the sherlock holmes society of london

anonymous asked:

what's your aesthetic? do you have any books/movies/songs that remind you of your aesthetic?

my aesthetic is long and rambling: wearing evening dresses in the summer twilight, fairylights around old buildings with tall glass windows, the smell of summertime meadows, worn satchels, records from the 1920s-1960s, the smell of burning wood, falling leaves, fireworks on clear nights, rustic granary bread, classical statues with wood panel backgrounds, georgian architecture, old christmas films, long thick coats in grey, black, and red, mulled wine, good quality pens, dark red apples, the excitement you get as the lights go down before a film or a play, alice in wonderland, old love letters, traditional scottish music, the english seaside, oscar wilde plays, shakespeare plays, the iliad, cups of ginger tea, old world maps, cities at night, emotive film soundtracks, dawn/sunset.

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