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Here we go, kiddies. Your masterlist for every Shield imagine I’ve done so far.


Seth/Dean seeing you get hurt

Shield watching you

Shield bothering you during match

Shield message

Dean’s U.S. Title (Part 1)

Dean’s U.S. Title (Part 2)

Dean’s U.S. Title (Part 3)

Shield altercation aftermath/Dean’s injury

Shield confrontation backstage

Joining the Shield

Interview with the Shield

Say Anything with Dean

Grocery shopping with the Shield

Birthday present

Argument after losing match

Bad day


Tag match with Dean and Seth

Dean at ringside

Choosing a tag partner (Part 1)

Choosing a tag partner (Part 2)

New haircut

Injured/Afterwards with Dean

Midnight Swim

Two Face ~ 8

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Part 7

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“ Would you just listen Aurora, your father needs to talk to you” Uncle Kane, well he isn’t really my uncle but close to my father as it can get. “ For the last time, he threw me out of his life. He’s a piece of shit to me, I hate him and want nothing to do with him and don’t call me Aurora, it’s Rory”

Rolling my eyes as I pushed past him, “ You’ll regret this! he yelled. Reggie? I think not. My father could care less about me, he wan’t to apologize? That’s a little too late.

I’m done with his shit.

“ Are you going to be dodging everyone today?” Punk ran up to me, my hands in my pockets, it was chilly outside. “ What do you mean?”

“ I called you like 15 times today”

“ Miss me that much?” I smirked but he rolled his eyes with a playful smile on his lips. “ I am just going to cut to the chase here Rory, but AJ wants me to talk to you about Seth.”

“ What is there to talk about? He’s a prick and I could care less about him”

“ He’s not that bad” I stopped in my tracks turning to him, “ Not that bad? Huh? Well all I see in him is that he’s shit”

“ You can’t just think about everyone like that. Just because your father left and left you all alone. That’s right Rory, I know what happened because that day, I saw you backstage with him after mania. I saw the hurt in your eyes, he walked away leaving you. He left you and now your anger with him. But don’t take it on everyone else around you. Stop pushing people aside, the more friends you have the better chance you have backup. In this company, you need all the allies and friend that you can get”

Tears ran down my cheeks as I stood in front of Punk, wiping them with the edge of my sleeve, sniffing. “ Awe, Rory, don’t cry” He pulled me into his arms.

“ It’s true, he’s my father and he pushed me away. It hurts..”

“ I know but you need to let it go”

I just cried harder as we stood in the middle of the street with him hugging me.

Ready for the match, I stood with Punk and Daniel backstage. Both of them were looking at me with concern written on their faces.

“ What?”

“ If anything, tag me or Daniel, we don’t want you slacking” Punk muttered looking away. Shocked to hear that he just said, “ Excuse Me? I hand handle myself ,you worry about yourself Wolverine”

“He’s serious Rory” Looking over to Daniel, I rolled my eyes. “ And I’m serious too”

Our conversation is cut short as Heyman and Axel are out there, Heyman is bragging about how Punk should of been a Paul Hyman guy, I cut off everything else he said. I could care less what that walrus said, his beast broke my father’s streak. I have no father anymore.

I am happy where I am right now.

“ I’ll make this cut short” Punk muttered as his music blared as he walked through the curtain, applauding walrus. I muffled a laugh seeing the look on Punk’s face. Walrus is in a wheel chair, he’s lucky he is even breathing after what Punk did to him.

Oh here comes Axel to the rescue, not so much luck as Punk blows punches back. I laughed seeing Axel out then things turned around as Walrus is thrown out of his wheel chair.

“ Oh I love Punk” I laughed, Daniel laughing besides me watching with me from the screen. Kedo stick is out, poor walrus has no where to go as he is hit with a Kedo stick over and over again.

Punk cheers with the crowd,” It’s my time to go” Daniel says as his music starts as he started the “ Yes” chanting with the crowd going down the ramp.

My music starts as I skip out to the ring, twirling around down the ramp till I hit the apron sliding into the ring, blowing a kiss to Punk and Daniel facing the crowd blowing them kisses.

Shield theme song starts, I sit on the ropes watching them walk down the steps with the fans touching them. They might faint at the sight of them, Roman goes first over the barricade. Then Seth does his ninja thing then Dean as they stand together outside the ring.

Dean locks eyes with me, I smile wide waving my fingers at him.

I walked over to the two, Punk decided to go first, getting under the ropes gripping the string in my hand seeing Dean was going to head to head with him.

They take some time before locking up. Dean quickly applies a hammerlock before moving to a side headlock. Punk whips him off, and Dean shoulder blocks him down.

Dean hits the ropes, and Punk catches him with a jumping calf kick. Daniel  is tagged in, and they hit a double-team suplex for a two count. I wanted to be tagged in, huffing I watched the match. From across the ring, Seth was shouting something towards me but my eyes were on Daniel and Dean.

Daniel punches him before having a whip reversed on him.Dean catches him with a back elbow before tagging in. I really wanted to rip those locks off from Seth. He thought he was this and that. Wait till I have my hands on him.

Seth punches him before having a whip reversed on him. Daniel then turns him inside out with a knee to the midsection. Daniel kicks him before standing on his knees. He then applies a Mexican surfboard stretch. Then Daniel puts him down and tags me in.

Yes! Finally!

I kicks him for a two count.  Catching him with a snapmare and dropkicks him in the back of the head for another two count. Taking and wrenches the arm, and Seth kicks me. He goes for a dropkick, but I counters it. Going for my finisher, he brushes me off.

Roman Reigns is tagged in, and he slowly approaches me.He was huge but facing him, was wow. He wasn’t that scary just looked intimidating in the ring.

“ You going to go cry to your partners now? I can cut you in half baby girl. Be a good girl and tag Punk”

“ Rory!” Both Punk and Daniel shout towards me, I didn’t listen. Instead Roman and I locked up.

My chances of winning this match while with Roman in the ring was slim.I kick him with my feet sending him to the ropes. I speed towards in tagging Daniel.  

Punk gives me a look, like really, I was here. I shrugged watching the match.

They go back and forth before Daniel is thrown out of the ring going to tag in Seth. His eye on Daniel taking him into the ring and sending him to a corner. .

Daniel backflips over him before spiking him on his head with a nasty German suplex. He quickly follows up with a running dropkick in the corner.  Then puts him on the top rope for a super hurricanrana for a near fall.

Daniel kicks away at his chest before stopping to take Dean out. Rollins then kicks him in the head to take him down.

“Come on Daniel!” I shout. I just wanted to get in there and kick the shot out off all three of them.

Daniel is trapped in a chin lock applied by Seth. He fights up and elbows out. Seth reverses a whip, and Daniel is turned inside out in the corner. Seth quickly covers for a near fall.

Dean is tagged in, and he kicks Daniel in the head before dropping an elbow for a two count. Dean pulls back on Daniel’s hand before tagging Roman back in.

Roman head-butts him in the mouth before punching him down.

I pace back and forth holding onto the ropes.

Roman punches him in the side of the head while talking trash to him. Daniel comes back with some punches before hitting the ropes.Roman quickly takes him down with a forearm to the mouth for a near fall.

Seth is tagged in, and he kicks away at Daniel before hitting a body slam for a near fall. Seth quickly applies a chin lock, but Daniel soon gets the crowd going as he gets up.Daniel elbows out, but Roman is tagged back in. They whip him into the ropes, but Daniel holds on to the ropes.

“ Let’s go Daniel!” I shout as the crowd does too.

Seth charges, and Daniel back body drops him over the top rope. Roman charges as well, but Daniel pulls the top rope down to send him out as well.

Punk and Dean are tagged in.

Not me. Nope. Was I suppose to stand here like a pretty doll or something?

Punk catches him with a springboard clothesline and some hammer throws. Punk knocks Roman off the apron, casting me a look before hitting a swinging neckbreaker. Punk follows up with a high running knee and a short-arm clothesline. He goes to the top rope, and he catches Dean with his trademark elbow drop. Seth breaks up the pinfall, and I rushed to take him out with a  dropkick. Then catching him  with a suicide dive.

Roman immediately follows up with a nasty clothesline. Punk then catches him with a suicide dive. He quickly gets in the ring and goes for a springboard clothesline, but Dean ducks. Punk then ducks a clothesline and hits him with a roundhouse kick. He goes for the GTS, but Roman runs in. Punk catches Roman with the GTS, and Dean rolls Punk up for a near fall. Punk then quickly takes him down with an Anaconda Vice.

Suddenly the lights go out. What was going on? Rowan and Harper are standing in the ring with Bray Wyatt on the outside.

Dean and Seth go to argue with them over who attacks who. Seth goes to take Dean away. All of a sudden the hounds and the crazies brawl together. Bray with Roman. Then they stop.

I stood in the ring with Punk and Daniel and all heads turned to us. We were surrounded. They slide into the ring, jumping on us all at once.

The crowd cheers as the Usos comes for the rescue alongside with others. Everyone was brawling.

I crawled out of there, sitting on the outside of the ring watching as the show was coming to an end.

“ Where did you run off to?! Did you see what was happening out there?” Punk ran up to catch onto me, my makeup was smudging and I needed a shower.

“ I did, during our match I was barley tagged in. What the actually fuck?”

“ You shouldn’t be involved with the dogs. Now we have the Wyatt’s too. You can’t just be in the middle of this”

“ Oh I plan to be” I smiled patting his cheeks. “ Good job tonight Punkster”

I skipped to the locker room, I needed this shower badly.

My phone wouldn’t stop raining for the rest of the night. He was calling me again and again. Sending me text and leaving me voicemails. He doesn’t get it through his skull that I am no longer his daughter.

He dropped me on the face of the earth.

Please talk to me Aurora, I’m sorry baby girl~ Dad

Aurora this isn’t a joke. I’m your father and I demand you answer your phone~ Dad

I heard that Kane talked to you, I know your hurt by everything that happened. I’m sorry~ Dad

He can take his sorry up his ass for all I care,he is home with his other kids. I am not important to him. I never was. I was to be just dropped off the face of this earth, my step mother, Michelle , she thinks I should talk to my father. What for? What else do I have to say to him? I should just forgive and forget. No. I am not going to do . He doesn’t deserve my forgiveness.

A tear ran down my cheek, I let it as I closed my eyes, more came. What did I do to deserve this?
Battleground 2016/07/24: Dean Ambrose is the Best of The Shield and he brings the WWE Championship to SmackDown Live
Dean Ambrose has got the chance to make a name for himself and himself alone. And he started at Battleground with retaining his WWE Championship in the ex-Shield Triple Threat match. Those are my thoughts.