the shame cube

secret trollplay Minecraft highlights

- Karkat and Vriska teaching Kanaya how to play. Shes terrible at it. She cant figure out how to eat and we spend 30 minutes on this before it is revealed that shes been full all along

- Karkat proceeding to be so angry about this he created a Shame Cube for Kanaya to stay in so she cant make a mess somewhere else

- Half of us give up on actually playing. Karkat is desperately trying to build a house. Vriska is off making a secret tunnel she thought was impressive back actually just led out to about 20 feet in front of our home. Does not realize this for a full day. Other two players have taken to just murdering each other repeatedly. Karkat is very pissed.

- Jade on call asking us to describe everything because she cant afford Minecraft. Eventually falls asleep on mic but wakes up occassionally to insist she didn’t actually fall asleep.

- Vriska keeps going off on her own, without food, never paying attention to her health bar. Dies enough times from creeper explosions, skeleton shots, and fall damage that the admin asks if shes doing ok.

- Girl reveals she is in fact, a girl, and immediately gets asked out by Boy. After a series of nasty chat messages Vriska outs herself as a lesbian, Girl follows suit in saying she is too, and is followed by Karkat and several other people in the server. Soon it becomes clear that Boy is the only straight person in the server. Karkat and Vriska egg on Rose to jump back into the game and say “hey anyone in this chat gay”

- Girl asks Vriska why she types b’s as 8s. Everyones dying. Vriska persists that its just her quirk. Boy starts implying that the two gay girls should get together. Vriska gets called an edgy 15yo, Boy gets called a cuck.

Phan: Nothing I Can See But You When You Dance

Phil doesn’t really know how it happens, because quite frankly this entire night feels too good to be real, but somehow he finds himself sitting in a milkshake shop at 3 a.m. with a complete stranger that loves wearing pastel colours and painting his nails and discusses anime with him passionately.


Phil meets Dan at a club. They dance, get each other off in a restroom, get milkshakes, have sex again and eat pancakes together in exactly that order. 

Genre: Fluff and smut
Wordcount: 3.6k
A/N: I got the idea for this fic a year ago in July when listening to ‘Can’t Stop The Feeling’, and it randomly came back to me every few months ever since. Today’s the day I decided to finally make it come to life, because the characters just kept haunting me. Hope you enjoy. :) x

The club is filled to the maximum with people, sweaty bodies dancing together, hands thrown in the air in ecstasy. Phil watches them, a Pina Colada held tightly in his left hand. The condensing water on the outside of his glass makes his palm wet. This is his third cocktail of the night and he hadn’t really had dinner, so the alcohol starts to affect him, spreading warmth throughout his body. Or maybe he’s just feeling so warm because the air in the club is so stuffy.

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and, perish the thought, but what happens if there are just fewer job openings than there people looking for jobs? there's no reason those two numbers HAVE to match up

undeserving unemployed will be placed in the shame cube

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Have you seen the picture of Rip on the Legends set?

i truly feel like he leaves, starts this team, comes back to deal with the legends and he’s shaven and they’re all just silent for a second and sara has literally, literally clapped her hands over her mouth and rip is like no. im going to ignore it, im not going to entertain this, and finally sara just yells YOU LOOK LIKE A FORESKIN

dead silence

jax goes oh thank god it’s not just me and looks at rip and goes you look like a prepubescent teenager 

amaya: you look like a meerkat 

mick: i’m with sara you look like a baby penis

rip: what- how- i look nothing like a penis stop this

sara: as a team, we just voted, none of us are speaking to you until your beard grows back. you goddamn baby dick



he is, of course, locked in the shame cube until his beard grows back. so like for a week. 

even gideon is ashamed of him. she loved that beard as much, if not more, than she loves him

I couldn’t remember the word for “stethoscope” so I ended up saying the word for “headphones” and so if anyone needs me I’ll be in the self-imposed prison cube of shame

(It’s not even a difficult word! It’s pretty much the same word as English! Yes let’s put on our headphones to listen to a heartbeat oh god why)

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anime riko: i'm sorry get that dog away from me i'm no good at anything. post-anime riko: girl do you even kabedon?

anime riko: oh man oh jeez they got within five meters of my doujin stash i’m going to be isolated in a shame cube for the rest of my days also i bungled the piano and i think your dog is mocking me

post-anime riko: hell yeah i’ve got a pile of gay porn comics in my backpack do i look like i give a fuck

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Also re: Ray ships I just finished season 2 and lord is Nate/Ray quite wonderful. Like, the producers were all "hey look at this wonderful BROmance" and the actors were all "you know what would be even better? If we took b off of bromance. Let's just full romance in here."

okay like every time someone calls nate + ray a bromance it gets 10% gayer, which is scientifically why it’s now 100,000% gay. it’s true love. if kendra were to come back nate would lock her in the shame cube out of sheer jealousy. nate loves ray so much and ray is so hearteyes for nate, it’s the GOOD SHIT