the shame cube

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things i’m currently in love with: Star Wars and green tea
one song: Girl I’m Gonna Miss You (a good song if you ignore the scandal tbh)
two movies: Rogue One (I just watched it again!!), Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me (because I wanted to watch it a few nights ago but the dvd player was broken :/ )
three tv shows: Star Trek: The Next Generation (I like to watch it before bed), The Office (re-watching this for the 3rd time with my family lol), Star Trek: Enterprise (slowly re-watching this with my family)
four characters: Anakin Skywalker (I’m always obsessed with him tbh), Padme Amidala (always low-key obsessed with her tbh… ever since 1999 lol), Trip Tucker (love him, he deserved better :/ ), and… I can’t think of a 4th that I’m obsessed with right now
five foods: Ӓlplermagronen, pancakes, inarizushi, enchiladas, pizza

I tag anyone who wants to do this! you can say I tagged you if you fill it out (and I will read it) :)

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I did something really bad I took the drawing where everyone jumps towards Washington for free hugs, let's just say now he has his real face I don't know what to do with it.

put it in the shame cube

While laffy taffy lives is away we should destroy all re education facilities and the shame cube. And I need an army for when she comes back. I will not let mountains and clouds be a myth and I have my own reasons for an army