the shining carpet

Ok but Kyungsoo is one dramatic hoe like his hair legit looks the same as it did a month ago only now its brown…

Like the 007 shit he pulled at the airport last month was…


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gimme ur fave ereri official arts

Every official art that involves Eren and Levi together I love. But my personal favorites are these; 

They’re alone, Eren is petting Levi’s horse and it just looks so peaceful overall. Eren’s horse is nowhere to be found so I guess he should sit behind Levi and embrace him as they ride through the sunset lololol. 

The atmosphere in this pic is too damn romantic. They’re married. 

Look at my majestic babies. 

Eren and Levi on a date, eating fucking Burger King. 

Eren and Levi are naked, proof that they probably saw each other’s penises. 

This is one that not enough people talk about. Like, Eren is eye fucking Levi right now. And that plunger… says something. Eren is a naughty boy. 

Isayama sketching ereri during his free time. Seriously, Eren be stalking Levi, like Levi has his eyes closed and he probably has no fucking idea Eren is standing there, starring at him with a smirk omg…

Physical contact. Animators trying so hard to show how much they ship it. 

Gays in their natural habitat. Eren charging at Levi as always. 

My babies in the red carpet. Shining like the kings they are. 

When god blessed us with this beauty. Seriously, this is holy. 

I could go on but I think this response is pretty long as it is. So yeah, these are usually the ones I stare at for 200 hours. 

Mr. Worldwide Handsome


[ENG] 121206 Mnet WIDE Entertainment News - 2012 MAMA SPECIAL: Best Performance X-FILE
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The Story of Richard & Monika

It’s a reach (though still not as long as Hoechs, lbr), but Hoechlin is the Richard and Monika is his mustache.  Work with me here!)

Okay, so disclaimer:

It’s entirely possible that they met, liked each other and are super cute and into each other. However, unless you’re new (welcome!), you know that we dabble only in the messy and It’s Ya Boy, Hoechs has a history of being reeeeeeal messy.  So we’re going to go down that path with lots of hobrien speculation on the way.

Roll around with us!

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