the shadow the true self

My muse went missing and you decided to go find them, you soon find yourself in a strange place and in the middle of the room is my muse, but they seem... Different.

Send “Shadow of true self” to see the shadow of my muse’s true self.

this means, they will act how they truely feel inside, or who they want to be, or they insecurities. Go head and go wild with this

Who is your Shadow?

I often struggled when looking into Shadow work, and discovering my shadow self. I thought that there was a textbook way I had to follow to ‘correctly’ discover my shadow side/being. I quickly discovered the other day that I knew her all along. I’m not sure if this is a ‘gift’ per se, especially since I believe anyone is capable of meeting their shadow self, but I have found it exceptionally easier to interact with her on a daily basis. This is the best way I can explain how I fully ‘discovered’ her.

-I was doing a BOS prompt, (book of shadows, for those of you who are new to witchcraft or not a practitioner:). The prompt was to draw or paint an image of my shadow self. I started thinking, and instantly got an image in my head.

-It might take a few minutes, and I lowkey had an identity crisis, trying to determine the differences between my true self and my shadow, it was interesting! Lol

-The image you first get, might seem confusing, or it might seem like you are just ‘making it up’ as you go. This is when you’re doing it RIGHT.

-My shadow is named Evangeline, which is something else I recently learned as well while working with her. All I did was meditate briefly, uncovering her name.

-When you are able to identify your shadow with a name, and certain physical/emotional characteristics, you will most likely doubt yourself. I know I did, considering most of my answers resided solely in my thoughts. That does not mean you’re wrong, if anything, trust that instinct.

-Draw, sketch, paint your shadow. Dedicate a page or more to them, writing out their characteristics, and what they stand for.

-Another thing, my shadow Evangeline, is not my ‘evil twin’. She is my defender, protector, and wrath. She is practically my inner storm, which is much different from the stereotypical ‘dark-side’ aspect.

-The last bit of advice that I can give is to be open minded, Your shadow may present itself to you in different ways, especially in times of need…be willing to accept it!

Fear of Loss Leads to the Dark Side

Touken? I don’t know her, let’s talk about Ui Koori more. 

What I noticed right away from this chapter was Ui’s outfit change, he’s gone from wearing white primarily in the middle of missions to all black. It could be simply to match Furuta’s change, he is after all on the chessboard a black king where previously Ui fought as an ally of the white king Arima.

My mind however, jumped immediately to a different conclusion. Ui’s decision to dress in all black, and stand at Furuta’s side means he has decided to join the dark side of the force.

Yes, let’s talk star wars. 

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anonymous asked:

What is p5 exactly? Do you recommend it? What do you like about it?

!! Persona 5, is as the name suggests, the fifth ( or well, 6 i guess) Persona game! But if you don’t know squat about the previous games then its ok!! because each game is different from one another! The only common thing is that you play as a character who fights “shadows” with your “True Self” or Persona.

I recommend it 100%! As someone who doesn’t get to play a lot of video games because I just suck at playing in general, it’s definitely a favorite! and that goes for all the persona games. And that’s bc persona games have:

  • An in-depth plot, full of great characters and interesting interactions
  • An Easy mode available for players that simply wanna play for the story (aka me) that still manages to be engaging without being TOO easy
  • interesting side quests and tidbits for the player to do each day
  • It’s basically a choice-matters game but with ACTION 

Persona 5, specifically, is about a boy who moves to Tokyo after being falsely accused of a crime and is therefore under probation. Under certain circumstances, he finds himself in the Metaverse, which is like a parallel realm depicting peoples hearts and it is there he learns to use his Persona! Throughout the story, you find and befriend other persona users that help you fight against shadows and other beings that corrupt the Metaverse, under the guise of the Phantom Thieves!!

I think playstation’s video of it does a p well job describing it:


Well, I’m waiting for my trainer to tell me exactly how but he’s changing light bulbs somewhere else right now.

Change a light bulb? Are you joking? I couldn’t possibly be expected to subject myself to such a menial task. Change it yourself. Oh, wash your hands when you are finished. The very thought!

These things cannot be rushed, but must be approached slowly, with great patience, and adherence to the principles laid down by the classical masters, otherwise the light bulb will not attain its true potential, but will forever just be a shadow of its true self. Never, ever use any type of gadget when changing the light bulb. That is an offence to the principles of classical light bulb changing.

Wuss! As soon as my arm is out of this sling, broken after falling off at that large stone wall while riding Hell Bent for Leather cross-country, I’ll change it. Until then, deal with the dark. It’ll put hair on your chest. Only dressage riders require lights, anyway.

Why on earth would I need to change a light bulb when the whole world knows that the sun shines out of my x*&%!? Why, when I release over a jump, the spectators are practically blinded.

Oh, my God, someone fix that bulb, I have to have light so that my silver and spangles all glow their best and so that all the highlighter on Old Peanut Head makes his nose look so smooth and sparkly, and oh, my diamond studs have to flash in the light, you know, so oh, someone has to fix it—oh, maybe you without all the silver on your saddle, obviously you can’t ride, you can do it.

Light bulb? Do you mind, I’m trying to get my horses pulse/respiration/hydration levels down to respectable levels. Once that is done, I have another 50 miles to go before I can even think about changing a light bulb. And besides, this neon green spandex is bright enough to see by.

You must instill respect in the light bulb, so that it sees you as the Alpha light bulb, using “light bulb dynamics” (video available at $179.99 on my website). Once you have done this, you will find that there is really no need to change the light bulb at all, but that the light bulb will, with very little coaxing from you (using “light bulb coaxer” $99.95 each, plus for extra $49.99 you get an intro video thrown in) behave, as all good light bulbs should.

This is not mine-it has been copy and pasted on Facebook several times. Looking for the original source!


for i 
am the shadow 
and i 
am the true self 
and im you 
and youre me

i am so sad about the persona 4 musical that i spent weeks on this set because all of these songs are incredible you can listen to most of them here on the creators soundcloud

Master list: #hp/lv fic rec hub

Master list: #2016 hp/lv fic rec hub

As you can see, this is a listing of all the fics I have recommended so far. I did my best to omit those that were against the limits set by ghurahm (Underage and/or Rape) when recommending a fic in this hub, but there are many fics, so please forgive me if there is one that do not follow the guidelines. It will be up to the reader’s discretion to check the author’s warnings for things that are not your preference. I would also highly recommend looking through the author’s other works.

Use the hashtag (#hp/lv fic rec hub) to find the link and summary of each story. Refer to the part it is in (Part 1— Part __) to find it easier!

Part 1: #1—15
1. Dark Lion by HecatesKiss
2. 47 Days to Change (a translation) by snow_owl
3. For Voldemort and Valor by Acnara
4. Republic by eldritcher
5. The Consort Tournament by watermelonsmellinfellon
6. Again and Again by Athy
7. Of Monsters and Men by Clarisse(transnymphtaire)
8. Prancing Through Time by Lytri
9. How does it feel to fall, my precious angel? By TosMichiyo
10. Siren Song by The_Fictionist
11. Paper Tears by You_Light_The_Sky
12. Rebuilt by Terrific Lunacy
13. Shadowed Malice by Oceanbreeze7
14. Voldemort Goes Back to School by KisaraP
15. A Beast’s Virtue by Arliene
Part 2: #16—30
16. The Fault of Boredom by tomrian (transnymphtaire)
17. Set the Sails (and don’t look back) by Terrific_Lunacy
18. Get Revenge (If It Doesn’t Kill You) by watermelonsmellinfellon
19. The Wand Chooses by DreamerEye
20. Field Theory by machiavelli
21. If Them’s the Rules by MayMarlow
22. The Train to Nowhere by MayMarlow
23. Don’t Fuck With Florists (They’ll Fuck You Up) by MayMarlow
24. Lord of Time by DebsTheSlytherinSnapefan
25. Snake Whisper by Violet-san
26. The Nightmare Man by Tiro
27. Harry Potter and the Slytherin Connection by KyrstalRoze
28. Freefall by ladyoflilacs
29. Mirrored by brainstorm1001
30. Skinny Love by rightonthelimit
Part 3: #31—45
31. No Slaughter Without Laughter by SonnyGietzel
32. The Spellmaker by SonnyGietzel
33. House of Snakes by flitterflutterfly
34. Tempus Fractae by HecatesKiss
35. A Semblance of Peace by Maeglin_Yedi
36. Forever is a Long Time by coconut90
37. Connubium by eldritcher
38. Eclipse by wynnebat
39. Hadrian Potter and the Daughters of Chronos by Hallowtide
40. Love’s Loathing by The_Fictionist
41. Counting Bodies Like Sheep by rightonthelimit
42. Harrymort Oneshots by Blessed_By_The_Goddess
43. Rain on my Wings by DeeDee
44. The Strongest Memory by DeeDee
45. A letter lost, a lover found by DeeDee
Part 4: #46—60
46. New Start by kmoaton
47. Birds of a Feather by ReasonablyUnreasonable
48. To the Waters and the Wild by Paimpont
49. The Flaw in the Plan by Paimpont
50. To Kill You With a Kiss by Paimpont
51. A Soulless Solace by Angstier
52. Their Verdict of Vagaries by Angstier
53. Meant To Be by phoenixmaiden13
54. Dreams and Darkness Collide by Epic Solemnity
55. Death of Today by Epic Solemnity
56. New Way to Bleed by Epic Solemnity
57. In Wonderland by hyugahime
58. Butterfly Heart by The_Fictionist
59. Death is but the Next Great Adventure by ObsidianQuill
60. Seventeen Years by RenderedReverse
Part 5: #61—75
61. Vision by kmoaton
62. Of Potions and Curses by Blood_Like_Rubies
63. The Elements of Lordship by RenderedReverse
64. In Lukewarm Water by RenderedReverse
65. Ice Crux by Hermione Prime
66. Inconsistency by RenderedReverse
67. The Darkness Within by kurinoone
68. A Shattered Prophecy by Project Dark Overlord
69. Kiss Starts With a K (and so does Kill) by fadingstarlight (Genveon)
70. The Portrait by DariaSilver
71. Stand Against the Moon by Batsutousai
72. Xerosis by Batsutousai
73. FeS2 by Shivani
74. The Bitter Hug of Mortality by She Who Cannot Be Turned
75. Little Gem by Infinite Ravens
Part 6: #76—90
76. The Art of Hidden Personas by whitedwarf
77. Harry Potter and the Descent into Darkness by Athey
78. All For Show by Cannibal Inc
79. In Somno Vertitas by Ansketil and Lilacs
80. The Last Horcrux by Ansketil and Lilacs
81. Déguiser by Batsutousai
82. Broken by Batsutousai
83. Visionary by BC
84. No Glory by ObsidianPen
85. Mine by ObsidianPen
86. A Snake Named Voldemort by estalita11
87. Get Off My Back by BlasterBlurby
88. Forbidden Gate by MidnightEmber
89. Schooled by WyrdSmith
90. A Twist in Destiny by IAMGinny
Part 7: #91—105
91. The Grey Phoenix by LeightAiden777
92. Irreversible Destiny by SheWolfe7
93. Enduring Obsession by whitedwarf
94. Oswald the Ottoman by lunakatrina
95. More Precious than Rubies by Strange_Soulmates
96. As Certain Dark Things Are to be Loved by Strange_Soulmates
97. Possession by Blood.Stained.Fingers
98. Deal With The Devil by Blood.Stained.Fingers
99. Descent by Blood.Stained.Fingers
100. Prince of the Dark Kingdom by Mizuni-sama
101. Lamia by penpenhooray
102. A Twist in Time by Paimpont
103. Harry Potter and the Accidental Horcrux by the Imaginizer
104. An I for an I by lordmarvoloriddle
105. Dabbling With The Dark by Nyx Mist
Part 8: #106—120
106. Paraselenic by EmpyrealFantasy
107. Noir Et Blanc by Tsurai Shi
108. Spiritus Mundi by Shaitanah
109. Locus by Shivani
110. One Winged Angel by Shivani
111. An Unwise Murder by Belgaris
112. Servants of the Malleus Maleficarum by Belgaris
113. The Broken Boy by behindthealias
114. Red Hood, Red Blood by Fairygirl34
115. The Final Horcrux by Majix.Trixx
116. Equivalent Exchange by Majix.Trixx
117. Our Greater Good by Felled_and_Fallen
118. October by The Carnivorous Muffin
119. Lily and the Art of Being Sisyphus by The Carnivorous Muffin
120. Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep by The Carnivorous Muffin
Part 9: #121—135 (Updated 3/11/17)
121. Guardian Angel by TosMichiyo
122. How does it feel to fall, my precious angel? by TosMichiyo
123. The Diary of Tom Riddle by BigJellyMonster
124. Unintended by NightmareThicket

(Updated 3/11/17)
125. Silk Roads by GenderlessPerson
126. Tender Tale of Darkness by Mara94
127. The wine-dark Sea by BrionyTallis (RobbieTurner)
128. Tainted Wings by Batsutousai
129. Love’s Loathing by The Fictionist
130. Moments by BigJellyMonster
131. One Way to Make Up by teecup_angel
132. The Dysfunctional Riddle Family by teecup_angel
133. and all I could hear was your pulse by belatrix
134. Magic Numbers by juliasejanus
135. Victory Day by WhiteWave14
Part 10: #136—150 (Updated 4/1/17)
136. Inheritance by Midnight Ember
137. Some Other Beginning’s End by Beloved Shadow
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142. Harry Potter and The Ultimate Betrayal by DarkAngelsan
143. The Vitruvian Man by Mistress Slytherin
144. Entwine by Aaer
145. Visionary by BC
146. Schooled by WyrdSmith
147. Game over by Egyptian Dreamer
148. The Power of Obsessive Love by Zhu Yingtai
149. Paradise Lost by Neko-chan -Silvered Tongue
150. A Different Reality by Ethe
~ Special Edition ~ {Dynamics}
1. Keep Your Enemies Closer by Riddletobien
2. Draught of the Living Death by HippoParty
3. Tender Tale of Darkness by Mara94
4. Victory Day by WhiteWave14
5. Feathers and Fireballs by Na'hiel
6. The Broken Boy by behindthealias
7. Solace in Shadows by The Fictionist
8. Embracing His True Self by DebTheSlytherinSnapeFan
9. Fate’s Favorite by The Fictionist
10. Snake Whisper by Violet-san
11. Prince of the Dark Kingdom by Mizuni-sama
12. Oswald the Ottoman by lunakatrina
13. Ice Crux by Hermione Prime
14. How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Love Lord V by cheryl bites
15. Taken by Surprise by BabblingSquirrel

(Just watched the American Gods season finale. Spoilers. It was fun).

Also, “I dedicate these deaths to Ostara.” Anyone who’s read the book would get a tingle from that line. It’s also one of a list of Odin Just Doing Odin Things (smirking over Mad Sweeney and Shadow’s bar fight, running over Easter’s bunnies, that old war god bloodlust when he’s executed Vulcan). For all his Ian McShane charm, he’s still an ancient being of terrible appetite, a being you’d have trouble assigning to either ‘good’ or ‘evil’ (Bilquis being another great example of this).

When he smites down Media’s lackeys (arguably the most threatening back-up dancers you’ve ever seen), he turns their deaths into a sacrament, so that his opening salvo in what is now the war between the old and new gods comes firmly from his place of power, the bloody altar (even if okay, there was no blood, and there was no altar. It’s the thought that counts). It was interesting to see Media, Tech Boy, and Mr. World at a disadvantage for a change. Though that’s not likely to last. Can’t wait for season 2.

Also, also:

Easter letting her hair down and rediscovering her true primordial elemental self.

Shadow making lovey dovey faces at Easter. Legit want to see if that actually leads anywhere.

Mr. Nancy saying, “We should start with a story,” and slipping into the trickster storyteller archetype that he is, was perfect.

What is the plural for “Jesus”? Jesuses? Jesi?

Need to see asshole Mad Sweeney again, he’s just been too sweet the last couple of episodes. Which is not bad, maybe I’m just afraid of growing attached.

“Which. Fucking. God?” Laura Moon asks, with real vehemence. I continue to enjoy this characterization of Laura Moon. She’s unpleasant, and a lot of her interactions come down to a coin toss (hehe, coin) between strained amicability and monstrous. This has made her whole sidequest with Leprechaun and Djinn-touched one of the best things about the series.

It is impossible to watch any scene with Gillian Anderson just once. One must watch them over and over again to pick apart the layers of reference and homage to find the cold, calculating machine that is Media underneath.

Actually, any scene with the new gods. Though I may be prejudiced. Even reading the book a whole bunch of years ago, I always found the new gods to be more fascinating. Besides, do we not all worship Media and Tech Boy? Shit I’d sacrifice a spring lamb at my modem if I thought it’d give me a faster connection.

rigitwolf  asked:

Ok, I know everyone praises P2 for having a canon gay relationship, But can we talk about how it isn't apex of represantation. I mean, while Jun's great, writers avoided giving him a Shadow. Also his relationship with Tatsuya has pretty much all yaoi cliches of that time (like game can't stop reminding us how feminine Jun is). I think Naoto and Kanji's (and Chie's, in the original) are much realistic and meaningful represantations of gender perspective in Japan.

I agree with some things you have said Anon, but I also think you got a lot of things wrong too, so I’m going to try to adress those things down below in this big post.

Just have in mind that this could be just my own opinion in the matter and I could have made some mistakes or forgotten to mention something, but I really respect your opinion and I will be careful to say anything about the matter.


ALSO: I saw some ignorants saying that “the game isn’t even supposed to represent anything” and no, don’t freaking use this excuse for putting dirt under the rug, just don’t. If you are going to mention it in a game at least do it right.

First, I don’t think Jun not having a shadow has anything to do with bad writing because they explored his backstory very well even without a presence of his shadow (there is shadows in P2, but if you came from P4 thinking that shadows are necessary you can get some things wrong, exploring your “true self” is not the main point here, this is more of a SMT game where evil and good are the main attraction).

For example, Jun was manipulated to be Joker and control the shadows that were forcefully created to obey him, there wasn’t a reason for him to control his own shadow to begin with.

But this doesn’t mean we don’t try to show him who he truly is and have a insight of his confusing mind and what he really thinks of himself, through the Caracol dungeon we have a look inside Jun’s mind (looking at his younger self that appears like a ghost) and how he was manipulated to believe there wasn’t anything positive for him anymore.

And the relief of seeing the truth of himself.

He didn’t have a reason to have a shadow at all because he was already accepting the things he had done and accepted what was his true self (we even fight him in two forms, it would be a bit too much to have a three round battle against another side of Jun again, seriously that thing was terrible I don’t think I need another Jun to beat up, please, just don’t).

Second, I think Jun being feminine wasn’t exaggerated or “yaoi cliche”, he is a very caring, warm and protective character shown to have big problems of being antisocial, using his calculating self to manipulate other people and the big trauma he suffered when he thought Maya died made him even more closed.

Even if it is canon that he likes Tatsuya they don’t just slap that in your face with homophobic jokes or him being forcefully flirty every second too, he is caring with Tatsuya, praises him and is very attentive with him, Ginko considers him a “rival in love” just like Maya and the rest is pretty much optional demon negotiation dialogues where you flirt with him (that you, the player, can choose to unlock), calling him your “boyfriend” or saying “you like him”, but that’s similar for the girls too. I don’t remember anything overly exaggerated or mandatory for his interactions.

Now, Kanji too has what you would call a feminine side, Jun loves flowers and Kanji loves cute things and crocheting. I don’t see anything wrong in male characters to be shown to have “feminine” interests, this is what we would call representating people that feel that way too. Let boys smell flowers and admire cute things for god’s sake, this is beautiful and there’s nothing wrong with that (both Jun and Kanji wear make up during some scenes too).

But in Persona 4 they totally mock Kanji for having those traits, they call him “queer” and even his own father says that “because he is a man he needs to be strong” and this confused him to no end. We don’t have this kind of homophobic reaction for Jun feminine traits whoever. 

I don’t think it was bad to adress those things, but for the way they made Yosuke (his own friend) to call him queer and make rude jokes all the time when he already suffered enough? That was painfully horrible and nobody called him out for that while on the other hand Ginko just says for Tatsuya you are free to love whoever you want when you choose to say you are interested in Jun and that’s it. They don’t shame you or Jun of being queer.

(This whole scene makes me uncomfortable. I’m sorry they wrote you that badly and scrapped your romance route Yosuke).

In Persona 2 Jun is already shown to be a canon gay character without problems to accept this part of himself because he didn’t suffer from people being homophobic with him (he was already suffering enough with trying to get away from people to begin with), but I don’t think this means he is a bad representation just because he didn’t suffer from it. He is just a character that accepted himself easily because Tatsuya was someone special for him since he was a child and he had even a worse trauma of being manipulated to cope with.

As for Naoto, I think she was a great character who saw how bad and sexist society was of having a girl as a detective and needed to dress up like a boy to continue with it and also because she admired male detective figures that marked her childhood, there is also a lot of transexual implications on her shadow, but she was a nice representation by herself (maybe some more development would be nice).

What I think is:

Persona 4 would be a perfect game about accepting your true self if the sexist/transophobic/homophobic jokes weren’t badly treated and overly used for no good reason, this doesn’t mean that they shouldn’t have addressed it, but they made even your friends do that and you, as a protagonist who is supposed to represent the player as much as possible, can’t even do shit about that (It’s just awful and I got a lot of LGBT people coming to me to talk about how uncomfortable it was for them to see that badly treated in a game).

  • Because of the rude jokes the good representations were totally “covered” up, as for character alone Kanji and Naoto are nice, maybe just not so greatly developed, but for the game on it’s own it’s just poorly treated.
  • Persona 2 was a game made in the 90′s and they didn’t make that amount of mistakes that Persona 4 made when addressing a character of being interested in men (I mean most people see Kanji as bisexual too, nothing wrong with that) and that’s why people praise this game (and it is the only game you can romance a male character in the series and they didn’t even have social links/cooperation for the whole dating sim thing).
  • Homophobia is a delicate and heavy topic, if writers want to talk about it the number one rule isn’t to make the whole work with it all over the place (just mention it and never treat about it seriously is a big mistake) and if the character has already accepted who he is then there is not a single reason for him to not just react to it seriously (I really wanted Kanji to call out Yosuke and talk about it seriously, but it didn’t happen).
  • Tatsuya is a silent protagonist too and he had options to say “sexual discrimination is wrong”, they could’ve just make something similar for Yu if they really wanted some representation even if demon negotiation wasn’t a thing (just for P5 recently).
  • If Yosuke wasn’t scrapped as a romantic route they could’ve at least showed a character that was just being homophobic because he was still in doubt of his own sexuality (this is a real thing in real life too, sadly), this would be so interesting to see, but when they scrapped this out of the game they just left him as this character who is a complete dick without a reason and nobody cares.

The mistake that the new team of writers of P3/P4 and the direction made was so bad and regressive that what we got now for Persona 5 as a gay representation is… just, just look at it:

This is what I would call stereotypes and overly bad representation of “”feminine”” male characters (this whole scene is just a big rude joke on gay panic), to compare Jun of being feminine and exaggerated comparing to that? I’m sorry, but I have to disagree with you. 

It’s not because “Japan is still not as progressive with it as other countries” because the media has already changed a lot and there is other games that treat about it with a far openly mind. This isn’t a excuse for anything.

No, the new team didn’t make a good job at all and never learned from that. I’m sorry if it hurts to say that, it hurts me too, but I don’t think the same team of Persona 2 would be able to make that mistake as careful as they was at least.

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[I hate “Riddles”. For years Neelix tried to ‘help’ Tuvok and 'improve’ Vulcan culture instead of understanding. Tuvok is a soldier with a nasty dark side kept in check with ironclad discipline. He’s content and doesn’t need cheering up. But an injured, uninhibited Tuvok is suddenly not violent at all and they have all the fun. Neelix doesn’t bond with the real Tuvok, he bonds with a shadow of Tuvok’s true self, who is different in just the way Neelix wanted. Ugh. ]

anonymous asked:

How would Akira, Makoto, Haru and Goro feel after finding out their normally happy and caring S/O had a palace rooted from hiding their negative emotions? like they were scared and didn't others to worry about them or thinking they're faking it for attention so they just made a happy go lucky persona of themself for that reason, sorry if this is worded weirdly I'm not good with making things sound nice

part 2. either they end up getting a persona like in the way Futaba got hers or not at all, it’s up to you


  • S/O would be the last person he would think would have a shadow, let alone a palace because they always seem so cheerful
  • but when he finds out about, he’s literally kind of shocked by how distorted and negative everything seems to be.
  • in reality, he tries to get S/O to open up and try to catch them at their more vulnerable moments when he possibly can…
  • he’s just honestly so concerned as to what could have possibly triggered to have such pent up emotions and cause a palace to be created.
  • S/O finally spills about some kind of past trauma they had years ago… during that night, Akira leaves a calling card for them.
  • S/O pieces it together and realizes their boyfriend is a part of the Phantom Thieves… they follow him and wound up in the Metaverse.
  • they confront the Thieves and their shadow self, acknowledging their true self and awakening to their own Persona.
  • after fighting S/O’s cognitions, S/O appears to be normal but are more honest about their emotions to Akira and their friends.


  • imagine Makoto’s reaction to dealing with her sister’s palace… now imagine if she didn’t expect it out all, unlike her sister.
  • especially since S/O always have the biggest smile and is always reassuring Makoto about her own insecurities.
  • it literally breaks her heart, just as much as confronting her sister’s shadow did and sending out a calling card.
  • however, she knows a change of heart will probably make things better for them and decides to meet up with the Phantom Thieves.
  • in reality, Makoto ends up having a deep conversation… apparently, S/O’s parents died in a crush and they feel responsible.
  • understanding the burden her sister carried when their father died, Makoto completely understands where they’re coming from.
  • the next day, Makoto slips a calling card in their shoe locker and is determined that the change of heart will make them better.
  • they defeat S/O’s shadow; it takes S/O a few days before they become more open with Makoto and go into further depth about their past.


  • Haru felt like she could identify who or who may not have palace since she easily figured out her father had one.
  • however, she becomes nervous and upset when she discovers S/O’s palace and feels bad for not realizing sooner.
  • Haru’s teammates reassure her that she couldn’t have figured it out on her own since S/O is great at wearing their current facade.
  • S/O and Haru meet up to garden; S/O finds Haru to be so caring and mother-like that they tell her about their financial struggles.
  • at first, Haru’s worried that S/O may try to take advantage of them… but they wouldn’t do that; then she worries about messing up in their palace.
  • S/O also feels bad because Haru has expressed how people have taken advantage of her for her wealth but S/O doesn’t want that from her.
  • Haru puts their calling card on the rooftop, in front of their garden so that S/O can immediately find it… he concludes it’s from Haru and cries.
  • After defeating S/O’s shadow, Haru is constantly by S/O’s side and S/O assures them that they just need a better job and won’t hurt Haru.


  • Akechi discovers his S/O’s palace when transversing the Metaverse and going after politicians and well-known figures.
  • Rather than concern, he wonders if S/O’s case is similar to Futaba and recalls how Futaba’s awakening was unusual than the others before her.
  • He’s certainly not fooled by the feigned happiness S/O puts up every day… after all, he has mastered his ace detective persona.
  • He confronts S/O about what’s truly been bugging them and Akechi says he knows deep down, S/O isn’t happy.
  • S/O tells him about how they ran away from home and was trying to live on their own but it was hard but they didn’t want to go to their parents.
  • Apparently, it’s revealed that despite S/O’s good grades, various hobbies, etc it wasn’t enough to keep their parents content.
  • So Akechi decides not only to make S/O confront their shadow self but decides to make S/O confront their parents’ shadows.
  • Once S/O has confronted their shadow, they awaken to their Persona and goes on to change their parents’ hearts (with Akechi)… and honestly, it makes Akechi happy he didn’t have to murder anyone.