the shadow of a ghost

Which reference should I make next?

-Colossus- Giant stone creatures that glow

-Maedeus- Giant whale snakes that glow

-Valfain- Horse birb

-Noctura- Shadow hounds 

-Varic- Casper the Friendly Ghost’s monstrous cousin, twice removed.  

Cause I’m incapable of making a choice myself.


Request from @sensitive-eruri : “ After returning and doing paperwork etc Levi went straight to Erwin’s apartment, he haven’t cleaning anything, he doesn’t dare to move anything, everything is just like Erwin left it, he haven’t eaten, just drinking Erwin’s favorite tea and take a bath. He’s laying in bed reading the last letter left by Erwin, all Levi’s wearing a blue shirt Erwin’s favorite still have his essence.”

And a second version with blood (If Levi hadn’t taken his bath): here