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Winners (Rap Monster)

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Request: Can I request a namjoon scenario? Where he returns from the billboard award back to Korea and you ? It just hit too hard man.

You held your sign up for your husband to see as you waited for him to get home. Your excitement was huge as you had been waiting since the moment he called you later on. Of course you would have greeted him the same no matter how it went.

You squealed as you caught sight of them and started jumping. Namjoon saw you as well and quickly rushed over to you and hugged you as you two shared a moment “I’m so proud” you whisper as you two bumped foreheads “I am too” he says as you kissed his lips lightly. “You did a good job with all the translating” you continue to praise him as he just smiled. You looked at the others with large smiles “congratulations. First KPOP group to win at the Billboards” you tell them as you hugged each one of them “you’re gonna spoil us right noona? I missed your cooking” Taehyung asked as you nodded. “Later though. I want to spend some time alone with my husband” you say “oh the winning continues” Hoseok jokes as you send him a wink. “No off switch with you” Namjoon jokes loving having you close again.


“Babe come here” Namjoon called as you turned off the stove and rushed back to the bedroom. Namjoon had just woken up from his nap. “You look so cute in my shirt baby” he says as he unzipped his suitcase. “The boys let me borrow this so I could show you” he told you as you got down on your knees beside him as he pulled out the shiny golden microphone award. You gasped “can I touch it?” you ask him as he chuckled passing it to you.

You bit your lip as you scooted over to him and pulled him in for a kiss. He rubbed his nose against yours “I can’t stop telling you how proud of you” you tell him as he kissed your lips again. “Thank you baby” he told as you handed it back to him as he laid it down in his bag again as you tackled him in a hug. He laughed as you two laid down on the floor of your bedroom. “The boys will be here in a three hours” he says as you nod. “Join me in the shower?” he asked as you sighed “I have to cool but your offer sounds so much better” you tell him as he kisses your lips getting up.


You smiled as you sat food down on the table patting Tae’s head “thank you” he says as you nodded. You sat down next to Namjoon taking his fork from him “I can feed myself” he says as you simply open his mouth and fed him. “Is this the praising a wife gives?” Jimin asked “part of it” Namjoon says as he just let you take care of him. “Y/N is very nice and loving” Jeongguk says as you nod. You laid your head against Namjoon’s as he smiled. “I’m just so happy for you guys” you tell them all as they give you smiles.

Thunderbirds Are Go – ‘Rise & Shine’

Fic inspired by text posts by @wonderavian

Virgil: Let me sleep please


The morning sun was peeking through the closed shutters inside Virgil’s bedroom, but the human shaped blanket burrito that occupied most of the king size bed did not move a muscle. A mop of jet black hair popped out from underneath the blanket. Virgil was snoring softly, lying curled up in a fetal position. It was just another morning on Tracy Island, inbetween the chaos of missions and other obligations in the life of a Tracy. 

Loud footsteps approached his bedroom. The door was swung open and in walked the eldest Tracy. He put a set of heavy duty speakers on each side of the room and connected a shiny vintage microphone. Virgil stirred slightly but continued to snooze on. Scott flicked a switch on the microphone. A loud, high pitched sound screeched through the speakers.

‘Let me sleep, please,’ Virgil groaned, raising his head from beneath the sheets before retreating back into this cocoon.

But Scott cleared his throat and moved the mike to his lips.


That was the day Scott found out that waking up Virgil on the wrong side of 9am proved to be better running exercise than a morning jog on the beach.

Life With Virgil 101 - let the lumberjack beefcake sleep. Please. @typethedragon @madilayn @manhandlaa