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Remembering George 1943-2001

“George planted 400 maple trees during the final year of his life, and when he strolled around the garden he would pick up a flower or leaf whose unique shape he admired. “I think he saw in that garden an affirmation that life goes on,” said Michael Palin, friend, former Monty Python member, and travel writer and documentary producer “That seemed to give him great pleasure in his final days. It was almost as though the body might be weakening, but everything around him was an affirmation of life and the continuity of life.”

Excerpted from “Beatle George Harrison’s Formula for Spiritual Health” by Joshua M. Greene

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時の勇者 by mochio on pixiv

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Cleaned the collection a bit. :)
I’m gonna get the Breath of the Wild Limited Edition and the 5 amiibos as well :) as well as some of the 3ds games I don’t have yet