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Runaway - AURORA

“And I was running far away, would I run off the world someday? Nobody knows, nobody knows. And I was dancing in the rain, I felt alive and I can’t complain. But now take me home, take me home where I belong… I can’t take it anymore.”

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Arya Meme: (8/10) Scenes
↳ Once, from the crest of a ridge, she spied dark shapes crossing a stream in the valley behind them, and for half a heartbeat she feared that Roose Bolton’s riders were on them, but when she looked again she realized they were only a pack of wolves. She cupped her hands around her mouth and howled down at them, “Ahooooooooo, ahooooooooo.” When the largest of the wolves lifted its head and howled back, the sound made Arya shiver.

She-Wolves: The Women Who Ruled England Before Elizabeth

In the tradition of Antonia Fraser, David Starkey, and Alison Weir, prize-winning historian Helen Castor delivers a compelling, eye-opening examination of women and power in England, witnessed through the lives of six women who exercised power against all odds—and one who never got the chance. Exploring the narratives of the Empress Matilda, Eleanor of Aquitaine, Isabella of France, Margaret of Anjou, and other “she-wolves,” as well as that of the Nine Days’ Queen, Lady Jane Grey, Castor invokes a magisterial discussion of how much—and how little—has changed through the centuri



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“That was the best part, the dreaming. She dreamed of wolves most every night. A great pack of wolves, with her at the head. She was bigger than any of them, stronger, swifter, faster. She could outrun horses and outfight lions. When she bared her teeth even men would run from her, her belly was never empty long, and her fur kept her warm even when the wind was blowing cold. And her brothers and sisters were with her, many and more of them, fierce and terrible and hers. They would never leave her.”

Giving birth on Once Upon a Time...
  • Snow White #1 - Middle of the Dark Curse, had to send her daughter away.
  • Cinderella - 28 year long pregnancy.  Car accident while trying to avoid her child being taken from her.
  • Emma - In handcuffs.
  • Aurora - Majority of her pregnancy as a monkey.
  • Snow White #2 - Baby stolen.
  • Maleficent - Egg stolen.
  • Zelena - Pregnancy accelerated traumatically.
  • Belle - Pregnancy accelerated traumatically.

So…. anyone want to ask the writers what their pregnancy trauma is that they’ve done this?  Or should we just ask their wives?

Overwatch AU: A Date With Death

Claws That Snatch: Werewolf! Lena / Vampire! Amelie AU

Part 1 / Part 2 

Part 4

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“I have question”


“It might be…racist? Species…ist?”

At this, Lena turned on her side, head propped up with her elbow digging into the mattress, giving her bedmate her undivided attention.

“Oh boy I’m ready”

Amelie remained still, flat on her back staring straight up at the ceiling of Lena’s room in thought. Hesitating for a moment but it was something that she had been wondering for awhile now, and it wasn’t like she knew any wolves well enough to ask. But after a few weeks living on and off with this particular brown canine, she shrugged and asked.

“…do you go into heat?”

Stunned silence followed.

She finally turned her head to face the one in question however she was nowhere to be seen. Lena had silently taken the blankets and shrunk underneath them, covering her head in shame.

But she still responded in a low mumble,“…it’s not as sexy as it sounds…”

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