the shadowlurker


Unwanted House Guest/Shadowlurker Memes. :3

They’re not very good ones I know but, I just made them up quickly and I did it just for fun haha. Anyway have fun with your nightmares!…

Thanks for looking! =^-^=


The Unwanted House Guest Is Watching! >:3

Here is my original and edited version of my drawing of “The Unwanted House Guest” / “The Shadow lurker” I had fun drawing this also, try not to get nightmares. Mwahahahaaaaaaaaa!

“Haven’t seen me in a while, I can see you just fine!”

“Running up the basement stairs?….I love a good race!”

“Legs hanging over the bed?….Mine now!”~Quotes.

Thanks for looking! =^0^=

(I don’t own this Meme/Creepypasta character, it belongs to it’s rightful owner!)