the shatterdome collective

okay but what about,,, a pacific rim au,,,, where Nursey and Dex,,,, become drift compatible,,?

hear me out. most folks are drift compatible from the get go. either because they carry nothing into the drift or they’re close enough (usually siblings or family or they just have that special connection) that there’s zero chance they aren’t compatible. but nursey and dex? they. just aren’t. at first.

Over time, though, they watch team after team get taken out and new pilots come and go, and jaegers being built all around them and they’re constantly on standby. they grow closer. they tell each other things themselves and they open up to each other. dex talks about his family and insecurities. nursey tells dex about his.

everything goes to shit one day. the double event happens. they need another team out there backing Jack and Bitty and Holster and Ransom. Nursey and Dex step forward; everyone is skeptical because the neural handshake between them has always failed. but they’re sure of it this time.

the marshall allows it. worse comes to worse they’ll send out one of the injured teams and hope for the best. Nursey and Dex step into a jaeger, their jaeger, and proceed into the drift.

there’s baited breath and then-

It all rushes past them. They’re drift compatible, and it is the most relieving thing to the entirety of the shatterdome. there’s a collective sigh of relief as they’re taxied out to help.

Nursey looks at Dex, or maybe Dex is looking at Nursey. It’s hard to tell when you’re in each other’s heads

We did it.


The HC-20 Directive [Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam | 2025.05.25]

Australia {Vulcan/Striker} | China {Rogue/Typhoon/Horizon} | Russia {Eden/Alpha}

[Pacific Rim AU in which Stacker Pentecost runs a Pan-Pacific Spy Agency, and three teams are deployed to take down the elusive HC-20 organization]