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Hey guys! Red Phoenix arising from the ashes here with a fanart of one of my favorite AUs and character from the original Undertale, Abysstale Undyne! DeviantArt, Tumblr and Youtube really need to get more Undertale characters featured other than Sans, Papyrus, Gaster, and Frisk. Good thing I’m an Undyne fan who shall share more Undyne fanart and stuff °^°

I’m sooo busy rn that I didn’t even manage to finish the trailer comics of Bladetale Chapter One which was supposed to be ready yesterday because it was the day of Bladetale’s first ever anniversary, and I’m so disappointed of myself not gonna lie 😭

So here I am trying this app, ibisPaintX which is actually a good app tbh. It was a bit hard using this because of my old phone. But now that I have a new phone, I’m starting to love this app >w

This was the same sketch I used for a collab with Kaz here but I was too lazy to make a new sketch so I just decided to use this one instead 😂

Speedpaint Link


Art belongs to me
Abysstale Undyne belongs to @metakazkz
Original Undyne belongs to Toby Fox

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jojo, por favor, se não for pedir muito, vc teria indicações de bons sites/tumblrs/etc de resources? pra fazer graphics, character psd e afins

o melhor site, melhor opção, melhor tudo sempre é o deviantart! você encontra de tudo lá, só precisa saber procurar, então vou te passar umas coisinhas:

  • pesquisa: share psd // share graphic psd e não desiste nas primeiras searches porque vai aparecer várias coisas de desenho e tal, mas uma hora vai começar a aparecer uns graphics. quando você encontrar graphic psd, clica nele e aí na lateral direita procuta “featured in collections” e vê as coleções do pessoal porque aí te garanto que você vai encontrar miiiiilhaaaaaares de coisas porque são pastas onde os usuários salvam resources;
  • pra facilitar sua vida, já vou te passar umas coleções onde eu sei que tem bastante resource e eu mesma já usei uns: templates // templates 2 // resources no geral // resources no geral 2
  • psd makers que tem uns muito bons: taxitoheaven, thatnameisnotreal, ravenorlow

agora no tumblr, eu tenho certeza que você encontra vários resources no itsphotoshop, yeahps, chaoticresources, pscs5 e nas tags desses respectivos blogs (tipo ainda assim, meu favorito sempre será o bom e velho deviantart!

I don’t understand the whole ‘don’t share my art’ rule.

My sister is an artist, I’ve got friends that are artists. I respect every artist I come across because not only for their efforts and talents but because of the time they spend to make us happy. I think people who steal art and claim it as their own are fucked up and deserve to be punished for their actions (whether legally or by the fandom), but there’s one thing I don’t get. 

I don’t understand the whole ‘don’t share my art’ rule;

Don’t use my fanart for your icons

Don’t use my fanart in your edits

Don’t share my fanart on twitter/facebook/tumblr

If nobody’s claiming your art as theirs and if they’re linking back to the artist, then what’s so bad about it? They just want to show your stuff off on social media websites because they like your style. They like your art so much they want all their friends to see it. So why are there artists trying to stop appreciation for their art? Is it so that they’re the only source of the art, therefore they get all the views, notes, reblogs, likes, shares, or whatever? Is that why artists don’t want people sharing their art or using it in edits and stuff? Because they want to be the only place to find the art? I’ve seen some people say this on dA when I try and add their art to my deviantart groups and it really irks me. But is this the reason for everyone?

And it really bothers me when I see people demanding fans don’t share their artwork (whether on twitter, facebook, tumblr, etc) or use their artwork for icons/edits, when their artwork features copy-righted material. They virtually have no right to their artwork when their artwork features SOMEBODY else’s artwork. 

Kubo and Kishimoto could legally take all of your fanart` and claim rights to it and make money on it, and you can possibly be sued for drawing it and making money off of it in the process.


We have thousands of artists on dA saying ‘don’t share my art on X’ meanwhile they’re ignoring that they’re drawing a manga/anime/comic/tv/game character WITHOUT permission from the original artist.

How would fan artists feel if people like Kishimoto or Kubo said don’t draw art of my characters without my permission?

How would the world feel if Monet said on the back of his paintings; ‘oh btw this artwork can only be viewed in person, if people can’t make it to see my art in person then don’t let them see it at all’

It’s bizarre to me when I see people think they can make rules about their art when their art is featuring copy-righted material without permission, and people make money off of this, too. 

Why is it okay for artists to draw pictures of Cloud Strife or Ichigo or Naruto and EARN MONEY OFF OF IT but fan artists demand that I be hung because I dare upload their artwork on twitter SOURCING back to their dA page?

I’m not saying graphic design is as hard as drawing art, but it’s still a form of ‘art’ and I’m not claiming my graphic design to be worth appreciating, but I’ve never ever once told my followers on dA don’t use my signature, because what’s the point in that? I’m happy just seeing someone appreciate my style enough that they want to use it on a forum. When I ran sig shops I always told people there’s no need for credit. Because that’s not what I created my designs for. I just never understood watermarks or strict rules (excluding people who claim your stuff as theirs). 

And I see RPers cropping icons from Japanese artists work and coloring them and then they tell people ‘DON’T USE MY ICONS IN YOUR RP OR I WILL GUT U11!1″… as if they have any right to the original artwork.

Does an entire community of people not see the hypocrisy in this?

Can someone please rationalize this for me? Because I just don’t understand this rule at all. I’m not an artist, I can’t draw for the life of me, but I enjoy admiring artwork, I enjoy appreciating the tiny details each artist puts in their work, I am an art appreciator.

But I’ve just been under the impression that art is for appreciation, not fame. Fame is just a happy side-effect of being loved for your artwork. And when people slap giant watermarks on their fanart or say ‘don’t use my art/icons in anyway’ it just seems like people forgot all the importance of art.

Please don’t take this as an attack, I just really don’t understand this train of thought, I mean no disrespect towards the artists, I love all of you. 

I’m gonna @ artists I know to get their opinions; ichuki-nee peachkitsune missdawntwilight zack-fair

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Hello dA's tumblr page! I have both a deviantArt account and a tumblr account and I'm glad I follow the blog on tumblr. You showcase many of the great artists' works on your deviantart blog and they're always a blast to see! I was wondering if you will also be showcasing any of the talented and aspiring writers on deviantart? I feel that there isn't a lot of appreciation for the literary artists that also are on devinatArt. Thank you for taking time to read this. I'm sorry for complaining.

Hi, mosteamybeats! Thanks for your note. We absolutely agree. We’re always looking for ways to showcase our talented authors on deviantART! Please feel free to submit your suggestions through Tumblr or send Shyree a Note on deviantART. We’re going to do our best to share more writing on Tumblr! Do you have any great Tumblr blogs to follow that feature a lot of literature? Thanks!