The Signs as 80's Movies
  • Aries:The Shining
  • Taurus:Weird Science
  • Gemini:The Breakfast Club
  • Cancer:Star Wars
  • Leo:Ferris Bueller's Day Off
  • Virgo:Big
  • Libra:Sixteen Candles
  • Scorpio:The Lost Boys
  • Sagittarius:St. Elmo's Fire
  • Capricorn:Beetlejuice
  • Aquarius:Pretty in Pink
  • Pisces:The Princess Bride

“Because Danny Lloyd was so young and since it was his first acting job, Stanley Kubrick was highly protective of the child. During the shooting of the movie, Lloyd was under the impression that the film he was making was a drama, not a horror movie. In fact, when Wendy carries Danny away while shouting at Jack in the Colorado Lounge, she is actually carrying a lifesize dummy so Lloyd would not have to be in the scene. He only realized the truth several years later, when he was shown a heavily edited version of the film. He did not see the uncut version of the film until he was 17 - eleven years after he had made it.”

The Shining (1980) dir Stanley Kubrick