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Gravity Falls Lyric Comic-Spirits [SONG]

Sorry everybody, but I don’t think I’ll be able to finish this completely ;-; There are so many panels I just want to go back and redraw and some panels that would take too long and the whole script itself doesn’t make a whole lot of sense sooo…For me to keep saying that I’m going to finish it, when in reality, I probably won’t, is cruel.

This project was fun! And I got a lot of good experience from it! I learned a lot! But, it’s time to give it up and move on. ;-; I’m sorry. I hope you all will still enjoy what I have finished here. And @kiki-kit was the true inspiration for it ;u;

The triangle started popping up all around the house. It would manifest itself in dark corners and architectural details and patterns in textiles. Knots in the house’s rough hewn beams would stare out at you like eyes. Knots that they didn’t remember being there before.

They found it amusing at first, there was nothing inherently malignant to the shape. Later, Stan would try to eradicate it to no avail. He threw that rug in the entryway out on four different occasions. He burned it once. It somehow found its way back.


As the old Gravity Falls legend goes…

 whether you’re naughty OR nice, a jolly little triangle will break into your house and eat all your food (and leave you spiders and nightmares if you’re lucky)



Good thing Mabel isn’t twelve anymore otherwise she would’ve pointed out how garbo Bill looks 

Bill’s room is a void full of floating eyes nothing can convince me otherwise.

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I do find it profoundly interesting the differences in how female fans interpret Vader versus how male ones appreciate him.  There’s a lot more interest in what he represents as a deconstruction of the male power fantasy and its toxic effects, which probably says as much about gender ideology in American culture as anything.

haha yes, there does seem to be a split in readings down gendered lines. The difference might come down to how the various camps interpret the relationship of action and reaction, of surface and interior. 

Speaking personally though, I have to say that for all that I love seeing Vader exposed, deconstructed, suffering and reforming, for all that his scenes in ROTJ devastate and move me and have accompanied me through life as a question and a task, I am also 10000% here for the murdering. The end of RO was as viscerally satisfying for me as for the stereotypical fanboys, I think - I am not exaggerating when I say I could watch Vader mowing down armies, setting off grenades with his mind, Force-choking-at-a-distance, punching things out of the sky, tossing corpses at the Emperor’s feet etc. all fucking day. If favorite films are psychological tests, then ESB - another fanboy favorite - probably says quite a bit about this/my psyche. Perhaps a more reliable indicator of camp-allegiance (than whether one is as ghoulishly eager as I am to watch him unleash hell) would be whether one saw value in the PT or not. I have unreserved love for PT!Anakin, which also puts me on the same ground as a lot of if not all female fans - at least anecdotally, I can say that while I personally have yet to meet a man outside of this website who liked the PT, I also have encountered plenty of women who dislike it for many of the same reasons as those men. 

Sometimes I think my fascination with Vader might have to do with a certain paradox: if someone makes you angry and you show anger with your very own face you are weak, you have lost face, you have shown yourself vain and driven by a selfish, animal, irrational, feminine urge to defend yourself; but if you show anger without a face, if you show it unpersonally (the less it’s connected to direct accusation or a specific ill), especially in order to execute a role, then you suddenly appear to be the one in the position of strength, because you can no longer be directly accused of selfishness. The more you can cloak anger in the guise of necessity, the more you meet the societal expectation to be dispassionate, rational, always controlled - the more justification and legitimacy and power to you, even though this mode of anger is often more destructive than the first. This dynamic, assuming it exists as I’ve hypothesized it, is why I think Anakin codes as feminine to many, while Vader appeals to a certain masculine ideal. Putting the two halves together is something I particularly enjoy, but … this shouldn’t be generalized and is an undigested thought in any case.


Disney Gravity Falls Shorts #3

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Phew, a lyric comic over a month in the making!

Inspired by @kiki-kit ‘s amazing one, hope you guys like this!

Thank you gravity falls, it was a fun ride :)

First page of my Gravity Falls fancomic - What are we waiting for?

I know it is not much action here, but it will be :D You know - slowbuild beginning.

I don’t know how often I will add the new pages, but don’t worry I promise that I will end what I started :)

If you have not seen the cover with I made for this story - you can find it in the first tag.

So hope you like it and I’m waiting for your opinions :D