the shapeshifting one is my favorite

In honor of #trypod month

I’m going to tell you about some of my favorite podcasts because not enough people listen to podcasts!

The Bridge: “It’s an alternate 2016, and Watchtower 10 sits in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, keeping lonely watch over the Transcontinental Bridge.” This podcast is SO GREAT. There’s lots of cool storytelling and a vague sea monster thing named Bob that may or may not actually be a goldfish (it’s probably not a goldfish).

Hello from the Magic Tavern: Definitely the funniest podcast I listen to and one of my favorites. It’s about Arnie, who fell through a portal behind a Burger King into the magical land of Foon. Features co-hosts Chunt (a talking badger/shapeshifter) and Usidore the Blue (a wizard who has a million names, including many secret names you do not know yet, like Biscuit Meniscus and Papa Mâché). This podcast is improvised, but there’s actually a storyline too occasionally. (Also if you like Starkid, some of them have been on this podcast)

The Bright Sessions: “Dr. Bright provides therapy for the strange and unusual” This podcast is about a therapist who provides therapy for teenagers and young adults with superpowers (empaths, telepaths, involuntary time travelers, etc.). Features an adorable super gay relationship.

Wolf 359: About life on the Hephaestus Research Station, which orbits around red dwarf star Wolf 359. Features communications officer Doug Eiffel (who is only capable of talking in pop culture references), commander Minkowski (who is just trying to do her job and get everyone else to do theirs), Alexander Hilbert (mad scientist extraordinaire), and my computer wife Hera (the most adorable and sarcastic AI system you will ever meet).

Alice Isn’t Dead: From the creators of Welcome to Night Vale, this podcast follows a truck driver in her search across America for the wife she had long assumed was dead. This is a kind of horror-y podcast that centers around a wlw couple. It’s really good and also creepy.

Ode To Nothing

I will not write for you
I will not worship you
I won’t correct you when you’re wrong
I will not baby you
I’ve lost my kid gloves
Lost my mind
Over and over
Playing bits and pieces of your favorite song backwards
Forcing smiles
I won’t mold you into something I have no business molding
I won’t become something I have no business being

I will not sing for you
I will not weep for you
I won’t pretend you’re something you’re not
High on molly at three in the morning
The bathroom’s shapeshifting
The water-pipes are growling
I turn the lights off
I will not love
I will never love you

I won’t pretend art school creates artists
I won’t pretend one day everything will be alright
I refuse to see faces in the clouds
I refuse to see you
Unless you want me to

Buy an airplane ticket
Buy some soul
Buy foreign trinkets
Lay on your back across the wet grass
Have an epiphany
Want something more
Stare at the stars
Talk to the universe
Write long drawn-out journal entries
About what you want
What you deserve

Let your tears turn friends into lovers
Let your tears turn lovers into nothing
Until your family money turns you into a starving artist

DS9 Asks

Leave a character name in my inbox and I will answer accordingly.

1. Sisko - What is one meaningful item you would always keep with you?

2. Kira - When has your temper gotten you into trouble?

3.  Jadzia - Tell us about a practical joke you have played on a friend and/or one of your nicknames.

4. Odo - If you could shapeshift into something else, what would it be?

5. Quark - What’s your favorite drink? (alcoholic or otherwise)

6. Nog - Have you ever gone against expectations to do something you love or to be yourself?

7. Rom - Were you ever too shy to tell someone you had feelings for them?

8. Damar - What is one of your bad habits?

9. Dukat - Have you ever committed acts of genocide Has your ego ever gotten you into trouble?

10. Weyoun - What is your favorite food flavor texture?

11. Maritza - Have you ever stood up against something you felt was wrong?

12. Ghemor - Have you ever lost someone close to you?

13. Kai Winn - Are you/have you ever been religious?

14. Morn - Are you the strong silent type?

15. Jake - What is your favorite book?

16. Julian - Who is your favorite spy/ what is your favorite spy movie/show/book?

17. Ezri - A time you have felt unsure of yourself but gotten the job done anyway?

18. Worf - What kind of parent do you think you’d be?

19. Vic - Favorite historical period?

20. Garak - Do you have any phobias?

21. O’Brien - Have you ever done a repair project or fixer-upper that you are really proud of?

22. Keiko - Favorite plant?

23. Lwaxana - What is an outrageous outfit you’d like to wear?

24. Kasidy - Have you/would you date someone who had a child/children?

25. Martok - Do you have any scars?

26. Brunt - On a level of 1-10 how slimy are you?

27. Natima - Have you ever had to let go of love?

28. Mila - What is your favorite thing to cook?

29. Tain - Have you done something drastic to protect someone you care for?

30. Ziyal - Do you have any creative or artistic talents?

Bonus: Leeta - Dabo! A free question of your choice.

some thoughts on steven's perspective

(this was initially a bunch of asks, but they were too many):

oh you brought up something interesting in that frybo post: the corruption plot is something i’ve been interested in since monster buddies, and i like what you mentioned about steven approaching centipeetle with this narrow perspective that’s later allowed to grow. because looking back, it didn’t feel toootally right that centi had to take the initiative to shapeshift before steven saw her as anything but a monster, but that initiative is more important than the shape-shifting.

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Arranged Marriage Books

After that one lovely post, I began craving books about arranged marriages.  As it turned out, I’d already read a few!  I decided to make a list in case anyone was interested.  These are all set in fantasy worlds because honestly…  Historical arranged marriages were pretty much the norm and often aren’t sexy to read about.  Also, they tend to be YA because as an aspiring YA author that’s a lot of what I read.  But don’t let yourself think that it won’t be ~a fun and sexy time for you~ because it’s YA.  I definitely trend more towards the mature side of that category.

With that being said, I totally want to read more cheesy arranged marriage books in the historical romance genre, so I’m checking out some of those as well.  In general, if you’re in the mood for a bodice ripper, I like the oldies–Julie Garwood, Johanna Lindsey.  I’ve heard great things about Elizabeth Hoyt, but I haven’t read her… yet.

Hope this helps the people on my dash (including @ohcaptainmyswancaptain @queenmedusa and @daylightspeaks) looking for these types of books!

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i think the most ambitious blog i have ever considered and one i simultaneously want to do and don’t know if i have the skill for is a puck ( as in midsummer night’s dream ) blog bc he’s just . such a fun and wonderful character tbh ? and i love faerie lore so i keep lowkey wanting to play a muse that takes advantage of it . and also i really want to play a shapeshifting muse so I have an excuse to use like . a million different fcs without making muses for each of them .

do u ever like sit back and look at your characters and your written milieu and realize that, subconsciously, you really REALLY fucking love one genre/style and like. model so much of your RP and characters and writing after that genre/style without thinking about it to the point that’s embarrassing. because holy shit i love crime movies/shows/books too much

Don’t you just hate it when your friend accidentally breaks one of your cool souvenirs? My second installment of my “Standby Me” Bad Girls series featuring everyone’s favorite dragon shapeshifting sorceress Maleficent and the decapitation obsessed mad Queen of Hearts! The lines are getting longer!

overthinkingfeathers  asked:

For the Salty Ask List - 4, 6, 12, and 20?

4. Do you have a NoTP in your fandom? Are they a popular OTP?

Adorib/ull. Cullen/any mage. No judgment, just not for me. …I’m not really doing the salty meme right, am i.

Also pretty much anything involving Carver or Bethany, except maybe the most G-rated fluff. Maybe. And same goes for Fenris?? for some reason?? he somehow wound up in the little pixel brother category, i don’t know.

6. Has fandom ever made you enjoy a pairing you previously hated? 

Not that I can think of. Pairings I never would have thought of myself, yes.

12. Is there an unpopular arc that you like that the fandom doesn’t? Why?

The Fade! It’s almost always one of my favorite parts of the game! It’s a huge part of what defines the Dragon Age setting! Abstract concepts given form, shapeshifting, glimpsing fragments of a stranger’s dream, very directly digging up the companions’ deepest fears and temptations… also, lots of Anders/Justice content. So. But there’s just endless potential, I mean -

Surana wandering through a dream where darkspawn have invaded the Circle, somehow even more disturbed by this dream than by the very real Circle filled with demons. Like a reminder of what’s to come if they fail.

Apostate!Hawke walking through an apostate’s nightmare of the Circle, while all the companions see exactly how easy it is to fall to temptation. Watching Merrill giving in, with all her experience with demons and blood magic. Listening to Aveline start asking if maybe mages like Hawke should be locked up.

Andrastian!Trevelyan who’d almost bought into his own legend, convinced himself that maybe the mark really was a sign, not just for him but the rebellion, the mages, Andraste reaching out at their darkest hour, maybe they were never cursed after all - finding out the truth.

The Fade always gets right to the emotional heart of each story, what’s not to love.

20. What is the purest ship in the fandom?

my first thought here was Merrill/Mahariel

but the story I’d want to write about them involves drawing parallels between blood magic and weaponized tainted blood, prolonged grief, exile, and dealing with the source of your trauma - the eluvian that poisoned the people you loved, the blight in your veins and tamlen’s - by pinning it down and studying it to the point of obsession

so. possibly that would depend on the writer.

Roll Call!

Ego’s immortal right? So he’s been doing the whole love-em and leave-em shtich for much Much MuCH MUCH longer than anybody’s got any right to be doing.

Therefor in my mind Every Original Character made up to be another one Ego’s half-and-half celestial alien hybrid kids is absolutly cannon. 

Ego’s Immortal. Space is Huge. Anything is possible if you can shapeshift your dick into something physically compatable with your potential baby momma.

(also that scene at the end, where the tatooed faced mom was protecting her baby from Ego’s planet-eating cancer blob? yeah that’s totally another one of his)


I”m taking submissions for my au fanfiction I’m writing involving the multitude of Ego’s spawnlings being rescued by our favorite blue trash space dad.

Send me your ideas and they might become a character for Highway to Hell!


One of my favorite things about Gravity Falls is how each character loves and supports each other, especially when it comes to Mabel and Dipper. Mabel really has gotten Dipper out of some pretty sticky situations and it really shows in scenes like this.  Mabel is such an amazing sister and Dipper really is lucky to have her by his side.  

Cooper and Amaris


I wrote a double drabble about two of my favorite characters, at @h3dgehogjohn’s suggestion!

“Come get me out of this chair, pretty pirate. I want to cuddle,” came Amaris’s familiar, smooth voice, rousing Cooper from her drowsy half-sleep. She propped herself up in the sand by shifting her weight to her elbows and sitting up partially, raising one heavy eyebrow at Amaris. “Well yes, I could do it myself, but I’d rather get a chance to be in your arms, pretty pirate,” she cooed, and Cooper huffed out a silent laugh as she propelled herself to her feet and crossed the small distance between her and her beloved’s wheelchair.

Cooper scooped Amaris into her arms with ease, despite the temporarily human mermaid’s heavy musculature. Amaris made a sound of delight, looping thick arms around the smith’s neck and teasing the ridges of Cooper’s spine with the tips of her claws in a way that had the larger woman smiling and arching her back involuntarily. Cooper kissed the tip of Amaris’s nose lovingly, settling them both back onto the sand with the mermaid atop her, their legs tangling together as Amaris stretched out.

“There. This is much better, don’t you agree?” Cooper nodded emphatically, beaming from ear to ear as she slipped her arms under the mermaid’s loose shirt so they could lie skin to skin at least partially. Amaris kissed her softly, careful with her fangs, and Cooper returned the kiss eagerly as she felt clawed hands carefully moved to cup the back of her head and neck. She sighed happily, smiling so widely that her eyes squeezed shut which pulled a soft chuckle from Amaris.

The day couldn’t get any more perfect.

anonymous asked:

(I was the anon flooding your mail box with live reactions) what kind of ONS AU things do you have?

mmmmhh my favorite atm is urban fantasy/modern fantasy au, which is basically “what if the apocalypse didnt happen but there are still vampires and demons and seraphs and other supernatural creatures”

(like, for example, yoichi is a witch and shinoa is a shapeshifter)

theres another au called “yuu dies au” which is literally what it sounds like and its just Suffering, So Much Suffering :)

the oldest one so far is “rewrite au” which is basically me taking all the parts of ons i like and jumping off them, and cutting out all the parts i dont like. 

and then of course theres vampire narumi au, which is also just what it sounds like, narumi getting turned into a vampire and the ensuing chaos. although anon, you havent met narumi yet, hes only in season 2 and the manga. 

all of them are not just mine, but collaborative projects with friends! 

Dating Amethyst Would Involve...

Originally posted by giffing-su

  • Amethyst loves teasing you and playing around, she’s easily the most easy going gem. You two do what you want, whenever you want. Amethyst is silly and fun and you love that about her and you play off of it well, which only gets her more excited. Pearl may not think her impressions and constant jokes are funny, but you do and that’s all the ammunition Amethyst needs.
    • You’ve lost count of how many times you’ve heard Pearl yell “Amethyst” since you’ve been dating. Please don’t encourage her (do it).
  • (Carsen and I we’re talking about this and it’s actually my favorite thing ever) One of Amethyst’s favorite things to do is go out to eat and, since she can eat 20 times what you can, you always take her out to buffets since it’s easier on your wallet. Amethyst appreciates it, but the staff don’t. She’s banned from every buffet in this side of the US, (her photo is behind each counter), so you have to disguise yourselves to get back in.
    • Amethyst can just shapeshift, but if her S/O is a human they just wear a moustache.
  • Excuse me, beautiful, have you heard of the Purple Puma? Oh, who are am I kidding, of course you have. Y’know, he’s single. He can’t promise you anything, but he wouldn’t mind a pretty fan in the audience cheering for him while he destroys the competition.
    • Amethyst, we’re already dating, you don’t have to hit on me as Purple Puma.
    • Who’s Amethyst?
  • Even though she likes to play around, Amethyst can instinctively tell when you’re upset or feeling not so great. When you’re feeling down she’ll do anything to get you to smile: shapeshift, do impressions of the other gems, etc. Seeing you happy makes her happy, so when you’re upset she’s upset. No one likes to see their S/O unhappy, especially Amethyst.
  • Despite how relaxed she may seem, Amethyst is still very self conscious and constantly compares herself to the other gems. She’s not like Pearl and Garnet, she’s overcooked. She couldn’t beat Jasper, another quartz, even though she came out of a better Kindergarten. She tries not to let it show and keeps it to herself, but after dating her for a while you’ve became able to notice when she’s feeling terrible about herself.
    • When she gets like that you take her out to do something that she loves: eating, wrestling, dumpster diving to add to her collection, anything. Amethyst doesn’t like to talk about what’s on her mind immediately, so you need to calm her down first before you can have a productive conversation.

dhadakne  asked:

2, 3, 5, 16, 21, 38, and 92!

this is so many questions wow but thanks for asking!

2. If you could have dinner with any 3 living or dead people, who would they be and why?

honestly I don’t know, I’ve never thought about this. there aren’t any famous people who I like enough to have dinner with

3. What makes you laugh?

bad puns, and you know on tv shows when the camera zooms in in intervals on a person’s face to wait for their reaction, that always cracks me up

5. What is your biggest goal?

to be happy and to gain the ability to shapeshift into a dragon

16. What are some things on your bucket list?

round-the-world trip, write a book, visit all my internet friends (even the ones who threaten to punt anyone who visits her (lookin at u, @lylyisapotato)

21. Talk about a favorite childhood memory.

when I was in seventh grade our apartment building burned and we spent several days cleaning up our apartment/saving what we could, and on the last day my baba’s best friend and his daughter (who was also my best friend at the time), who live 3-4 hours away, surprised us by driving down to help/keep us company. They brought doughnuts so me and my friend sat in the car and ate doughnuts and talked for a long time and it was the first time in days that I didn’t worry about anything.

38. What is your favorite food ever?

ever?? what a difficult decision…probably samosas

92. If you had to teach an academic subject, what subject would you want to teach?

fun fact my high school was not fantastic so I have already unofficially taught a lot of subjects. I think either languages or literature, those were the most fun. or maybe calculus, that was kinda fun too…this is a bad answer lol sorry

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  1. who’s your favorite character of all time? Wichita or Abigail Hobbs
  2. do you play video games? if so, which ones? Just Star Wars Battlefront and The Last of Us. I’m not any good.
  3. who would you pick to play you in a biopic? Uhhh, no idea. 
  4. what 3 items would you take to a deserted island? Besides like essentials like water and food? My pillow, my iphone, and my dog?
  5. what’s one place you could spend forever at? Saint Augustine
  6. what’s your favorite classic piece of literature? The Awakening by Kate Chopin
  7. which superpower would you love to have? Shapeshifter?
  8. are you more organized or scattered? I’m a solid combination of both.
  9. who’s a character that you most relate to? Sam from SPN and Elliot from The Magicians
  10. if you could paint the world one color what would it be? PURPLE
Finding Comfort in Silence

Request: Fluffy dean x deaf! Reader

This one I got excited about, because my mom is actually 96% deaf and I never thought I would come across a prompt that involved a deaf reader, so thanks anon for the request! :) Hope you enjoy!


Collapsing on to the couch, you let out a long sigh. You had finally gotten to sit down for the first time that day, when you noticed the closed captioning wasn’t turned on and you were missing vital information from your favorite show’s season finale.

“I got it.” Dean signed his words as he strolled in with a smile on his face, winking as he grabbed the remote and switched the captions on.

“Thank you. What would I do without you?” You giggled as you signed back, curling into his chest as he took his seat beside you on the couch.

He held you tight, kissing the top of your head as he rubbed your arm gently and the two of you sat there snuggled up tight until the show concluded.

“Ah, I hate cliff hangers!” Your hands flew through the air quickly as your signed your frustration with a huge grin on your face.

“You only have to wait 5 months. You’ll live.” Dean winked as he kissed your lips gently.

“Says you. You don’t understand.”

“Your complete obsession with this show? No, not at all. It’s just a show.” Chuckling, he stood and walked to the kitchen and you followed.

“Uh, it’s never just a show. That’s like saying Baby is just a car.” You crossed your arms as you watched Dean’s expression turn to one of playful displeasure.

“Hey, careful how you talk about Baby. She might hear you.” With a wink, he pulled out all the fixings for his favorite sandwich and you say yourself up on the kitchen counter.

“Oh? The car can understand sign language now, huh? Impressive. She caught on faster than you did.” Returning his wink, you stole a piece of cheese and began to nibble on it and he couldn’t help but laugh.

It had taken him a while to catch on to; signing that is. It isn’t the easiest thing to learn. Especially, when you’re used to communicating with such ease via your lips. The hands are a bit clumsier at first, but he learned. He practiced, day and night, to be able to communicate with you. Sure, you could read his lips from mile away. You could speak fine; there was no real communication barrier between you two, but he learned for you. To make you feel less alone, less isolated; and you adored him for that.

He didn’t know you before the accident. You lead a whole other life before you ran in to the Winchester’s that night, but now that everything has changed the way it did, you wouldn’t have it any other way.

Dean leaned over and placed a soft kiss on your lips before turning his attention back to the assembly of his sandwich. Just one look at him, one glance at that beautifully broken man, was enough to remind you every day that you wouldn’t trade one day with him for anything in the world; not your old life, not your career, not even your hearing.



“Dean! Over here!” The tall, shaggy haired man waved his partner over furiously as he dropped beside you, resting his hand on your back in an attempt to comfort you.

“What? What is it? Oh my God is she ok..”

Silence. That’s all there was. Silence hung in the air alas you clutched your ears, doubled over in pain as the blood continued to trickle from your ears. The strange men’s voices faded, along with life as you knew it.

Through the tangled mess of hair, you stared down at the sheet music in front of you. All that hard work, all those long nights of perfecting your song, all those years studying musical scoring and theory: gone. Wasted. Nothing but a useless memory. Your life was over. The path you had been following for nearly
Your entire existence was now lost to you. You had no idea if you were going to survive whatever that monster had done to you, and honestly, you didn’t care.

A pair of hands shook you gently, forcing you up look up into a pair of bright, green eyes. Eyes that you felt you could relate to; eyes that had felt the pain you were in now. Desperately, you grasped to the man and he swept you up into his arms, carrying you out of the building and into his Impala. Once there, he sat you in the back and crouched in front of you on the ground. His lips moved, but you couldn’t hear a thing. All you could do was cry. The pain was gone and had been replaced by a numbness like you had never felt before. It was so hard to concentrate on the man, but you knew you had to try.

“Dean?” The sensation of speaking without being able to hear yourself was bizarre and he seemed just as perturbed, but perhaps because he hadn’t told you his name. “I heard the other guy say your name. It is Dean, right?”

He nodded carefully, letting you continue.

“I..I-I can’t hear. I’m d..deaf. I mean, I could hear before, but that man, that thing snapped his fingers and all of a sudden I..” Your hands clamped over your ears again, feeling the mess of the blood drying around them.

His eyes gleamed with pity as he held up a finger carefully. Quickly, he went to the front of the car and returned with a pad of paper and a pen. Attempting a reassuring smile, he scrawled down a message and flipped it around to show you.

“Hi, I’m Dean and that was my brother Sam. We hunt things like the monster that hurt you. We don’t know why it is here, and this may seem hard to believe, but that was a demon and we are here to take care of it. I promise, I won’t let it hurt you again. Let me help you, please?”

Tears prickled in your eyes and you weren’t quite sure if it was the shock or the gesture that brought them on so strongly, but there they were. Sobbing into your hands, you nodded and curled up into a ball. Soon, you felt his strong arms around you once again as he slid into the backseat, closing the door.

In the morning, you found yourself still wrapped up tight in his arms, tangled together in the back of the Impala. He held you there, all night. Your world was destroyed in the course of one evening, but he was there as a bulwark against any further devastation. He made you feel safe, normal even, at a place I. Your when you never thought that would be possible again.


Shaking your head, you snapped out of your bittersweet reverie and grinned at the sight of Dean sitting down at the table for his midnight snack. It had been years since that night. Years full of good times, bad times, and all kinds of other times in between. This, however, was your favorite of times; the normal ones. Nights when you could pretend that all of it was somehow normal. There was no evil: no demons, vampires, ghosts, or shapeshifters. There was no hunt that could possibly steal Dean, the last great thing in your life, away from you. There was nothing, but a happy couple, sharing a quiet evening in together.

“What? Something on my face?” His hands searched for crumbs across his cheeks as you giggled as shook our head gently.

“I love you.” Smiling softly, you held up the beautifully familiar sign and watched him return it with a gentle grin of his own.


Sorry I’ve been away so long, but I’m back! :)