the shard


8.3.17 hello everyone! I’m feeling really weird today like I’m not really connecting to my surroundings as much as I usually do? I had a little bit of a wobble with eating early this week and found myself watching some videos that were not helping at all and doing my thing where on the outside and when I sit down I’m really really sad, but when someone talks to me I’m unusually cheerful just so noone notices. But I laugh while I say “I’m in a really bad mindset! How funny right!?” So I went and did some work at the student union.
I’m going back to London next weekend to see my family and friends for a couple days because I don’t have any assignments for a little while. How I miss the skyscrapers! xxx emily


Every now and then I get out and about and actually embrace my inner history nerd and take photos of stuff in London. So here we have a hotel I thought looked cool (ok I can’t explain this one, I didn’t find out which hotel it was), St George the Martyr (Charles Dickens lived nearby as a teenager, his father was imprisoned in the prison which used to back onto the church, and much of ‘Little Dorrit’ was based on this church and the surrounding streets) and the house where the poet Keats and celebrated chemist Henry Stephens lived. I got a red telephone box because idk tourists and people abroad seem to like them and finally I got part of the Shard (I was too close to get it all in as I was standing right below it p much but it’s the biggest building in Europe for a reason).

P.s. @khyharah since you said you loved it here thought you may appreciate this ❤️

Smell A Rat Update #22: snuggles and Shards.

Floyd lay splayed out across his chest and belly, naked and fast asleep with his fluffy tail tucked under his left arm, snoring quietly.

Milo reached out a hand slowly and ruffled his head a little - more to see if he responded at all than to wake him - but apart from making a little snuffling noise, Floyd did nothing and his look of mild irritation quickly faded back to the blissful little smile hed’d fallen asleep with.

He looked so cute like that; his usually fierce and sharp-witted companion now slept like a baby, free from any kind of cynicism or worry, lost in his dreams and the warmth from his body.

Sooner or later he would have to get up and disturb him, but right now Milo just wanted to lie there and watch him sleep soundly.

It had been a week since they had begun their search, but unfortunately neither their own efforts nor those of the other officers had yielded any results, and they had both begun to sink into a rut.

Every day had become a drudgery: each morning they would come in and comb through the sightings results and follow up on any instances where anybody by that name had checked into anywhere, then end the day having consumed nothing more substantial than a couple of sandwiches and truly irresponsible amounts of coffee and leave demoralised.

And so, two hours ago, Floyd had turned up at his home unannounced, wearing his finest suit and carrying a box of chocolates from Carter and Lang’s confectioners.

Rodents from all round Kingsby were known to pay a small fortune for their selections.

Over the course of the preceding two hours, Floyd had offered both moral support and his affections in all ways both physical and verbal, culminating in the half hour or so of unrestrained passion that had resulted in the brave little dormouse now lying asleep on his chest.

He watched Floyd breathe in slowly and felt his warm breath penetrate his fur as he exhaled, but as much as he wanted that moment to last forever, a shrill metallic ring broke the relative silence and roused Floyd from his slumber.

“I’ll get it” he said, blearily, then Milo watched in amusement as Floyd rolled off his body and meandered over to the telephone on the wall at the top of the landing.

He thought himself lucky to have a telephone at all. Sure, humans had had them for a long time, but effectively scaling them down to rodent size had proved difficult, with most rodents managing to get round the problem by stripping down mobile phones for parts and hooking the parts up to rudimentary dialling systems and having the speaker (itself just a reclaimed in-ear headphone) separate from the microphone.

In theory it seemed a good solution, but in practice, that came with the unfortunate downside that anybody in the house would be able to hear the entirety of a conversation.

Floyd screwed his face up as the ringing tone struck his eardrums and clumsily reached out and grabbed the microphone.

Milo watched as he thumped the button to connect the call, “Hello, can I help you” he said and he felt some amount of amusement as Kevin’s voice came out of the speaker attached to the wall.

Floyd winced as Kevin spoke enthusiastically on the other end, “Hi Floyd! Didn’t expect you to answer Milo’s phone, you pair still bumping heads over this whole murder lady thing?”

“Kind of… Any developments on your end?”

Kevin could hardly contain his excitement as he responded, “Oh yes! Nawabi said he saw her check into one of the hotel suites at the Shard, told the boss immediately. Sounds like you pair caught a break.”

Floyd immediately looked to him, to make sure that he’d heard what Kevin said, but he couldn’t have missed it if he tried.

Now, Floyd spoke quickly and authoritatively, “Alright, we’ll get ready straight away. Get me all the details and have them on my desk ten minutes ago.”

With that, Floyd thumped the button again and turned round, but Milo had already moved over to him and bent down a little.

To Floyd’s surprise, Milo looped an arm round him and kissed him quickly.

“I’ll keep you safe” Milo whispered to him and hugged him tight; Floyd did likewise and echoed his sentiments sweetly.

“Me too.”


HUGE CREDITS TO @ittybittykittytittys WHO DID THIS AWESOME COVER FOR ME. go check ‘em out and throw some money their way. There’s a couple more images to come this week of previous updates, but for now, enjoy the start of Act 2.

Also, a big shout-out to the new faces round here, it’s great to see some more readers. Stick around, it’s about to get crazy.

And finally, back by popular demand, it’s the obnoxiously big link to the whole story so far.

So as some of you may remember, I made a drawing a while back of Dioptase if Obsidian’s shard kind of started to take over in terms of mind/personality.

Looking back on it, I decided to redesign ObsiDio (as I call her :P) as the original drawing just looks too….extra, I guess the word would be. I’d originally wanted her to look more intimidating & disturbing in a way, but she honestly just turned out looking more ‘trying too hard to be evil and sexy’.

So I decided to think of Obsidian’s shard taking over as something more akin to corruption, like what happened with Jasper (as my first design for ObsiDio was made waaaay before that episode). The takeover doesn’t go as far as Dio becoming a monster or anything, but just Obsidian taking over her as a sort of vessel.

I still kept some things from the original design, like Obsidian’s eye, the more angular hair, and Obsidian’s more narrow waist. As well as the spot on her stomach where Obsidian’s gem would’ve been had she not been shattered, but I also just spread around Obsidian’s skin color like an infection. :3