the shinobu we all know and love~





Chapter 1
There was no other way
Does that make Chance your brother?

Chapter 2
Go completely still 
That’s a low blow

Chapter 3
Are you okay?
He’s a hotheaded

Chapter 4
I only know what you told me 
It’s a good motive

Chapter 5
I need more practice 
What about Shinobu?

Chapter 6
It wasn’t your fault 
It’s really good (tell truth)


Chapter 1
Is someone going to explain all this?
You just keep on lying

Chapter 2
We’ll figure this out 
You want to be here with me

Chapter 3
We’re doing everything we can 
That’s a step up from last night

Chapter 4
I can’t imagine what she went through 
Bring it on!

Chapter 5
Could we be the star shapes?
Maybe I should go down and check

Chapter 6
You almost got Yoshimitsu killed
It doesn’t change anything


Chapter 1
For everything to make sense 
Then do the right thing

Chapter 2
It’s a good routine 
I promised I would

Chapter 3
Hold his hand under the table
It doesn’t mean anything

Chapter 4
I chose you from the start 
You really think so?

Chapter 5
I’ll stick by you 
Sayuri tricked him into this 

What is your favorite personality type?

We all have that one character whom the second he pops up in a game we know we are done for. For me, it’s usually the kuu or cool character who seems to have a resting bitchface (Louis from Midnight Cinderella, Leonhardt from Once Upon a Fairy Love Tale, Joshua from Be My Princess Party) or the overly confident “jerk” character (Shinobu Suwa from Sweet Scandal Returns, Yamato from My Forged Wedding Party, Sid from Midnight Cinderella)

There are extremes of both of these tropes that can push them into too much for me, but for the most part, I can count on these personalities to be my route ruiners.

So, what are your favorites? If doesn’t matter if you don’t know the Japanese term. Just tell me how you would describe it!

Serendipity Next Door - Shinobu Narita Main Story Review

Have you ever been deeply hurting and then someone says something so positive and cliche to you that it strikes a nerve and you want them to feel the same pain that you feel? If so, then you have something in common with Shinobu.

I’ve seen a lot of strong hate for Shinobu, so much so that I’m kind of scared to write this review. I feel like people hate him so much that they will say I should be ashamed for liking him or there’s something wrong with me if I do.  He’s absolutely a problematic character, and it’s completely okay to not like him.  I’m guessing most people won’t.  However, I feel if you really try to understand what he does, then you can see his reasons. It doesn’t excuse what he does and it doesn’t make it okay, but it does explain it.  And it’s okay to like him.  It’s okay to acknowledge something problematic and still like it.  If people didn’t, Diabolik Lovers would never have been as successful as it is.

In order to explain him and some of the issues with the route, this will probably be a more spoilerish review than I usually write.

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