the shalka doctor

Pet peeve: the Doctors are numbered 1-12, except the War Doctor. The others have a last name separated by an exclamation point, like Warner!Three or, or an epithet like Shalka!Doctor. The Masters are written similarly, like Delgado!Master, or Ainley!Master, except for Crispy Master and Missy, who have nicknames. The Romanas are I, II, and III, except for Trey, and the Rani doesn’t even have a system. This is bothering my need as a scientist to have everything neatly described with a universal classification system

Ok, so this is my second art swap. This one is for one of my favourite fandom ficwriters - @zabbers. We agreed on a prompt “Twissy in the Shalka!verse with cyber!Missy” (or something like that). For those of you who have no idea what Shalka!verse is - please, google Scream of the Shalka immidiately! I hope you won’t regret it :) But basically, the Doctor builds an android that contains the mind of the Master. And for some reason, this is one of my favourite ideas ever! I’m a huge fan, and I was super excited to find a fellow fan in @zabbers. Hope you’ll like it at least half as much as i like your writing, darling!