the sherlock to your watson

one thing that’s always bothered me about most people’s depiction of Holmes’s usage of cocaine is that most people in Victorian England were only just beginning to realize how badly it affected people???

like tbh I feel like a better modern equivalent would just be Holmes dumping a five hour energy into his fifth cup of coffee while Watson, a trained medical professional, stares at him in horror

Sherlock: *wearing a ridiculous outfit*

Greg: Can you believe him?

John: I don’t know, I’ve lived with Sherlock for seven years. Anytime he’s wearing clothes at all, it’s a victory.

  • Sherlock: Can I borrow a pen?
  • Anderson: I don't know, can you?
  • Sherlock: Yes, and I might add that colloquial irregularities occur frequently in any language, and since you and the rest of our present company perfectly understood my intended meaning, being particular about the distinction between 'can' and 'may' is purely pedantic and arguably pretensious.

That one time Sherlock Holmes stood in a room full of women pointing at most of them saying “not you”
Then again in that cursed episode he pointed at John Watson saying “it’s you, it’s always you”

  • Molly : [holding Mycroft's hand over her stomach so he can feel Scottie kick] Sorry this is taking so long, he kicked for everyone else.
  • Sherlock : It's hard for the little guy to perform under pressure.
  • John : Top ten things Sherlock said on his wedding night.
  • Mycroft : Woah! It was small, but I think I felt something.
  • Mary : Top ten things Molly said on her wedding night.
  • [Molly laughs]
  • Sherlock : Stop laughing at it, Molly!
  • Everyone : Top ten things Sherlock said on his wedding night!