i’m only at chapter fifteen at the time of posting this, but i’m eagerly awaiting the next update. i’m really enjoying this au and think the ghost therapist theme is a nifty change from your generic coffee shop aus. many kudos to the author!!

(honestly I should do fanfic fanart more often, it’s quite fun)

A quick sketch dedicated to @thiefprincess

I’m sorry if you’ve been going through a very tough time but know that you are not alone in this and that I am here for you. You’re a strong, beautiful and kind person. I hope this angstship hug would brighten up your day at least. (。・ω・。)ノ♡

Aisha, the Visionshipping Fusion!

The fused form of Ishizu and Mai! Her character has a moon theme and even has like a tiny mirror decorated on her headwear. Her powers are kinda tricky:

She can tie you up with her whip and will cast you a fortune. She doesn’t SEE the future per say, she makes your future. Like for example, she’ll say that you’ll encounter three beings that will test your bravery, and then it happens the next day.

She might give you a good fortune or a bad fortune, whatever she thinks it’s fair.

(She does kinda have a bit of a prankster-side, and mostly puts a cold face just to play tricks on you)


5. Angry kiss @eternalxnights 

theres our tsundere bronzies, i threw in some extras cause im always a slut for get-along-with-eachother scenerios i hOPE ITS OK OTL