the sheikah

Yes yes, I get your point that the Sheikah are all mysterious and poetic and cool—

But also consider 

That the script in the Sheikah shrines just repeatedly says ‘dungeon dungeon dungeon dungeon’

Or their large spinning cogs have the script ‘rotate rotate’ on them..

Mysterious and cool my ass.  Though I still love them.

I Think I Know What Happens Before Breath of the Wild?

so i saw this tumblr post and it instantly got the gears in my head turning and i came up with a theory as to what happened 100 years in the past before the events of breath of the wild.

so to start off, link and zelda already knew each other long before ganon appeared. (we know this because he already had the champions shirt before ganon appeared, so he was already close to the royal family.)

at some point, zelda regains her memories of her past lives, meaning she learns what will inevitably happen to her and link.

she knows that going on a quest and battling ganon will hurt link and possibly get him killed, so when ganon appears, she tries to stop him alone. however, it’s too much for her to handle. and when ganon awakens, he takes control of the sheikah guardians and they start to destroy castle town.

the king of hyrule sends link to stop zelda from hurting herself by trying to fight alone. “you must save her… my daughter.” so because she’s trying to protect link, link ends up needing to protect her too. they escape castle town and head into the woods near hyrule field.

despite zelda’s wishes for her and link to not need to face ganon, they must anyway. soon enough, the guardians catch up to them. link and zelda run and try their best to fight them off, getting dirty and injured. they are briefly separated, but zelda catches up to link later. link loses the master sword’s scabbard and the sword itself is badly damaged.

link is severely injured in battle and then this scene happens:

he collapses and struggles to get up. at this point, zelda has caught up to him and is right behind him. 

link is still extremely weak though, and slumps over after getting up. directly in front of them are 2 dead guardians and 1 active one. which is this scene in the e3 trailer: (you can tell that these scenes from different trailers are the connected because the positions of the 3 guardians are the same in both.)

zelda is behind link, which is why she isnt seen here. the guardian targets link and prepares to fire

before it can fire, zelda stops it, defending link.

unfortunately, link is already gravely injured and soon dies from his injuries. 

with link dead and zelda injured, the sheikah have been left to fight off ganon and the guardians. the sheikah use the power of their 4 divine beasts to seal ganon’s true power, and ganon becomes the primal calamity ganon. when ganon’s true power has been sealed, most of the sheikah are gone (having disappeared, scattered, or died.) 

zelda puts link’s body into the shrine of resurrection so he can heal. and then brings the master sword to the great deku tree to be restored over time.

zelda then returns to the castle and stays there, using her power to keep herself and ganon bound to it

zelda, ganon, and the rest of hyrule wait for the hero link to awaken 100 years in the future.

@malisvaart and I had our friend Jie♡ translate 5 of the sentences that are visible/readable in the map:

1. The Hero and the Holy Princess sealed it

2. Ganon, the name of disaster in Hyrule

3. The four gods (they’re famous Asian gods. Tiger, red bird, turtle and dragon) will bring peace of the world

4. You will bring the power of the four gods and destroy Ganon

5. The end of the war, Shikah people all died

(the four gods are a bird, kamel, elephant and a lizard/scorpion in the case of BOTW then… Our friend says it’s not a perfect translation, but yeah this is the gist. Excuse typos!!)


This is my theory about The Legend of Zelda Breath of The Wild:

In Hyrule Historia is mentioned that Link dies in the ALTTP timeline wich i believe that somehow The sages sealed Link 100 years in a Sheikah chamber to restore his life energy and Zelda traveled to the future to find Link to fight again vs Ganon.

Link and Zelda (OoT) share a few things with the (Botw) “Incarnations”.

In the Ocarina of time manga link reveal his hair and so a ponytail with it, Zelda shares the hair and a lot o physical similarities with the Oot one.

Also they live in a close era because you can see that Gorons, Zoras, Kokiri-Koroks, Gerudo and Sheikah are in both games in comparisson to TP where the conections of the tribes looks lost or a few tribes are gone.

The four major Zelda: Breath of the Wild Dungeons

During a video segment to show off the collectors edition, they showed the backside of the map, revealing a tapestry that depicts “the story of Calamity Ganon”

The middle has Calamity Ganon with what looks like the King of Hyrule with the master sword on the right, and Zelda on the left. With some editing, Zelda becomes more clear.  You can see Zelda kneeling while shooting golden light at the Calamity Ganon

.In each of the four corners of the tapestry there is a large animal. a Bird, a lizard, an elephant, and a camel. We have seen a Sheikah bird in the game award trailer that resembles the bird in the tapestry.  

In the January 12th trailer we get a look at what appears to be the camels walking through a desert.

we see the lizard on what looks like the side of death mountain.

and we have not seen the elephant to my knowledge.

in the tapestry each of the four Sheikah Beasts appear to have a rider or pilot standing on them. My theory is that each of the beasts will serve as one of the rumored four large dungeons with their riders possibly being the boss.

Could this be one of the corrupted pilots?


Another observation because it’s been a slow weekend… the figures I have circled looks similar to Rauru and Impa’s design when she is old in Skyward Sword (zoom plz). Something is “flying” to the right of “Rauru”. Maybe the last figure to the right is a Guardian?

Also, the Rauru statue in the Hyrule Castle Town shop in TP:HD holds the Master Sword… The mysterious woman (?) in the last photo carries similar colors to Impa in Skyward Sword.

(excuse typos…) @malisvaart

Linktober day 10 Mask of the Shiekah,

The ancient tribe of the Shiekah have always lived in the shadows. Surrounded by mystery, magic, and power they have forged a community of almost supernatural ability. Perhaps this is why they were chosen by the goddesses.

Adept in mysticism they have the ability to look into the future and have reflexes that border on precognition making them exceptional warriors. So too are they adept at hand to hand combat, weapons, poison, and traps. It is said that many of the dangers in Hyrule came from their own designs to defend the ancient temples of the Goddesses.

The Fire Dancers from Death Mountain were imbued with their fighting techniques born in flame. Along with Shadow Mimicry from the Water Temple, and Necromancy in the Shadow temple to name a few.

Time passed, treachery and suspicion lead the Sheikah to fade into history. Through violence or exile the people of the Sheikah were slaughtered and hidden away … or do they still exist unknown to the world in perhaps another form


During the treehouse live at E3 2016, when asked about Zelda spin offs Eiji Aonuma briefly mentioned talk among his staff about a Sheik game. 

So I lost my fuckin marbles and thought it’d be interesting to conceptualize a story about where the title of Sheik came from and what it means. Perhaps a story that takes place just at the tail end of the sheikah people’s mass genocide.

This is SUUUUPER self indulgent.


While watching the latest Nintendo Treehouse footage, I found out that Breath of the Wild actually uses the same Hylian alphabet as A Link Between Worlds! 

Based on this, I’m about 99.99% sure that the alphabet appearing in/on shrines, towers, and the Sheikah Slate is in fact Sheikah writing!

I am so very excited for Ellie

Neil Druckmann and Bruce Straley, along with the actresses who played Ellie and Riley, back in 2014 said that their intention with the Left Behind kiss was that the players can interpret it any way they like, but their intention was that the two girls are gay.

It was recently announced in The Last of Us Part II that the player controls Ellie this time around instead of Joel. This means that Ellie will be the first gay protagonist in mainstream gaming. And she’s a female protag!

Way to go, Naughty Dog! Keep moving us forward!

Nintendo Treehouse Round-up

Things confirmed during the Breath of the Wild stream:

1.)    Horses of different temperaments, strengths, endurance, breeds, ect. Some are easier to tame than others

2.)    Stables are used to register and store horses. You can have up to five.

3.)    You can feed animals—potentially gain animal companions

4.)    Side quests are a thing

5.)    Donkeys

6.)    Aonuma hints that there’s some connection between the blue shirts and Sheikah Slate Zelda and Link have?

7.)    You can call a tamed horse by whistling anytime, anywhere

8.)    The world is alive with animals everywhere (mostly)

9.)    You can mount your horse in any direction now (THANK GOODNESS)

10.) Octoroks confirmed

11.) Varying weather patterns; rain will put out fires

12.) Metal items WILL attract lightning; be smart how you gear up. Lightning will strike randomly though, so be cautious. Can strike enemies too

13.) Horses can die

Some of this we knew or guessed at, but it was nice seeing more of the horse mechanics.

Sheikah Writing/Culture Headcanon

(this brims on the idea that the writing on the walls in breath of the wild is Sheikah) 

The Sheikah alphabet looks like this

(taken from Zelda informer submitted to them by Dean F.)

I’ve been doing my best to become kinda… fluent I guess is the best word for it - and by far the first thing you need to know is it is crazy tedious to write in so I have a firm belief that people give each other symbols. You make a symbol for your friend, you make one for a common object of discussion - it’s extremely common to write in short hand for anything that isn’t super important.

the other head canon I have has to do with this symbol - 

In the sheikah language there aren’t spaces or periods, instead there’s a symbol between words and a symbol for a period, so I like to think that it becomes a symbol that also represents ‘end’. 

Warriors will find ways to incorporate it into their armor to intimidate enemies, a way of saying ‘to fight me means your end’ or ‘I will single handedly end this war, even if I have to go through you.’ It appears on killing weapons and on doors to prisons, to death chambers and dangerous areas. It’s on signs outside of monster ridden areas to ward people off

A single symbol that when it’s used on it’s own strikes fear into the hearts of men

hang on, hang on. i am just reminded and gotta comment on how fucking badass Ganondorf is. in Twilight Princess in specific this time.

he is set to be executed, chained and impaled by the sages with a magical sword. what does he do? he breaks out of the chains, kills one of the sages with one single blow and then…..TAKES THE SWORD OUT FROM HIS OWN WOUND AND KEEPS IT. THAT SWORD IS HIS NOW AND HE USES IT LATER ON.

‘THANKS FOR THE SWORD, FUCKIN’ NERDS.’ –Ganondorf, probably.