the sheep fire

Final stages of Pepoot, Stillam and Slear!

Man the quality of the art sure evolved along with the pokemon.

Honestly I’m still really suprised they haven’t done a grass/fire chilli pepper pokemon. Or that they haven’t done starters with the secondary type and the first type’s weakness.

Special shoutout to @hamishmash and his fakemon which inspired me doing my own. Sorry I stole your fire-sheep thunder.

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Thoughts on Lemonade

I thought it was messy. The images and some songs were nice, but the drama played out for public consumption was messy. I guess she wants to show her fans the drama, but it should be handled without an audience. She cannot expect Rachel to respect her marriage if Jay Z did not. Rachel does not have any loyalties for Beyonce to do so.

A lot of Beyonce’s fans are taking it too far as usual. Involving Rachel’s daughters in the process crosses the line. Some of her fans are giving her death threats. Beyonce will definitely be cashing in on her drama though. I just hate how everything and anything can be for sale.