the shadow tower

my mom’s convinced that im gay because im “agressively supportive of them” tho im straight and now she keeps telling me that she loves and accepts me no matter what and it doesnt change that im still a piece of failure and a bag of dissapointments


Key to avoiding pain in a SJM book

Only ship the main character with the brooding and mysterious tattooed stranger who gives also the main character tattoos.

Friendly Reminder

You’re perfect. Aelin would be proud of you. Rhys would wait a thousand years for you. Aedion would think it an honor to fight at your side. Amren would tolerate your presence. Dorian would trust you. Mor would be your friend. Sartaq would ask you to come back with him. Cassian would use his wings to protect you. Rowan would save you. Azriel would have to be tied to a tree to stop him from coming for you. You would fit right in to the Inner Circle and the Cadre. And they would love you unconditionally. 


The next time someone ask me why I prefer Rowan over Chaol I’ll just refer to the first time they saw Aelin’s scars. I mean Chaol just looked down at her and actually asked what she did to deserve those, like there was nothing wrong with that. While Rowan (even being the asshole he was back then) recognized that a girl that young shouldn’t go through that kind of stuff and was genuinely disturbed .

I know there are a lot of other reasons but this one… it’s just stuck in my head   

  • Cassian: Are you in the mood for a quickie?
  • Nesta: *Blushes* What?!
  • Cassian: A quickie. You know, one of those tart things.
  • Nesta:
  • Cassian:
  • Nesta:
  • Cassian:

I think I just found Chaol Westfall. The name is Batuhan Karacakaya he’s a Turkish actor. He’s 20 years old, yeah 20 years old. He’s ripped af I’m telling you (I stalked his ig don’t judge me I know all of you do this..) plus his hair and his face is perfect for Chaol and you can imagine CHAOL with a beard.

Incorrect Quote #25
  • Chaol: Did you kill this man?
  • Celaena: No, a bullet killed him. Bullets are made of lead, which comes from the ground. The ground is part of nature. He died of natural causes. Case closed.
After Heir of Fire
  • Gavriel: so, do you love her?
  • Rowan: no, she's just gorgeous, hilarious, can hold her own in a battle, is the only one whose magic is a true match for mine, and is basically my equal in every way
  • Rowan: wait a second