why does everyone suddenly want the shield to reunite? dean, seth and roman are STILL developing themselves as solo competitors and doing things they couldn’t do when they were in the shield. a shield reunion right now would be the worst thing, in my eyes; it’d be way too premature and unnecessary. first, let dean and roman win solo titles and let seth further distinguish himself, and maybe in a few years we could have a shield reunion; just not now. the only acceptable thing would be for them to reunite for a month to take down the wyatt family and that’s it, not a full reunion.

As always

It seems whenever I can’t sleep I fanfic. So here is a little short that takes place in the ring.

“Face it Rollins. You’ve got nobody.” Triple H sneered across the ring, his massive grip tight around his sledgehammer. Kevin Owens cracked his knuckles ominously on his right. Big Show loomed over both of them. Rusev stood to Triple H’s left, his stance wide as he flexed his massive arms. Kane, corporate Kane long gone, face inscrutable behind a red mask stood behind him.

Rollins stood across from them, clad only in his dark pants. He had no titles to wear around his waist, those had been taken from him, and Triple H was right, no one stood beside him. His face was serious, his hair a riot of wet curls.

“Give up Rollins. This is one game you won’t win.” Triple H laughed his muscles rippling across his chest.

“You’re wrong.” Rollins finally spoke. “You already lost the game before you even realized we were playing. And I do have somebody.”

Triple H and the Authority looked at the ring. Triple H spread his hands questioningly but then the lights in the arena cut out.

“Sierra Hotel India Echo Lima Delta.” The lights came back up. “Shield.” The WWE Universe was deafening as they screamed their approval. Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose stood behind Seth in the ring. Roman in his typical tac gear, Dean with a black tank top tucked into his jeans.


Rollins grinned a glimpse of the boy he had been playing for the past year. “I won over a year ago before you even realized the game had started. The Architect out gamed the Cerebral Assassin.” He began to pace the ring, the microphone tight in his hand. Roman rolled his neck and began stretching his arms, loosening up. Dean began bouncing on the mat, eager to begin. It through off Seth’s pace a bit but he couldn’t find it in him to care, there was only vicious glee. “Roman told us how you approached him before our first match with Evolution.” Seth clapped Roman on the shoulder, who nodded fiercely at him. “Then before the second match you approached Dean.” He gestured at the bouncing blonde, who grinned humorlessly and shadow boxed a few punches before settling back on his heels. “We knew it was only a matter of time before you approached me. So I bought in. I ‘betrayed’” Seth made air quotes with his fingers, “my brothers and joined you.”

Dean picked up a microphone from the ground, “I didn’t think it would work. I thought you wouldn’t trust him.”

Seth smiled, “I knew it would work because you were so willing to believe that everyone is cold like you. And I was right. Dean, here, played the betrayed brother to the hilt. His speeches and chase convinced away any doubts you might have had.”

Triple H was frowning, a dark furrow between his brows, “You tried to murder him by stomping him through cinder blocks! You mean to tell me this was all part of your plan? Ha! What’s he offering you son?” Triple H looked at Dean, who laughed.

“I’m crazy remember? It takes more than a few cinder blocks to kill me. So I got a vacation and Seth got Kane’s suspicious eyes off his back. And the thing about brotherhood is that he doesn’t have to offer me anything. I believe in the Shield and Seth Rollins.” Seth stopped and looked at him and then in a quick movement he wrapped his arms around Dean in a strong hug.

Triple H shook his head unbelieving, “He stole your title! He cashed in on your main event at Wrestlemania! He pinned you and took your championship!”

Roman shook his head and smiled ruefully, “Not going to lie, that was hard, I wanted that belt, but I trust Seth and if he said he needed it, I could give it to him.”

“Thank you.” Seth looked at his brothers and then turned back to Triple H. “Dean legitimized my title run by chasing after me with all he had, almost too hard. I’ll be honest I wasn’t sure you were going to let that belt go.”

“I almost didn’t.” Dean admitted, “But despite the fact that you tell me I never look at the big picture I saw why I had too.”

Triple H looked angrily at the three men across from him, “The whole thing was pointless.”

“Really Trips? I spent a year and a half learning everything I could about the organization… and you. I know all of your weaknesses, all of their weaknesses,” He gestured at the group of men assembled by Triple H to defeat him, “I know precisely what to do and say to bring your house of cards crashing down.” Seth stopped in front of Roman and Dean who had thrown away their mics, “We are the Wind of Justice, howling down the halls of the WWE.” He extended his fist, Roman’s hand joined it, followed by Dean’s.

“You are forgetting one thing.” Triple H gestured to his men, “We still outnumber you.”

“I will take my two brothers against your five man goon squad any day of the week. Bring it on Old Man.” Seth dropped the microphone and stepped back, standing shoulder to shoulder with his best friends, his brothers.