the shining franchise


After contracting a staph infection which left him housebound, 16-year-old Daniel Petric found solace in video games.  He took a particular shine to the Halo franchise, violent games which his parents, Mark and Susan, did not deem suitable for their teenage son.  Against their wishes, when Halo 3 was released Daniel snuck out of the house to purchase a copy, and would play the game for hours on end when he was left home unattended.  When he was caught red-handed, the game was confiscated, and Mark stowed it away in a safe, which was also where he stored his 9mm handgun.

Some days later, Daniel retrieved his game from the safe using his father’s key.  While his parents relaxed on the sofa, Daniel told them that he had a surprise for them.  He came up behind them, and shot them both, placing the gun in Mark’s hand in an attempt to stage a murder-suicide.  When David’s sister and her husband turned up minutes later to watch a baseball game, Daniel attempted to escape in the family van, Halo 3 in tow, but was stopped by police shortly after.  While Susan sadly succumbed to her injuries, Mark survived the shooting, and has since expressed forgiveness towards his son.  Daniel was sentenced to 23 years in prison.