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Hi everyone!! The Professor said his phone is busted and asked me to post an update on his blog while he’s away from his computer. He came over with Fink to help us decorate for Christmas. We never celebrate holidays, idk what’s gotten into Daddy this year but he said we could celebrate it this year! I’m getting off topic haha, here’s the star of the blog to keep us on track. She’s so freaking cute, like I can’t wait for her to be old enough to kick some hero butt with omgosh!

Reigning Madness – Chapter 54


Disclaimer: Fiction.

Warnings:  None

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Jared looked down as he let it sink in. I think for a moment he was relieved but there was also something in his eyes that told me he would do anything for that child if it was his, no matter who the mother was. That made me love him even more. Wow. There, I admitted it.

“I guess I should head back in there and confront her about it.”

I tugged on his arm. “I think we had enough emotion for the night, Jared. Let’s just head back home, get some rest. We’ll figure this out once morning comes, okay? I’ll try to get a hold of Jason too. He needs to know about this, even if the baby isn’t his.”

“Yeah, you’re right. Susan probably needs some rest too. Not that she deserves it, but I wouldn’t want to harm the baby.”

“I know, J.” I offered him a small smile, cupping his cheek.

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Truth In Who We Are (100 Suns Trilogy: Chapter 21)

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(A/N: Happy Thanksgiving to all my American followers, here’s a little surprise to celebrate from me!)

He stared at her intently, watching the subtle nod of her head as she listened to the music. He tried not to care what she thought but fuck did he. Every second line his eyes would drift to her, watching each movement she made, each batter of her eyelids and wondered what she was thinking.

It was an opportunity for him to admire her again like he had done for many months before. But now, instead of her being in his imagination, she was now in his reality and it set his heart thumping again.

She was godly beautiful in every way but he didn’t need to tell her that; she knew. Those cheekbones bronzed and shimmered, sparkled like glitter; those long eyelashes battered slowly and delicately like the wings of a butterfly; her eyes glistened like the blue glow of a lake; lips plump just like he remembered, with a pink hue to them. He wondered how they would taste and if they were as soft as he remembered. He could remember them against his own as if it were yesterday, like little pockets of marshmallows that tasted of chocolate.

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Okay but if Hopper and Joyce don’t end up together then what’s this all been about???


Trump Tweets Condolences for Wrong Shooting

Donald Trump appeared to get his mass shootings mixed up when he offered his condolences for Sutherland Springs, Texas, Tuesday night — in the wake of a massacre in Northern California.

“May God be with the people of Sutherland Springs, Texas. The FBI and Law Enforcement has arrived,” the president tweeted.

However, the latest shooting by a lone gunman — which killed five people and injured 10 more — took place in rural Rancho Tehama, while Sutherland Springs was the location of the church shooting on Nov. 5 where 25 people were gunned down.

can you believe miss barb had a total of five (5) minutes of screen time which were spent shaming nancy for her choices and she still gets more attention than lucas who was in every episode