the shame cube

secret trollplay Minecraft highlights

- Karkat and Vriska teaching Kanaya how to play. Shes terrible at it. She cant figure out how to eat and we spend 30 minutes on this before it is revealed that shes been full all along

- Karkat proceeding to be so angry about this he created a Shame Cube for Kanaya to stay in so she cant make a mess somewhere else

- Half of us give up on actually playing. Karkat is desperately trying to build a house. Vriska is off making a secret tunnel she thought was impressive back actually just led out to about 20 feet in front of our home. Does not realize this for a full day. Other two players have taken to just murdering each other repeatedly. Karkat is very pissed.

- Jade on call asking us to describe everything because she cant afford Minecraft. Eventually falls asleep on mic but wakes up occassionally to insist she didn’t actually fall asleep.

- Vriska keeps going off on her own, without food, never paying attention to her health bar. Dies enough times from creeper explosions, skeleton shots, and fall damage that the admin asks if shes doing ok.

- Girl reveals she is in fact, a girl, and immediately gets asked out by Boy. After a series of nasty chat messages Vriska outs herself as a lesbian, Girl follows suit in saying she is too, and is followed by Karkat and several other people in the server. Soon it becomes clear that Boy is the only straight person in the server. Karkat and Vriska egg on Rose to jump back into the game and say “hey anyone in this chat gay”

- Girl asks Vriska why she types b’s as 8s. Everyones dying. Vriska persists that its just her quirk. Boy starts implying that the two gay girls should get together. Vriska gets called an edgy 15yo, Boy gets called a cuck.

caitilnsnow  asked:

this is me asking you about atomwave. pls give me headcanons?

okay so first and foremost like, how was mick not supposed to love him? mick is like, i have len (and lisa) and then suddenly ray kool-aid mans the walls of everyones’ self loathing and just looks right at mick and LITERALLY sees him with all of his LITERAL scars and is like no, hurt me, don’t hurt mick.

like how is mick supposed to see this person who looks at him and knows him and STILL loves him and not fall for him? like how was he ever supposed to not love ray back? he was insidious and unrelenting in his affection how dare he

ray does stupid shit like kiss mick on the lips before they separate for missions or, canonically, CANONICALLY, make food for mick to his specifications and bring it to him without being asked, and he cleans up after mick and he does mick’s laundry and he does it without expecting anything. he’s literally standing outside the shame cube like i loved you i always loved you and mick is like so you guys sure you’re not going to kill me. you’re just going to leave me here with him. don’t do this

atomwave is ray’s stupid lawful good bravery mixed with mick’s chaotic neutral savvy and it somehow works? ray is wiling to see mick as noble, INSISTS on seeing mick as noble, when mick is standing there lighting a dude on fire like WHAT ARE YOU FUCKING TALKING ABOUT and ray is petting his face like yes you are so beautiful

you can’t not fall in love with the concept and act of being loved like that, not when you’ve only ever gotten it from 1 other person, not when he WON’T LEAVE, and you’ve literally locked him in the broom closet for an hour and when he came out of it he just laughed and wrapped his arm around your shoulders like what the fuck, what the absolutely fuck mick is standing there every day like how dare you do this to me. how DARE YOU

anonymous asked:

Also re: Ray ships I just finished season 2 and lord is Nate/Ray quite wonderful. Like, the producers were all "hey look at this wonderful BROmance" and the actors were all "you know what would be even better? If we took b off of bromance. Let's just full romance in here."

okay like every time someone calls nate + ray a bromance it gets 10% gayer, which is scientifically why it’s now 100,000% gay. it’s true love. if kendra were to come back nate would lock her in the shame cube out of sheer jealousy. nate loves ray so much and ray is so hearteyes for nate, it’s the GOOD SHIT