the shade was real and it was good

‘red’ sentence meme

all sentences are taken ( & occasionally altered ) from the deluxe edition of taylor swift’s fourth studio album ( 2012 )

  • “we fall in love till it hurts or bleeds, or fades in time”
  • “i never saw you coming”
  • “i’ll never be the same”
  • “you were never a saint”
  • “i’ve loved in shades of wrong”
  • “this love is brave & wild”
  • “love is a ruthless game, unless you play it good & right”
  • “you’re my achilles’ heel”
  • “this is the golden age of something good, & right, & real”
  • “loving [him/her] is like trying to change your mind once you’re flying through the free fall”
  • “losing [him/her] was blue like i’ve never known”
  • “missing [him/her] was dark grey, all alone”
  • “forgetting [him/her] was like trying to know somebody you never met”
  • “loving [him/her] was red”
  • “moving on from [him/her] is impossible”
  • “put your lips close to mine”
  • “i’ll do anything you say if you say it with your hands”
  • “nothing safe is worth the drive”
  • “this daydream is dangerous”
  • “this hope is treacherous”
  • “you found me”
  • “i guess you didn’t care, & i guess i liked that”

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professionaldork  asked:

Really risky ask #10

10: if you draw or write, show some of your really old work

oh nooo fhjvbnb fine alright heres the oldest digital art i have saved

heres the oldest thing i found with “”””good shading””””” (from my undertale era hhhhhg)

and heres just some old hs art

so fellas, art improvement is real confirmed one hunnit percent

anonymous asked:

Hey! I don’t know if u saw life of kylie or not but she looks like a good girl that feels so alone. Was that real or she was acting? If that’s real I don’t understand why there’s a lot of people shading her...

She is generally a nice person. That’s what I’ve always said. She’s just self obsessed but she’s extremely insecure and “alone”

are u ever just doing some totally mundane every day thing and then u remember that lance & keith actually held hands. keith actually grabbed a hold of lance’s hand and held it as they gazed longingly into each others eyes, as lance continued to say “we are a good team.” and to top it all off the background was some shade of purple to really compliment the fact that they really are red & blue. wow. im js bro you cant make this shit up this is the most romantic shit ive ever seen-

Pasta Emoji Ratings

A classic, nice simple sauce, would eat this no problem. Probably tastes pure and the kids would love it. 7/10

Fun, simple, but dangerously close to Mac n Cheese with that level of orange saturation. They would probably steal your labeled food from the fridge, simply shameful. Not sure what the purple spots are either, not sure if i’d eat this one. 5/10

Shameful, it appears to be a few noodles left on a plate, what a waste. Would not eat someone’s leftovers. 0/10

Elegant, simple, modern. Reminiscent of a pizza, which is a fresh new way to approach the subject. The stray noodle is a little worrying, but for the most part they’re a hardworking, well put together pasta. Would hang this up in my modern art gallery. 8/10

Not sure how to feel about this one. While the sauce is one of the best renditions I’ve seen, beautiful detail, the rest of the dish is lacking. The leaves look dangerous, like those delinquents that try to roll with the pure kids, but we’re onto them. I love the symmetry of the three noodles rising from the sauce, would eat them for sure. Not so sure about the rest. 6/10

Fake. This obviously canned pasta is trying to play itself off as genuine, unforgivable. While the taste is probably fine, a pasta you’d let your daughter hang out with, it doesn’t excuse the fact that it’s a filthy liar. would not eat for fear of my health. 2/10 

A very small noodle, good with young children, tries their best at all times. It has the perfect portion of sauce for such a tiny thing, and it deserves all it can get. I would eat this, but gently, as not to intimidate it. 9/10

Magnificent! Tasty! A real winner of a dish! The attention to detail and shading simply astonishes me. This dish is to die for, and the kind you’d bring home to your mother. Simply lovely, would definitely eat. 10/10

This is just abhorrent, not tasty at all. The choice of thick white noodles surrounded by a yellow liquid, while an interesting take, is incredibly inaccurate and tasteless. Would not eat, especially with that trident thing. 1/10

flavourless, an absolute bore of a dish. White I appreciate the detail of the cell shaded noodles, they lack charisma and courage. Would be a true pure friend, someone you can rely on, but very easily manipulated and a momma’s boy. Need’s more saturation if it want’s to roll with the big boys. 4/10. 

I feel like this is a failed attempt at what HTC excelled at. The abstract look they’re going for just doesn’t execute well at all. And that black border feel’s very threatening and hostile, as if I’m not allowed to eat it. The kind of pasta who has problems with it’s masculinity. Probably wouldn’t eat. 3/10

Why the fuck is there chocolate syrup on my pasta. 0/10

Short but accurate summaries of popular books/series: part 2
  • Lunar Chronicles: The Earth finally gets its shit together. Unfortunately, the moon has other ideas.
  • 39 Clues: Worst. Treasure hunt. Ever.
  • The Selection: Rich man thinks The Bachelor is a valid way to choose a monarch. Degree of success varies between attempts.
  • Shatter Me: The tales of Cinnamon Bun Girl and Problematic Fave Boy.
  • These Broken Stars: Heterosexuals in space. People die and things explode.
  • Legend: Literally the entire plot would've been avoided had the male lead waited another week to do the Stupid Thing™
  • Miss Peregrine's Home For Peculiar Children: Every day is Throwback Tuesday.
  • Daughter of Smoke and Bone: Magic and infinite knowledge at the cost of eternal pain. Choice is yours.
  • The Song of Achilles: This story is over 3000 years old, yet the ending still takes us by surprise.
  • Mara Dyer: The choice between mental stability and evil superpowers is somehow supposed to be hard.
  • A Darker Shade of Magic: Taking the ring to Mordor, except with less history lectures.
  • H.I.V.E.: Adults continuously fail to realize that when it comes to being clever sadistic little shits, teenagers have them beat by a mile.
  • Artemis Fowl: Teenage Irish Mycroft Holmes discovers Fairies are real. What happens next is fun for the whole family.
  • Good Omens: An angel and a demon decide they can make a better plan than God. Whether they were right is up to debate.
  • Divergent: A world in which having an actual well-rounded personality is a crime by birth and punishable by death.
  • The Magisterium: The wonderful misadventures of preteen Voldemort, Human Labrador, Hermione, and their pet demon puppy.
you know you have a problem when
  • Me: *starts playing tons of Otome games*
  • Guy I like in real life: *asks me out on a date*
  • Me: okay so where are my dialogue options and which ones do I need to pick for the good ending

I’m a huge fan of podcasts so, here’s a few for those boring bus rides to school.

Docudramas - these are podcasts that are meant to seem like real life with a twist. while not for the faint of hear, gullible, or paranoid utterly enjoyable.

- the black tapes: a podcast by Pacific Northwest Stories which follows Alex Reagan exploring interesting people, most notably Dr. Richard Strand in the world of paranormal investigation.

- tanis: another podcast by Pacific Northwest Stories. this one follows Nic Silver as he looks for perhaps the last genuine mystery in the Information Age.

- rabbits: Pacific Northwest Stories strikes again, but this time in a little bit of a shorter (for now) story line. When Carly Parker’s friend Yupik goes missing, she delves into the world of an ancient game called rabbits which has worldly and otherworldly implications.

- limetown: a podcast by Two-Up which follows the mysterious disappearance of the residence of limetown, a city of scientists, after an emergency that not one seems to understand.

- the message/lifeafter: (it’s called life/after right now but the episodes of the message are near the beginning) podcasts by Panoply. the message is about a team of linguists figuring out an extraterrestrial message that has been sent to earth. life/after looks at what if an app could connect you to a dead loved one, and what would you do to keep that connection.

The Radio Show - these are styles like a talk show but are often bizarre and have twists and quirks

- welcome to night vale: a podcast by night vale presents. this podcast is fairly well known now, and for good reason. This mysterious town of night vale and its wonderful host Cecil Gershwin Palmer announces the news of the day and have done so for ~5 years now. with drama and a really nice voice as well as some wonderful cooing over carlos’s perfect hair, it’s what got me into podcasts.

- king falls am: a podcast by king falls am. a weird town, aliens, creepy towns folk, some real shade towards the US presidency, king falls am shows an early morning am talk show often overshadowed by their more popular and successful counter parts. Funny and intriguing.

- kakos industries: a very, very explicit podcast by kakos industries. (if you’re not good with a lot of frank talk about sex, then this is not for you) corin deeth the third is the CEO of kakos industries whose main aim is to do evil better. a company about the evil in the world, its comedic and comes in the form of an update for those with shares in the company.

Science Fiction - My favourite genre and often with comedy, these podcasts are hopeful and yet to “down to earth (haha)”

- eos 10, a scifi radio play: a podcast by Justin McLachlan. doctors on a space station called eos 10 deal with so much hilarity and difficulty. Dr. Ryan Dalius is transferred as head surgeon to help Dr. Arviddien deal with alcoholism which has stunted his practise.

- ars paradoxica: a podcast by ars PARADOXICA. Time travel and the effects of it is the story line of this podcast, amazingly made and shows Dr. Sally Grissom after being transported back to the 40’s in war time USA.

- marscorp: a podcast by Definitely Human. When EL Hob is woken she expects the mars colony to be started, but among many other mistakes and hilarity, there is laziness at work.

- the strange case of the starship iris: a podcast by Procyon Podcasts. When Violet Liu narrowly escapes the destruction of her starship, she is rescues by some travellers, but they are not what they seem, and soon the misfit crew will uncover a huge conspiracy.

- wolf 359: a crew aboard a ship has so much misfortune, I’m so sorry Douglas:(, but this crew manages to keep a ship falling apart in the middle of space, with some difficulty.


- the penumbra podcast: a podcast by Sophie Kaner and Kevin Vibert. the penumbra pod follows a few stories, but most notably the story of Juno Steel, a detective in Hyperion City on mars. He solves crimes, all while being a bitter lady, with the help of his assistant Rita.

- alice isn’t dead: a podcast by night vale presents. When a truckers wife, called Alice goes missing and is presumed dead, Alice’s wife (the trucker) goes on an adventure to look for her, but someone or something doesn’t want her to.

- the bright sessions: dr. Bright is a therapist for people with super powers, need I say more?

- return home: when a demonic voice summons Jonathon Parker to his hometown, curious things begin to happen and he is left the task of sorting them out.

- within the wire: meditation tapes with a twist

anonymous asked:

How can I become a bird?

Option 1: Several million years of highly selective breeding

Pros: Low demand, high return.

Cons: …Eventually. 

Conclusion: Very worth it, for your (great)800  grandchild. The real deal. Possibility of ending up with mammalian scansoriopterygids along the way. 10/10 would recommend. 

Option 2: Several thousand dollars worth of gear and training

Pros: Immediate returns. 

Cons: Possibility of death. Even worse, people take you for some kind of winged mammal instead. Horrible

Conclusion: Totally worth being poor as heck and dead. Won’t survive long enough to further your species, so who cares what your offspring might think. 10/10 would definitely.

Option 3: 

Pros: Well

Cons: Yikes

Conclusion: Maybe………………………………. don’t.


👉Trans women are male. They were born male and they’ll die male. We will all decompose in the ground and centuries later archaeologists will find our skeletons and be able to tell if we were of the sex that produces sperm or ovum. Is that not the definition of a trans woman? someone born male who ‘identifies’ with being a woman? 

👉Acknowledging the reality of the sex you obviously are is not violence. It may hurt your feelings, but it is not violence. Being critical of gender and males defining womanhood does not make someone transphobic.

👉Lesbians are female homosexuals. You can’t come up with your own definitions for words and get pissed when people don’t use your definition. 

👉Homosexuals are people attracted to the same sex that they are.

👉Sexuality is about attraction to primary and secondary sex characteristics, not an elusive sparkly ‘feminine’ feeling that you display with sexist stereotypes, presentations, and roles. No one is sexually attracted to gender identity.

👉Saying women have vaginas is not the same this as saying women ARE vaginas. it’s a classification. If i say dogs have fur, am i ‘reducing’ them to their fur? No, i’m just pointing out one of their defining features.

👉Defining woman as anything other than female is sexist garbage.

👉Lesbians don’t have to date, have sex with, or be attracted to trans women. To berate and harass them for the natural preferences that come with their sexuality is misogynistic rape-apologism.

👉‘Cis’ women are not privileged over trans women. An equivalent sentence is 'females are not privileged over males’

👉Sex is not a social construct. Social constructs exist only in the context of human culture and are variable. Sex is a biological reality manifested by gonads, reproductive organs, skeletal structure, secondary sex characteristics, chromosomes, etc. Humans are sexually dimorphic with .05% being intersex.

👉Socialization based on birth sex is real. It manifests as differential treatment throughout life based on sex. Socialization starts the second the doctor says 'it’s a girl!’ and the mother gets showered in bows, dresses, Disney princess, toy kitchens and cleaning equipment, all in sparkles and shades of pink while the father is simultaneously disappointed he won’t get to play catch with his offspring and worried about boys victimizing and harassing his daughter, knowing firsthand how that plays out.

👉Gender is socially constructed. It is the roles assigned to males and females. It is 'women wear dresses, aren’t good at math and science, have to shave and wear makeup, don’t do sports, are fragile and sensitive, are overly emotional and totally nurturing, should not be assertive or in positions of power, should have a goal to get married have kids and take their husbands name’

👉There is no such thing as brain sex. When trans women see an article saying trans women have a similar sized hippocampus as ‘cis’ women and they’ll say to themselves ’SEE!This means my made up gender identity is valid and genetic!’ when in reality the discussion section will mention that even for cis women it is a spectrum/distribution and that the results do not automatically imply that those differences are not due to brain plasticity, experience-dependent development, and socialization (half the time they’re not even studying causal factors). So you may be thinking, ‘well what ARE those differences present from birth?’. Experiments studying male and female differences from birth as displayed in children and infants show that the only cognitive differences are few and minuscule, such as higher visuospatial ability in males. And these articles never even mention some correlation to ‘gender identity’. Thats left for psychologists and social theorists, because there’s no way to empirically study the bullshit gender identity in your head when you can’t even come up with a definitive, operationally sound definition for ‘woman’

👉Bathrooms are separated by sex, not gender identity. Males do not belong in female only safe spaces, bathrooms, lockerooms, rape shelters, etc.

YOOOOO I’m back with another process video, this time for this remadora piece I painted for @sirussly​!

Here are a few things I learned:

1. Painting is more fun when you’re working with high contrast images and interesting textures, wrinkles, and folds. So, painting Remus’s leather jacket was a goood time

2. If you’re going off of multiple reference images (e.g. trying to turn this draco-ass dude into something like @asktheboywholived​‘s Remus), start with pose, complexion, and facial structure, then add/modify the features you want to emulate from your other ref.

Example: Once I had the base from the blond guy down, I modified his chin and nose, and added the hair and toque to make him look more like TT’s Remus. The same went for the blonde girl and features from Jess’s Tonks.

3. If the painting isn’t sitting right and you’re not sure why, think about the situation/story/relationship you’re trying to convey. In this case, I figured out that Remus did not look old/tired enough in comparison to Tonks, so I added shade under his eyes and cheekbones, and started fucking with a beard.

4. Beards are REAL DAMN DIFFICULT, especially if you’re adding them to a painting based on a smooth-shaven ref. I spent way too long trying to figure out what the fuck a beard even looks like and how it sits on a person’s face by creepily stalking TT’s Remus rps and also googling the word goatee

5. If you come to a decision point in your process and you can’t make the choice yourself, I recommend that you: a) Procrastinate b) Ask a buddy or c) Do both. Both is good. Guess which one I chose. (Also thank u to Jess for making the Great 2017 Beard Decision for me)

Total time: ~6hr (yikesss)

Music: Lupin’s Tale (by Oliver Boyd and the Remembralls) 

Y'know what I love about AtlA?

What I love most about this show is that it isn’t like regular kid shows which gives us a good and bad side

In those “regular” kids shows, they’re the good guys, the others are the bad guys, not necessarily with a good reason
In those “regular” kids shows, war is portrayed as they are evil and we are good and we must defeat them cuz then they won’t be evil anymore

In AtlA, this isn’t the way they portray the war
Yes, the war is between the “evil” fire nation and the good other nations
in this show, there are bad sides about the good other nations, and good sides about the bad fire nation

Because when they get to ba sing se, in the “good” earth kingdom, they immediately figure out the corrupt ways of the dai li to keep the city in their control
They see the dai li teaming up with the enemy, they see betrayal

When they get to the fire nation, of course they’ll see the bad people eagerly supporting the fire lord, but they also see normal people living their daily lives while there’s an all out war going on

The fire nation wasn’t necessarily evil, it was the fire lord, and the people that followed him, that were the true poison of the nation

The earth kingdom wasn’t necessarily good either, because it was corrupted by a few tirants trying to control everything and everyone around them

This is what real war is
There isn’t just good and evil, there isn’t just black and white
It’s all just grey, and by making allies and enemies you try to see the real colors of certain people

Anyway I just love that this show taught me all this, that I never see black and white, I see shades of grey (no not fifty)

I just love this show and I’m definetly gonna have my kids watch the heck out of it

((under readmore is some real time gifs of a jotaro from sketch to shading! it’s not quite a tutorial i guess bc he is,, in summary a guy with strong eyebrows, jawline, hair hat, cheekbones and sharp eyes that you will get better at drawing after a few times… referencing canon will help a lot)) 

((thanks! I’m not sure, it depends on the dude, I start all my drawings with a circle for the head and keep adding and removing stuff until it looks like the guy? reference if it looks weird, doing art studies of ppl will build up good image library to base off shapes on)) 

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magnitude101999  asked:

Hey Eden! (Is it ok if I call you Eden?) I adore your art, and I am trying to draw people better myself. You're a great inspiration so thanks! Anyway, I was wondering if you could give a nose tutorial? Noses are the ultimate struggle for me, and I love yours. Thanks!! 💜💜

I’m sooo sorry it took me so long to answer this!  But I have been looking for a good nose tutorial for the last couple of weeks though, to try to find something that wasn’t a “Here’s how to draw a hyperrealistic and perfect nose” tutorial, since that wouldn’t exactly be as useful for someone who needs more basic advice. 

Here is a quick and easy one that doesn’t get too complicated, it shows you how to draw a simple but cute nose.  It doesn’t go very in depth about where to put the bridge or shading, but for beginners it’s very good. 

For a little more advanced tutorial try this one, which also goes into shading and various angles.

I hope these help you!!  And thank you for your kind words!!!  <3  (and yes, you can totally call me Eden, it’s actually my real name)  ^_^

This is basically my declaration of love for Sterek, the best ever OTP, and for the amazingly talented Sterek fandom which has given me so much joy and happiness throughout the years. Here’s hoping the years post-canon will be even better and brighter. #eternalsterek

Big thanks to @halekingsourwolf for the beta! (Also on AO3 here: )

For Sterek

You meet for the first time on private property – 147 pounds of pale skin, fragile bones and sarcasm, and a majestic wolf with bunny teeth in a too big leather jacket.

Derek Hale: you’re the king on Stiles’ chessboard, his anchor, the prettiest alpha with the flower crown and Stiles your flower queen. You’re the alpha of Stiles’ heart.

Stiles Stilinski: you’re Derek’s anchor, his second in command, the emissary in training, the most loyal member of his pack. You’re Derek’s mate.

Mieczysław and cousin Miguel. You meet each other in a thousand different ways, in a thousand lifetimes. You impress each other with your Polish roots and fluent Spanish skills. Together you suffer through endless family dinners and visits to Grandma’s only to be interrogated about your intentions. You’ll have your informal occasions, too: relaxed get togethers and movie nights and bbqs in the backyard, letting the pack and your respective families mingle. You’re no strangers to loss but the tragedies of the past make you appreciate your self-made families all the more.

Perhaps you’re orphans and make your own families. Or you meet as kids and become instantly inseparable. Or you meet in school but have a hard time fighting through your different social cliques to reach out and make your special brand of jock and nerd work, connecting through mutual love for pop culture or music or literature. University fraternities may try but they can’t keep you apart forever.

Sometimes you meet later in life, when you already have kids, but all that friendly neighbourhood DILF will charm your pants off. Often enough you get to have your kids together, carry your own pups and join your beautiful everything (Herald being the infamous exception, of course).

You communicate via notebooks full of scribbles in sparkly pens, you text and sext and skype and type and call using few words or none. The anonymous postcards are instantly recognizable and always welcome. And when you’re not using words, you know to interpret each other’s eyebrows and the eyerolls. Your love translates without sound or sight, with a simple sign or touch.

You’re studying for your exams, learning anatomy bone by bone while lying in bed. You connect the multitude of moles, admire all those brilliant tattoos covering each other’s bodies, magical and ordinary alike. You make having gray hairs okay because getting them means growing old together.

But first you’re still young and you meet in the forest, lay on a rock and share a smoke. It’s a club –  it’s always a club – dark, loud and full of people invading your space. You leave the wolfsbane laced drink and craft beer behind and move to the dancefloor where your sweaty bodies gyrate together, following the beat of the music while you learn each others’ curves and angles by heart. Later you’re in no hurry, you’re vegging indoors, tangled on the sheets, kissing and watching the smoke twist and curl up, up, and up in lazy patterns. Taking turns shotgunning your spirits and dreams from lips to lips. You lose your virginities together… maybe you lose it to save your life, to avoid becoming the next sacrifice, but it always, always means something. Because you’re soulmates, your innermost thoughts and desires appearing on your skin, helping you to find your missing piece, connecting you two old souls time and again.

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kawaii-cosplaying-kouhai  asked:

Which of Sailor Moon's outfits is your favorite (original, super, etc)? And which of her attacks/weapons/items?

With no doubt, Princess Sailor Moon’s outfit (fuku).

Those of you who haven’t watched the live action version (totally should tbh) of Sailor Moon: Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon (aka PGSM) don’t know about this incarnation of Sailor Moon which is exclusive to PGSM.

Naoko herself was heavily involved in PGSM and Princess Sailor Moon is a creation she made exclusively for PGSM so you won’t see her anywhere else but in PGSM… well not exactly, the only other version that actually exists is this chibi manga version Naoko drew.

And that’s it.

I think her fuku looks the prettiest. It’s hard to compare a real life fuku with an anime one so let’s use these gorgeous drawings by the great Marco Albiero (I’m sure you all already know him) to compare.

I really love the new shade of blue of her skirt and collar as well as the lighter shade of pink of her frontal bow which is a good contrast to the previously mentioned navy blue skirt and collar. The new boots (the same she’s wearing in her Eternal Form) look great with the overall white look. The pearls are a nice detail (that pearled tiara and the pearls in her odangos circling the red gems in her hair are a cute touch). She’s also wearing Neo Queen Serenity’s tiara and her brooch replicates it. However, my favourite thing about this fuku is the lace details. They add a new elegant and stylish touch, the back bow looks amazing and so does the skirt with the lace underskirt underneath. A special mention to the lace details on her shoulders that look x100000000 better than the hideous pink gum balls of her Eternal fuku.

Lace details have always been a thing in Sailor Moon so I think it was about time it was included in the fuku somehow.

In my opinion, Princess Sailor Moon’s fuku looks the best.

And for as items and attacks, my favourite Sailor Moon wand/rod/etc has always been the Moon Stick.

I think it’s just too pretty lmao. I love the huge crescent moon and the maboroshi no ginzuishou placed on it.

The classic anime version is my favourite version, the manga one doesn’t look as good imo.

And talking about attacks, I’ve always loved those random physical attacks that Sailor Moon came up with out of the blue that were hilarious.

🌙 Sailor Moon Kick!

🌙 Sailor Body Attack!

Now being serious, Moon Tiara Action is my fave Sailor Moon attack because it’s simply iconic.

anonymous asked:

Yo, I just realised you're anti-Shaladin! I'm sorry for interactin with so many of your posts! I'll be unfollowin now, I wish you the best!!

I have more respect for you than I have ever had for anyone in this fandom.


A/N: I know this took forever, y’all, but thanks for sticking it out! I wanted the smut in this chapter to be like, nearly perfect, so I hope that’s what I’ve done for y'all. Enjoy! (read chapter 1 HERE). 

You think you might be dissociating. It’s just, suddenly, none of this seems real, because how could it be? Did you really crash some party at famous musician’s fancy downtown condo, just to spend the whole night talking to said musician and end up pinned beneath him on his fluffy king sized bed? No, that doesn’t seem realistic to you at all.

But it feels real. His lips are there, on your neck, needy and insistent as he sucks and licks at your skin in a way that pulls breathy mewls from your throat, and it feels so fucking real. If it’s a dream, it’s the best, most vivid sex dream you’ve ever had and you pray your alarm never goes off.

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