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i dont have as much time now with family moving into my house with me. But I really wanted to do some inuyasha fanart since its been forever, and my love for the show/manga still burns like an never ending ember in my heart. But! This is a WIP. There will be shading and stuff….one day, dunno when though. Anyways please enjoy!


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A new double sided charm/keychain I’m doing, this time of Kagome and Kikyo from Inuyasha!

It seems like everyone only does Inuyasha and Sesshomaru for keychains, so I wanted to give these ladies some love. Thinking I’ll print them on some holographic glitter acrylic if I can afford it, if not they’ll be clear.

Hoping to have them in a month or two!

I’m thinking about doing this...

Just imagine, Kagome refused to go into the wellhouse after Buyo.

Inuyasha would never have been released from the tree.

Naraku would probably still be alive.

The Sacred Jewel would still be in Kagome’s body.

Miroku probably would have died from his wind tunnel.

Sango would probably still have her family, and have gone on to have children with someone else in an arranged marriage as was the norm those days.

Shippo would probably still have his father.

Kikyo would probably never have been resurrected. 

Koga would probably eventually marry Ayame still, but he would never have attacked Rin’s village because he wouldn’t have been looking for more jewel shards.

Rin probably would have lived and died in that village as a mute beggar or have been married off to a human husband when the villagers got tired of her.

Sesshomaru would still be a frigid bitch  with a lust for power.

None of them would have ever met.

All of this and more, because Kagome went to get her cat.

But what if she had refused? Miroku, Sango, and Rin’s souls would have been reincarnated after they died, so it’s possible that she would meet their reincarnations. Sesshomaru, Shippo, Koga, Ayame, Naraku, Jaken, and Kirara probably would have survived and integrated with human society. Naraku would still be searching for the Sacred Jewel. Kagome would be unlikely to discover she had spiritual powers unless some other freak accident happened. She would go about her life as an average school girl, never realizing her full potential. Inuyasha would be pinned to the tree, probably covered by vines now.

The Shikon Jewel, still raising questions after its disappearance.

Brought on by a conversation I had years ago:

Friend: “The hell happened to this shard??? Isn’t it in a tree in the Feudal Era?”

Me: “I guess it disappeared? Since the Shikon is gone from existence and all.”

Friend: “Was time reset?”

Me: “Uh…I don’t…”

Friend: “Some weird-ass timey wimey shit’s went down and we don’t even know.”

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The Doctor strikes again!

By the way, can we talk about some of the messed up things the Jewel has done?

*winky face*

“You want to regenerate? Go ahead! Your dependency on our power fuels us.

“You want to see your love again? Sure! Reincarnate first. We need you to bring the Jewel to the Feudal Era anyway.

“You want the woman of your dreams? I have a suggestion! How about you fight her reincarnation in an eternal battle? That way her soul will be with you forever!

Mu wha ha ha ha ha!

It actually twisted Kikyo’s non-vocalized wish, after she refused to use it to fix her fatal wound. Then it tried to trap Kagome in the Jewel by getting her to wish herself home…because it interpreted “home” as being inside the Jewel.

Because it claimed Kagome was BORN FOR THE JEWEL.

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There’s no place like home AKA the crystallized form of eternally warring souls!

WTF. The Shikon Jewel’s the evil genie, guys. Thank god Grandpa knew about the “one correct wish” or we would be clueless that there even was one. Wait.

Was Grandpa the Deus ex Machina?!

You’re welcome kids. You ungrateful whippersnappers.

A special shout-out to Gramps! (Because I will never stop mentioning this chapter.)

Babysitting Inuyasha didn’t work out for Grandpa Higurashi…

…because this happened. (HAHAHAHAHA!)

Thanks for everything, Grandpa!

And I would’ve gotten away with it too if it weren’t for you meddling kids…and your stupid dog!

*Heavens to Betsy, that reference works so well for Inuyasha.

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Do you have any headcanons regarding Kagome and the Shikon jewel?

     Yep, I do~ :)
      I HC that the shikon no tama was reborn in Kagome, not because she was Kikyou’s reincarnation, but because Kagome was descended from Midoriko.
      Also-she had a LOT of souls coming out of her and going back to her when Kikyou was resurrected, so I hypothesize that having the tama in her body was the reason for all of them. All those souls were meant to protect the tama and keep it neutral. 
     And I HC that the tama and Kikyou’s inadvertent wish on it to see Inuyasha again is why Kikyou’s soul was with Kagome too. The tama snagged it and took it for a ride into Kags because Kags was going to be the one that freed Inuyasha from the Goshinboku. So Kagome wasn’t really Kikyou’s reincarnation. (I have other reasons for this one too~but they don’t have to do with the shikon no tama…xD so I won’t go into them here)

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