the shard


8.3.17 hello everyone! I’m feeling really weird today like I’m not really connecting to my surroundings as much as I usually do? I had a little bit of a wobble with eating early this week and found myself watching some videos that were not helping at all and doing my thing where on the outside and when I sit down I’m really really sad, but when someone talks to me I’m unusually cheerful just so noone notices. But I laugh while I say “I’m in a really bad mindset! How funny right!?” So I went and did some work at the student union.
I’m going back to London next weekend to see my family and friends for a couple days because I don’t have any assignments for a little while. How I miss the skyscrapers! xxx emily


The View from The Shard #london

The smiling red dog.

Just a little warm up art of my character The Shard for my in-development comic project County Road 13.

The Shard is the god of Purgatory. He’s a shapeshifter and a cryptic asshole. He guides the protagonist through the afterlife.

If you’re interested in getting earlier updates on the project as it unfolds, please consider pledging to Zooophagous on Patreon.

Yes, that is a reflection of a toilet you are seeing in the image.

On my second to last night in London, my classmates and I took a trip to the tallest building in the UK. The loos have a floor to ceiling window on one wall. Meaning you can enjoy the view whilst taking care of business. And, if someone down below had a pair of binoculars, I suppose they could enjoy the view too. I found this humorous and thought I’d share. 

View from the top of The Shard in London, the 4th tallest building in Europe (the first three are in Moscow) though only the 96th tallest in the world.

You can see the river Thames there, with Tower Bridge going across it and the Tower of London sitting in the green patch just on the other side. If you’re interested in Tudor history, this is where a lot of it happened - it was where they locked up anyone who fell out of favour. Henry VIIIth’s second wife Anne Boleyn had her head chopped off on that lawn.

I love London’s unique architecture and all the different old and modern buildings. See the building on this side of the river near the end of Tower Bridge; it looks like a squished sphere. It’s the City Hall where the Mayor of London has his office. The cluster of skyscrapers in the back right corner is Canary Wharf, the business centre of London. The grey ship in the foreground is HMS Belfast, she once served in the Royal Navy but is now part of the Imperial War Museum.


London Illustrated Map - London Print - City Map Poster- British Art

Detailed illustrated map print of London, England. Featuring Big Ben, St Paul’s, The London Eye, Shakespeare’s Globe, the Shard, The Gherkin, Tower Bridge, The Olympic Park and of course, Buckingham Palace! All of these elements make this the perfect London poster / wall decor for you home.

High quality print of original illustration on thick paper.

A3 size 297 x 420 mm

Protective cellophane and card packaging for posting.
A3 print is likely to be posted in poster tube.