the shibs

Finaly got around to post something here. This is also one of my characters that i’ve been neglecting. He’s name is Yuuchi, very calm. shy and reserved type and sometimes a stick up his ass kinda guy. He’s a swordsman dude and he’s main weakness is his lack of confidence. I drew em in his workout attire for now.  Well  hopefully i’ll be using these guys more often in the future and… i dunno make something of em. for now enjoy what it is


L A H O R E 🕊 • 

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Here’s what was supposed to be practice on drawing fun things, ended up drawing some Fox and gud friendos-
and a random shiba
I love shibas

@ac3th3gh0st @moho-milk-town-and-power-down @dissociative-hysteria < I’m sorry for putting y’all in this fukin’ m e s s-
Might do a few other doodle dumps like this in the future s o 


Sent shivers up my spine 😭 😭 😭  it’s so beautiful