the shelters of stone


The White House in Isle of Coll

A new house by WT Architecture in and around the ruins of ‘The White House’ where Boswell and Johnston visited during their tour of the Hebrides in 1773. The spectacularly cleft ruin is to be consolidated and only partly occupied. A glazed living room link connects a wing of domestic accommodation to the west, which is sheltered by a massive dry stone wall that extends into the landscape, extending the ancient patterns of enclosure analysed in the drawing above left.

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Solas’s Stories Transcribed

I couldn’t find these anywhere (except in video form which is too long) so I just transcribed them.


I found the ruin of Barindur, a lost Tevinter city buried deep beneath a dead and barren wasteland. Volcanic ash had sealed it tight. In one dark moment, every living creature in the city seared and smothered. They were statues in the ashes, like a mold made to recall the lost.

I found an ancient dwarven thaig no longer sheltered by the stone. An earthquake had exposed it all to daylight. A thousand dwarven corpses lay, the victims of a darkspawn horde, their last stand marked by one great ring of armor. In the middle, one small body, clutching tightly to a small stuffed toy.

I found in the Korcari Wilds a humble cottage far removed from any of the simple Chasind tribesmen. The trees and weeds had not reclaimed the home nor did the Chasind dare to come and steal the trinkets still remaining. It was empty, long abandoned, but the world feared that she might return.


I met a friendly spirit who observed the dreams of village girls as love first blossomed in their adolescence. With subtlety, she steered them all to village boys with gentle hearts who would return their love with gentle kindness. The Matchmaker, so I called her. That small village never knew its luck.

The Alamarri crossed the Frostback Mountains to escape a beast they called the shadow goddess in their stories. I met the spirit that they fled. She walks the Fade along the southern tundra, weeping, lonely, and forgotten. Great Ferelden formed because a lonely spirit drove her prey away.

I found an ancient spirit who had once been undisputed king of almost every land I had discovered. Like Pride or Rage, it was the Fade’s reflection of a feeling. When I asked which one it was, the spirit faltered. “They’ve forgotten,” said the spirit. “There remains no word for what I was.”


I saw a savage human horde go marching toward the battlefront. They sang a soldier’s hymn to keep formation. The primal music shook the ground. These savage unwashed warriors carried harmonies no Chantry choir has mastered. Though their cause was all but hopeless, they sang songs that made the spirits weep.

I saw a dwarf emerge into the light of day and shield his eyes against the sun, the first time he had seen it. The tears were streaming from his eyes. I thought them from the blazing light until I saw the rock he held so tightly. Then he laid the rock down gentle, and he left it as he walked away.

I saw a young Qunari working in a simple kitchen, baking bread as she was ordered every morning. In every loaf she broke the rules. She’d take a punch of sugar and would fold it to the center, like a secret. And this act of small rebellion brought a shining smile across her face.

For more than 700 years, the Ancestral Pueblo people called what is now Mesa Verde National Park home. Their dwellings – elaborate stone communities – blend into the sheltered alcoves of Colorado’s canyon walls. Today, visitors can explore these spectacular cliff dwellings with ranger-guided tours from late spring to early fall. Photo courtesy of Chris Wheeler.


Potion to Acquire a New Residence

Requested by @markandreid-trash

This potion-ritual can be used when working to acquire a new home or residence. Do not ingest. Keep the potion requests coming! This is a lot of fun for me! If you’ve already submitted a request, worry not! I will get to them all!

Supplies Needed:

-          Boling crucible

-          Glass vial

-          Small mojo bag

-          Fireproof dish (optional)

-          Sieve

Ingredients Needed:

-          A pint of water

-          A pinch of salt

-          A small stone from the desired dwelling

-          A teaspoon of dirt from the dwelling

-          An old key that has touched the lock of the dwelling.  

-          A jade leaf

-          A grain of rice for each housemate

-          A silver coin

-          A feather from a bird of flight

-          A personal item for each housemate (lock of hair, fingernail, drop of blood, or saliva)


1.       Bring the water to a boil.

2.       Contribute the salt.

3.       Add the stone from your desired dwelling.

4.       Add the dirt from the dwelling.

5.       Add the key

6.       Contribute the jade leaf.

7.       Add the silver coin.

8.       Contribute the rice.

9.       Add the feather.

10.     Last, add the personal item of each housemate.

Allow the brew to boil and bubble while concentrating on your goal. When the concentration can no longer be held in the mind’s eye, remove the brew from the fire and allow it to cool. Once cool, filter the liquid through the sieve into the vial and remove the stone, coin, and key and secure them in the mojo bag. Take the vial to the dwelling and use the potion to anoint the threshold. Leave behind the mojo bag with the stone, coin and key, taking care to hide it somewhere out of sight and out of mind. Turn away and do not look back.

If you are moving out of state and visiting the dwelling to carry out this potion-ritual isn’t possible, this working can still be carried out with ease. Write the address of the desired dwelling on a slip of paper and burn it. Contribute the ashes to the brew, saving a bit to rub into the key and the stone. A small portion of ashes can be mixed into a measure of dirt from any location and this used in place of dirt from your desired dwelling.


The symbolism of the above mentioned potion ingredients are pretty obvious. First, the salt is a symbol of the earth which is manifestation and the ground on which we build our shelters. The key, dirt, and stone are all links to the home that is sought. The jade leaf is a common plant that is often kept in the home to encourage luck. A silver coin is added to ensure financial requirements for the home are satisfied. The grains of rice are added to keep each housemate from going hungry and the personal items are added to tie the home to those that seek it.

anonymous asked:

Hey! So you mentioned that you tend to read more than watch movies in a previous ask, and I was wondering if you had any lesbian book recommendations? (also, thank you for your blog!)

Oh sure! I think that a lot of lesbian book lists focus on Very Serious Lesbian Literature, and those books are amazing and important, but in honor of how a lot of people are feeling, I’d love to give some recommendations of some fluff and genre novels today. :) I’d note that not all of these have perfect politics, etc.

Santa Olivia by Jacqueline Carey- dystopia? Super powered lesbian? Here you go
Elemental Logic series by Laurie J. Marks- who says you can have a lesbian fantasy epic?
Ash and Huntress by Malinda Lo- these are both good lesbian YA
Kissing the Witch by Emma Donaghue- series of short fairy tale stories, very gay
From the Ashes by Meghan Brunner- what if the Ren Faire really was magic?
Fires of the Faithful (and sequel Turning the Storm) by Naomi Kritzer- what if MUSIC was magic?
The Dark Wife by Sarah Diemer- “lord of the underworld” is Zeus making fun of his gay sister
The Temple at Landfall (and sequels) by Jane Fletcher- this is a romance series in a world where there are no men and everyone is a lesbian or an evil nun
Everafter series by Nell Stark- what if your fiancee was a vampire and you had to be a werecat? And things got weird?
Love Waits by Gerri Hill- Time for a high school reunion
When Women Were Warriors trilogy by Catherine M. Wilson- my absolute favorite
The Princess Affair by Nell Stark- A modern day British princess and a Rhodes scholar
The Princess’s Bride by KT Grant- Want lesbian pirates?
Lunar Fringe by Allison Moon- I kid you not, radical feminist werewolf hunters
The Kiss that Counted by Karin Killmaker- a sexy butch has to do community service at a women’s shelter… if you’re hoping that a cute lesbian works there she does
Stepping Stone by Karin Killmaker- Hollywoord lesbians

Enjoy some fluffy lesbian content!