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Weekend plans
  • Percy: Annabeth, hey! So I was thinking that maybe we could go watch that movie we wanted to see tonight? And tomorrow, let's go for a drive with Grover and Juniper. The beach or something and have a picnic. We haven't done that in a while. And then on Sunday, we could go to Camp. Jason and Piper are going to be there too and then we could go-
  • Percy:
  • Percy: -or we could do that

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You do realize that Ashi is still a teenager and Jack is an old man, right?

Ok, I feel like it’s time to finally settle some of the discourse in the fandom over the Jashi ship


- Is an adult woman, probably around 20 years old

- Jack called her a “woman”, not “a girl”

-  She is mature beyond teenage years

- If she were a minor she definitely wouldn’t have gotten all the sexy/nude scenes she did last episode

- She can make her own decisions as an adult

- Jack helped her find her true self and gave her life a meaningful purpose besides simply being an expendable killing machine

- She obviously cares about Jack


- Is technically 75 years old, (thousands of years old if you want to get more technical about it), but neither his physical age nor his psychological age represent a 75 year old

- He is still physically 25 years old, just with more emotional baggage (and as far as mental age goes, mind and body are not completely separate. His brain would still represent that of a 25 year old, still young and developing)

- By the logic of the “age gap” which puts Jack at 75 years old, who tf can he date acceptably then without a massive age gap since he’s an “old man”? Your grandma? That’s not fair to the character 

- He was able to forgive Ashi and does seem to care about her

- It IS possible to ship Ashi with the 2001-2004 version of Jack, ya know

- We’ve had evidence that in the presence of Ashi, Jack’s hallucinations become far less aggressive (blue Jack in episode 3 vs in episode 4), or disappear entirely, so she’s positively affecting his mental health

- So much so that she is able to convince Jack out of committing suicide after 50 years of temptation

Shipping Jashi in General:

- It has become clear now that Ashi is an adult woman

- Jack and Ashi have obvious chemistry

- Both have risked their lives protecting each other

- They have saved each other’s lives

- They are a benefit to each other’s mental health

- There is no evidence that Jack is Ashi’s father

- There is no evidence of an abusive relationship (They were enemies in the beginning, and yes, Jack killed her sisters, but it was in self-defense, and Ashi understands that.)

- However you choose to see the age gap is arbitrary, not factual 

- Compared to many other ships, like those shipping a young girl with a hundred-year-old vampire or whatever, or shipping Jack with a literal ancient demon, Aku, Jashi is a super unproblematic ship


Jashi shippers have a very strong base for their ship that has proven to be mutually beneficial and pure. Whether it becomes canon or not, if you personally don’t like the ship for whatever reason, that’s fine, that’s your own opinion and you have a right to it. What you don’t have a right to is to attack the shippers, especially when there’s almost no reasonable argument against the Jashi ship.

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Will act omega include anything for the davekat shippers?

Act Omega will only feature romantic content between The Signless and Hearts Boxcars.
Parallax - sinners0prayer - The Walking Dead (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
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Chapters: 1/?
Fandom: The Walking Dead (TV)
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Relationships: Rick Grimes/Negan
Characters: Rick Grimes, Negan, the rest of the crew will be there i cant list them all lol
Additional Tags: Trans Rick Grimes, Alternate Universe - Space, Alternate Universe - No Zombie Apocalypse, Alternate Universe - No Zombies, Aliens - sort of…you’ll see, Enemies to Friends to Lovers, Enemies to Lovers, Action/Adventure, Action & Romance, Rick is younger in this he’s 34, Negan is 45, :3c, Science Fiction



Rick Grimes is on the Eden II, a space ship heading to a distant planet called Alexandria. Twenty years prior, a crew had visited the planet, but their mission ended in disaster immediately upon their arrival. Believed to all have perished, a second crew was formed for a return mission. Rick has spent the majority of his life studying the planet through archives, and he is on board as the crew’s travel guide and historian. Negan is the bodyguard for the mission, and the black sheep of the crew. Rick can’t stand the man, but when their ship crashes as soon as they reach Alexandria, he finds himself stranded with Negan, alone on a planet with minimal means of survival. Now they have to work together and figure out how they’re going to survive and find the rest of the crew, and how they’re going to get home.

But there are dark secrets within Alexandria, and not even Rick is prepared for what they discover.

Evak is my softest ship ???? Like, i love banter couples where they call each other loser and constantly tease on how much the other sucks but with heart eyes, and i feel like Evak is not too different from that but at the same time they totally are because their love is so pure, in the eyes of the other they’re both perfec and flawless and the best person to ever exist, and they’re just so happy they met they even talk about how in other universes they are together forever, how in other universes they love each other as deeply, how in e v e r y p o s s i b l e u n i e v e r s e they are soulmates, they are so pure and authentical, literally one of the best couples to ever appeared on a TV show, they’re amazing, and i can’t stop crying.

Me: I don’t ship supercorp to be ho-
*Lena calls Kara her favourite*
*Lena and Kara fight crime together and are totally badass*
*Kara basically looks like she’s gonna kiss Lena on the forehead like why didn’t she*
Me: *is dead and forever enraged I don’t write the show*

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tw: mention of animal death ///// Yikes I just saw someone post "everytime one of my friends say they ship sheith a puppy dies, remember that". And they call us problematic???? Well then.

Every time I read anti shit like this another brain cell inside my head dies and I lose another shred of sanity

Confession: I want nothing more than to stop caring about this shit anime, it had so much potential but nothing came of it because Kishimoto is a weak writer. With the conflicts, world, characters and art had it could have been something great. The women had their growth stunted, conflicts were never resolved, almost no world building, and Neji’s death was unnecessary. After all these years this is what fans are expected to be happy with. Before anyone calls me an anti-shipper my ships are all canon.

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I call a Weiss and Mercury ship ice cold criminal. this is what this blog has done to me I'm shipping now wtf

Mun says: good luck with that. I’ve found 3 fics for them in and ao3 combined. Which is two more than for mercinder and I’m very salty about that.

Also there’s a shipping chart. All shipnames should be on it.

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I really wish people would stop referring to their favorite m/m ships having sex as sin. I already have an issue with people calling human sexuality sinful, because I think it's an unhealthy attitude that messes people up, but I especially hate it when they call two male characters making out and consenting to sex sin, since the idea of h*mosexuality as a sin contributes to the homophobia we see on a regular basis.




              Isaac Lahey & Philip Shea

      we,  the  boys  who  never  could  call  a  house  a  home; 
    we,  the  ones  with  those  daddy issues  ;
  we,  the   bruised  &   battered  ones  ;
we, the  survivors.       

                             after  so  many  years  of  living  in  the  dark.
                       MY  LIFE  BURST  INTO  COLOR  WHEN  I  MET  YOU.

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