the shade of a tree

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What about game design majors? I'm planning on majoring in game design (even if I have to design my own major) and I think They would be both intrigued and threatened by a whole major around investigating and changing/creating the rules of games. What do you think might happen if a game design major invited one of Them to playtest a game in order to make sure the rules were infallible?

You finally wrangle one of the Fair Folk into a playtest. It looks like a tall, willowy lady with eight eyes, wearing what seems to be a heavily ornamented neon 80s snowsuit. She is politely interested, vaguely approving, and drifts away with a few kind and only slightly unsettling words of encouragement.

For a few days everything seems fine. Then your game starts having trees where it shouldn’t have trees. There are things in the trees, just a shade too faint to make out. The music warps until you swear you can hear someone saying your name (your safe name, at least - a small blessing). After another week, it’s changed to a staticky chant of ‘I PROMISE I PROMISE I PROMISE’. The screen refuses to brighten any more, but it’s still so dim you can barely make out where you’re going. You regret.

how to look like autumn 🍂

- gold on your cheeks and on the tip of your nose (sparkling like a fall sunset)

- burgundy, deep browns, warm oranges, and mustard yellow (you blend with the colours of the trees)

- a shade of maroon on your lips (you are a creature of the season)

- a favourite book tucked underneath your arm, and a hot drink held in your hand (as you walk down the street, breathing in the scent of change)