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Writing Update

Hello, lovelies! 

First, I would like to say thank you for all of the sweet messages and posts in regards to my birthday. Whether they were private or public, it was still very sweet of you to send them in so THANK YOU!

Now, this update will make a lot of Shangirls happy as 3 of the 5 fics involve him! We got smut, fluff, angst and just madness coming your way so thanks for the requests ladies and gents. Here is your fic menu! XOXO


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Little Whirlwind

Extended Imagine Requested by Anon: Can you make an imagine where you and Jared have a toddler and you decide to have a girls day or something and you leave the baby with Jared, Shannon, and Tomo??

sidenote: Y/S/N = your son’s name
2nd sidenote: the reader’s thought(s) are in cursive

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Author’s P.O.V

“Are you sure I can leave?”, you asked Jared again, as you were already standing in the door, holding your 2-year-old son. “Y/N, we got this. We are three adults, I’m sure we can handle one toddler.”, Jared reassured you. You sighed, “You’re right. It’s going to be fine.” You shift you focus back to your son, “And you little man, behave yourself.”, you tickled him, making him giggle. You loved him so much but you needed a break. Jared had been working hard in the studio, leaving you alone with him most of the time. You generally didn’t mind but it was exhausting. Y/S/N was now at the stage where he wanted to explore everything. He was so quick, almost running from one place to the other, while blabbering to himself. It was actually quite cute. He knew a couple of words/sentences but he still talked in ‘baby-language’ a lot.

Your friend pulled up, honking, signaling you to get going. You and your girlfriends had planned a treat-yo-self day, including going to a spa. You said goodbye to your baby and to Jared, as well as calling a “see you later guys” into the house, where Shannon and Tomo were waiting. They had agreed to help Jared look after your son.

Y/N was only gone for a few minutes, when Y/S/N started crying, he wanted his mama. “Hey buddy, she’ll back soon and in the meantime, how about we go play with uncle Shannon and uncle Tomo, hm?”, Jared asked his son. A few tears were still rolling down your son’s face but he had stopped calling for you. Jared carried him into the living room. Shannon stood up, walking over to Jared and Y/S/N. “Hey there, little man.”, he took him from Jared’s arms and set down with him in his play-area. “Want to play with your blocks?”, he started building a little tower with your son’s blocks. Y/S/N didn’t look too impressed. As soon as Shannon finished building the tower, your son pushed it over. Uncle Shannon tried it again, and again the tower didn’t last too long. “Okay, Tomo you’re up.”, Shannon said and switched seats with Tomo. “Hmm. Want to cook something? You have a great kitchen there.”, Tomo pointed at the play kitchen, you had gotten your son, after he kept going into the real kitchen trying to turn on the oven. For while Y/S/N was content with playing with the kitchen utensils. Jared and Shannon had both joined in, pretending to eat whatever your son had ‘cooked’, making him laugh. But at some point, the little chef got bored of that, too. He got up and started ‘running’ around. Jared got up quickly and started trailing behind him, scared that he would trip and hurt himself. They decided to make a game out of it. Once in a while, they’d catch Y/S/N, grab him and tickle him.
“What’s that smell?”, Shannon asked scrunching his nose. Jared laughed, “I think someone needs a diaper change.” The three men looked at each other, neither wanting to be on diaper-change-duty. Deciding that a game of rock-paper-scissors would be a fair solution to choose who would have the honors. Shannon lost. He picked up Y/S/N and left to go change his diapers. Jared suggested that they should prepare lunch for the little boy, as it was already 2pm and he’d have to nap soon. They both went into the kitchen, checking the fridge for whatever you had prepared. Soon enough Shannon came back, with Y/S/N trailing behind him. “All freshened up.”, said Shannon proudly. “Well done man.”, laughing Tomo padded his back.

Jared picked up his son and sat him down in his high chair. “Alright, all that running around must’ve made you hungry, right.”, Jared scooped up some of the mashed potatoes with carrots and tried to feed Y/S/N. It didn’t go too well. The little boy shook his head and tried to get out of his chair. “Come on kiddo, you got to eat?”, Jared tried again. He even tried those little games, swirling the spoon around to make it more interesting. Nothing.
At some point, they finally got him to eat, although he spat half of it out again. It was better than nothing, at least for now.
Usually Y/S/N would nap now for about an hour but he was still too full of energy. Jared, Tomo and Shannon played with him in the garden, where he had a swing and a mini-slide. 1 and ½ half hours later, Y/S/N was finally tired. Shannon and Tomo said their goodbyes, so that Jared could put the little one to bed. You would return in 2 hours anyway.
Y/S/N didn’t want to sleep in his bed, so Jared laid down with him in your bed. He started reading him a story.

When you arrived home, the house was quiet. You saw toys scattered all over in the living room. You smiled to yourself, your little boy was quite the whirlwind. You made your way quietly to your son’s bedroom but didn’t find him in there. You peeked your head into yours and Jared’s bedroom and what you saw made your heart melt. Y/S/N was lying spread out on his father’s chest, both snoring peacefully. You took a blanket and carefully placed it over both of them and gave each of them a kiss on the forehead. You quietly left the bedroom again, carefully closing the door behind you. You smiled to yourself ‘my boys’.