the shaker's day

so i was re-listening to an episode of welcome to night vale the other day and i can’t remember what episode it was, but cecil was waxing poetic about carlos again and i completely zoned out. i zone out through the outtro sometimes too, because it’s part of the routine of the show. it’s commonplace and accepted and it happens every time and so, of course, does cecil mooning (hah) over carlos. it could be one of a hundred episodes, couldn’t it? cecil talking about carlos, about how much he loves him and how goddamn wonderfully, unabashedly queer they are.

when jacobi made an off-handed joke about how he’s queer (gay? bi? pan?), i dropped my pen. i put away my lecture and i turned off the music and i muted the tv (i do my research with a lot of noise, so sue me), and i listened to the episode and tried to figure out what the hell i was feeling, because it wasn’t happy, exactly. not quite. i was (i am) happy, yeah, and excited, but that came about a minute later. when daniel boom boom wow said that he does like the menfolk (and i’m definitely not allowed to judge that line: i once told a friend i was queer with “i prefer me some dames” as my clever zinger), i felt relieved. i felt finally. 

and then i felt pissed as hell and exhausted and bitter because hearing someone be casually queer should be exactly that: casual. and it’s not.

and fuck-all, that’s not wolf 359′s fault that it’s not, and it’s certainly not their job to fix it all on their own. they’ve taken a couple awesome steps in the right direction and i’m incredibly thrilled (and vaguely proud?), and excited to see how/where the story will go. 

this is all a long and too-windy way to say that i’m super pleased that wolf 359 stepped up and repped us (and confirmed what the fandom’s pretty much assumed all along lmao)

i just wish it were the standard, and not a surprise.


Shia LaBeouf in Project Greenlight (2003)


Ereri Week 2015 - June 3: Caught in the act of adding sugar to his boss’s tea. There are certain teas that Levi is adamant that Eren not put sugar in, and he can get kind of scary about it but he’s really just an awkward dork.

This is Nickelodeon US’s schedule this week (MON 10/2 TO SUN 10/8). New I Am Frankie continues this week at 7.30PM. New episodes of pre-school shows fill the schedule on Friday, starting with PAW Patrol at 11.00AM, Shimmer and Shine at 11.30AM, Sunny Day at 12.30PM and Nella the Princess Knight at 1.30PM.

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I'm A Woman
Koko Taylor
I'm A Woman

I’m a woman, oh, yeah

I’m a woman, I’m a ball of fire

I’m a woman, I can make love to a crocodile

I’m a woman, I can sing the blues

I’m a woman, I can change old to new

I’m a woman, I’m a rushing wind

I’m a woman, I can cut stone with a pin

I’m a woman, I’m a love maker

I’m a woman, you know I’m an earth shaker

Happy Women’s Day to all! :)

University - Chapter Three

(Hartbig) Multi-chapter AU: Grace and Hannah meet during their first year of university

other parts

“These fucking freshmen activities are wearing me down, Grace,” Michelle says collapsing onto her bed. Her soft sheets are everything she needs right now.

“Come on, dude, we’ve got the whole night ahead of us. You promised that girl across the hall at least two drinks tonight.”

Michelle rubs her temples, “I think the girl’s name is Mahmrie. And of course we’ll go over there! Right after I nap.” Grace never expected to be the person pulling someone else out of bed, but then again, college is for new experiences, right? You have no idea. 

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