the shalkas

Shalka dorks the Domina and the Magister in an intimate moment

Yessssss, two of my most poseable 1:6 scale figures can actually frickin’ touch each other. I sure wish that the Triad Alpha had as much range of motion as the Pop Toys/HT/whatever body. My characters apparently need to look down a lot.

Pet peeve: the Doctors are numbered 1-12, except the War Doctor. The others have a last name separated by an exclamation point, like Warner!Three or, or an epithet like Shalka!Doctor. The Masters are written similarly, like Delgado!Master, or Ainley!Master, except for Crispy Master and Missy, who have nicknames. The Romanas are I, II, and III, except for Trey, and the Rani doesn’t even have a system. This is bothering my need as a scientist to have everything neatly described with a universal classification system

The Shalkas and Alison going to the opera or sth Sketch/WIP because I haven’t draw in a while for lack of time/good health (good health? what’s that?) but I miss drawing but that’s it for today

..........but WAITAMINUTE

So Missy lives in the TARDIS now. Trying to be good, fixing things, watching the Doctor doing his adventuring and stuff, worrying about him, tolerating his companions even…

My question is:

Did the Doctor make an android body for her too, or it would be too much of a coincidence?

Because we’ve seen it before, you know. With another (alternative) Doctor. It was all rather sweet.

Soo the Doctor is keeping his boy/girlfriend in a vault and brings home take away and finds them pissed off because he went off on adventures instead of spending time with them like he promised? 

I smell Shalka!Verse reincarnated.