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Amren Sports Fan Headcannons

Inspired by this thread!

-Amren is highkey the BIGGEST sports fan you will ever meet

-Is the kind of fan that everyone is annoyed by

-Loves any sport that has the possibility of bloodshed

-Has a ‘secret’ closet in her apartment dedicated to all the Night Court’s best players

-Knows every player’s pass ratings, season points, ect.

-Paints her entire face with team colors for every game

-Will not wear anything but team colors on game day

-Constantly heckling players from the sidelines

- “My father can pitch better than that, and he’s 2,000 YEARS OLD!”

-Is the person that will scream at a referee because they made a ‘bad call’

-Will also find said referee after the game and ensure they never make another call like that again with her present

-Constantly argues with Varian about Summer Court vs. Night Court sporting events

- “No, Marcuzac is ten times the player that Sharmin is!”

- “Yeah, but Sharmin has charisma-“

- “I don’t care about charisma. I care about RESULTS”

- “Babe.. Calm down, it’s just a game.”

- “JUST A GA-“ *launches herself at Varian*

When Tom was with Ria, he was happy, she looked perfect for him, too bad money became a relationship killer. I though Lena was the best for him, the first time i saw them together i though “wow shes gorgeous and has a really nice vibe, they really look good together” (although i knew they werent) i mean, i didnt get a vibe like i did with other gf of him, Ria i though it was more sexual then real, but Lena, damn. I dont know whats going on, i dont need anyway, i just want to know hes ok, which he clearly doesnt look like it. We really dont know if hes really dating this Sharmine woman, which is way older and has a daughter…i mean, thats a lot to Tom to figure out, is he ready to be a stepfather? Only he can tell, and only he can figure out for himself. For the first time in a long time, im worried about him, idk, he doesnt seem alright…i hope he knows what hes doing and get better, i really want him to be happy.


NEWSHOUR: After imam shooting, a Bangladeshi community re-evaluates its relationship with police

“There was a lot of, ‘There was a robbery,’ ‘Why are you so sure it’s a hate crime?’ It all felt very dismissive of the community’s concerns.”

— Sharmin Hoque, Ozone Park resident 

Residents told the PBS NewsHour Weekend that for years, the local police department, precinct 106, had worked closely with the community to try to stop anti-Muslim attacks before they happened. And community members said they trusted the police, regularly calling on them for help.

After the shootings, however, Hoque said she felt the police and others were reluctant to label Saturday’s shooting a hate crime, even though the local officers knew that hate crimes have taken place in the neighborhood before.

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