the shadow warriors

All the Chantry’s candles couldn’t compete with the spark that’s in your eyes

“What are you thinking about, Alistair?”

“….uuuummm… Lamp posts, definitely.”

With Trump’s decision today about trans people being forbidden to serve in the military…

Stories like Shadowhunters, and their books, that embrace characters from the LGBTQ community become that much more important.

On the show, we have a gay-bisexual with a person of color relationship (Malec), asexual representation with Raphael, lesbian rep with Aline and Ollie.

In the books, we have all that’s listed above, along with trans Diana Wrayburn (from Lord of Shadows)–a badass warrior extraordinaire, several bisexual characters (Mark, Helen, maybe Kieran?), and so much more.

Continue to support and promote these stories, y'all. We are lucky to have them. We are lucky to discuss and analyze them. We are lucky to swoon and cry over them. Fight against ignorance and bigotry with these beautiful characters and their stories.

The Signs as Iconic Samurai Jack Moments
  • Ares: "I'm gonna make a lot of money cashin' in on your hide!" "I hear that often, but always from poor men."
  • Taurus: Aku transforming into a hot girl and Jack accidentally falling in love with him for an entire episode
  • Gemini: The Scotsman insulting Jack for thirty solid goddamn seconds
  • Leo: Jack watching a lizard climb up a tree with sheer wonder and adoration in his eyes
  • Virgo: Jack absolutely working those fucking stilettos
  • Libra: The shinobi shadow warrior fight and all the ensuing "no fucking WAY"s you absolutely said out loud
  • Scorpio: E X T R A T H I C C
  • Sagittarius: Every time Jack gets more naked than the situation really requires
  • Capricorn: "SCAR-a-MOUCHE the MER-ci-less, bay-bee!"
  • Aquarius: Every goddamn thing about Da Samurai's atrocious fashion sense
  • Pisces: "You see, Aku: I am smart, and you are pure evil."