the shadow of his nose makes him look cross eyed im

And then he was there.

Can you write something for Zico? He’s my ultimate bias and I loooove everything you write! x😍

Life with Zico

‘Oh, sorry.’

You look embarrassedly up at the figure you’d crashed into on your way to your next class, blushing when you see that it was Jiho and quickly attempting to move out of his way…but his hand on your shoulder stops you.

‘Don’t be.’ 

That cat like gaze was staring into you again like it always did, the gaze that had you so completely infatuated with this boy that you could barely stop yourself from tripping over your own feet when you heard his name mentioned.

You stand there, shy, awkward, and nervous as you wait for him to say something else, only to receive his cold, blank stare back at you, the look seeming to be jumping with something akin to excitement. 

‘Were you on your way to class?’ He asks suddenly, quickly snatching your book from your arms to see what it was as you stutter out an answer. 

'I… uh… yeah… i was on my way to-' 

'Lit class. Of course, i knew i was meant to be somewhere. -hey, do you mind walking me there?… i know we’re like 4 weeks into term but i still cant find my way there.’ He chuckles at his own lacklustre approach to educating himself, and if he was anyone else you would have kicked him to the curb and told him to buck up his ideas or he’d screw up his future. 

But this was Jiho. 

And if the look in his eye as he looked at you was anything to go by, you didnt want to turn him away just yet. 

'Yeah… sure.’

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