the sexiness of this is not just in my head right

Things Said While Playing Scary Games pt 2

“SHH! Be quiet, they’re attracted to bullshit.”
“The true monster is within us all.”
“What do I do with this?”
“Do I shove it up my butt?”
“I’ll throw a rock in your goddamn face, don’t even test me.”
“This monster isn’t scary, it doesn’t even have a lower jaw.”
“Look into my cold, dead eyes and tell me I’m not serious.”
“*pterodactyl screech*”
“I’m just going to stay here in the closet forever.”
“I can totally fit through there if I lather myself in oil.”
“I’m not your daddy!”
“I’m not your weird uncle!”
“Eww, humans.”
“What am I looking at right now?”
“WwwoooOOOOoooOOOOooo spooky.”
“I’ve walked so far, I must have calves of steel.”
“Nice bed head, dork.”
“Shhh shhh, go to sleep.”
“I’m a redhead, of course I’m sexy.”
“I’m a ladder champion. I see a ladder and I conquer it.”
“What’s up dead people?”
“My mom believes in me.”
“I will fuck this tree.”
“Your butt looks magnificent today, just sayin’.”
“Can you stop with the grossness? ‘K, thanks.”
“Am I good or am I good?”
“I’m the worst.”
“Look at me, I’m fucking adorable.”
“I want [character’s name] to read a phonebook to me.”

Men on SA be like...

“I don’t want a pro, I just want a normal sweet girl next door. Soooo What’s your name? How are you doing? I need to be discrete and intimate so 99.9% of our meetings will be indoors. What do you wanna do together? What’s your fave position? Do you like giving head? Have you fucked a girl before? What’s the nastiest thing you’ve ever done? R u horny now? Do you like getting your pussy ate? Send me a sexy pic ;).. oh man I can’t wait to see your tits and fuck the shit out of you, can you be my little slut?!”

You don’t need a sugar baby, you need an escort.. but you think you’re above paying directly for pussy. Yet the “SD/SB” titles makes it all okay in your head right? Which makes no sense because it’s one in the same, and all you wanna do is fuck sooooooooooooo……………

*screams & exhales*

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Say My Name

//Smut// {also dramatic build up}
word count: 2218

You’re there, across from him. You can see that he wants you, as he bites his lip and slowly moves his hand up your thigh. He gets closer and closer, slipping his hand up your skirt.. your head rolls back and you wake up, sitting in bed.

“Shit, time for school again.” you groan as you wiped the sleep from your eyes.

For the past few days you’ve been going to school flustered from the crazy dreams you’ve been having and it’s all because of him, your classmate crush. You haven’t known him long but from the moment you met him, he’s all you can think about. He ended up transferring to your school a month after classes started, and its been hell- for you at least. He always gives you these looks that just kind of shoots right through you and makes you ache all over.

“Hey, Y/N snap out of it.” said your friend Sky

“don’t tell me you’re thinking of him again…” she said with a serious look on her face.

“SHHHH someone might here you… and no… I was just… thinking. Ya know?” you say hesitantly.

“I swear its the same thing every day. And besides almost everyone knows you like him, Y/N you should probably tell him or just give up” she said as she got up from her seat on the bus

“You and I both know I can’t tell him, my body lights on fire just being around him. And I’m pretty sure he doesn’t like me.” you say as you make your way off the bus with a blush on your face.

“Well you never know unless you take the chance of telling him, who knows maybe he thinks you’re sexy haha” sky shouts as she runs to her first period class.

“Shes crazy” you thought as you go to class

Your first period class was the easiest part of the day because your crush didn’t have that class so it always went by quickly and you could stay focus unless you fell asleep. On your way to second period Sky ran up next to you.

“Hey so guess what.” she said with a huge smile on her face

“Oh god, what is it this time..” you say

“We’re going to a party tonight with Jungkook and Yugyeom.” she said calmly as if she knew you would be ok with it.

“Really, do I have to go?” you questioned.

“Yes Y/N, you have to keep Yugyeom company while I make my move on Jungkook. for me pleeaaassee”  Sky said with puppy dog eyes. “And besides I heard a certain someone might be there.”

“Fine, I’ll go… only for you not him” you say blushing.

Sky and you both walk into class together and see everyone was standing on one side of the room.

“Ok class, everyone is getting new assigned seats since everyone constantly talks during lecture” your reading teacher Ms. Jets says

You start freaking out “shit shIT SHIT!!” you thought.. considering this was one of the classes you had with him ’…

“Sky and Jungkook” Ms. Jet says as she starts to place people together.

Name after name and finally she calls you “Y/N and Ki-”

Wait what did she just say? Your mind starts spinning and you could feel your knees get weak. You walk over towards your seat, which was in the back of the class, he was eyeing you the whole time. When you sat down all you could think of was how good he smelled, you could feel your body heat increase and you suddenly felt flustered.

“Y/N are you ok?” he said with a slight grin on his face

Damn his voice was so fucking deep. “Uh, yeah I’m fine.” you replied  

The whole time in class you felt as if you where being watched by him. He was so close that every time his skin slightly touched you it sent shivers down your spine. Half way throw lecture you look over to him and you couldn’t help but stare for a moment, as he was licking his lips, he sees you staring and smirks. You look away with embarrassment. Suddenly the fire alarm goes off through the school. Ms. Jet leaves the class and everyone follows her but as soon as you went to walk through the door someone grabs a hold of you and slams you agents the wall shutting the door quickly.

“You know you get me flustered every time I see that pretty little face of yours.” a deep voice said

You look up to see that it was him, your crush was standing right in-front of you but before you could say anything his lips crash onto yours, you didn’t fight him because his lips tasted like heaven and they were the softest things you have ever felt. Before you realized it your fingers were tangled there his hair, you could feel his tongue begging for entrance against your top lip so you gave him what he wanted. One of his hands slipped up your shirt and squeezed your right boob so tightly but damn it felt good. The other hand was slowly making its way from your hip to the button of your pants, as he unbutton your pants all you could think was how you hope this wasn’t a dream.. finally his hand slips in your pants and starts to play with your entrance.

At this point “Thank god this class doesn’t have any cameras” was the only thing you could think of.

“Damn babe, your so fucking wet. You must have been thinking about me.” he says playfully

He slips his fingers in and starts thrusting them back and forth. “Fuck you’re so tight around my fingers” he hissed “I wonder how you would feel around my cock” he whispered in your ear.

The alarm stopped and so did he.“ I guess we’ll just have to finish what we started another time baby doll he said faintly.

"What about tonight at the party?” you asked sweetly.

“Damn you might really want it haha. Ok come look for me tonight.” he said

Through out the day he kept teasing you in the other classes you had with him. He would lick his lips while staring at you, he would brush up against you every time he walked by you, and he just did little things to get you more flustered then what you were. By the end of the day you were ready to burst.

“Here try this on, I think you’ll look good in it.” Sky said as you both were getting ready for the party. “We have to hurry because Yugyeom and Jungkook are on the way and you know it doesn’t take long for them to get here” she said.

“Okay, I’m ready whenever you are.” you say with a big smile on your face.

“Uh, ok.” she said with a confused look “your quite happy, did something happen at school today?”

“What? No nothing really happened haha..” you replied

“Are you sure? Because i didn’t see you outside when the fire alarm went off, oh and i didn’t see your little crush either” she said

You blushed and as you were going to explain, the door bell rung. Thank god it was Jungkook and Yugyeom.

After arriving to the party Sky and Jungkook left you and Yugyeom alone, so you to talked for a while. The conversation was going good and then you two started talking about relationships.

“So are you seeing anyone?” you asked

“Yeah, I have been for a while. and we plan on getting married after high school” Yugyeom replied “She’s actually on her way here. But what about you?” he asked

“Oh that’s awesome, but uh I guess you could say I’m seeing someone in a way.” you said.

After that Yugyeom met up with his girlfriend and they were gone so you decided to go look around. Going up the steps of the huge house you were in, you came to a hallway filled with doors. You wanted to find a quiet room to release some of the tension you had built up earlier in the day. Every room or bathroom you checked so far seemed to have been occupied and you almost gave up, until you came cross what seem to have been an empty room. You went in forgetting to close the door behind you. As you walked over to the edge of the bed you heard the door close,you spun around seeing that it was ‘him’.

“I knew you’d find me, but you made me wait for such a long time so I’m not going easy on you” He said as he walked over towards you. He pushed you on the bed and crawled on top of you, while holding your hands above your head.

“I know that you want me, but don’t worry babygirl I’ve wanted you to.” He said as he reaches down to kiss your neck.

As he leave little kisses and bite all over your neck he begins to unbutton your shorts, after that he starts to trail down your body touching you everywhere and leaving kiss all over. He finally gets down to your shorts, basically ripping them off you He begins to eat you out

“Fuck, you taste so sweet baby.” He hissed

you arched your back as he continued, and you tried to hold back from moaning. As you were restraining yourself he noticed. “Say my name” He said.

you shook your head no so he gripped your thigh and jolted you cross the bed

“I said say my name.” He said an slight anger

“Ah… Ki- Kim Taehyung” you said loud and clear.

“That’s right babygirl don’t stop saying it.” He said giving you a strong look. Then he started to work on you begin, slipping his tongue in and out of your folds, glossing them them his saliva. As he was working on your clit, he stuck to fingers in and started to trust harder then what he did in the classroom, curling them up and hitting your g-spot instantly. He kept doing it, trusting faster and faster, at one point you felt as if you were going to burst all over him but then he stopped.

“Oh you think its going to be that easy to get off?” he smirked “Get on your knees now.”

You hesitated, but he jolted you off the bed and slung you on your knees. When you looked up you were surprised to see the huge bulge in his pants.

“You know what to do right babygirl, or does daddy need to teach you?” he said looking down at you.

You thought “Ok I can play along to his game.” So you scudded up close to him, unbuttoning his pants and pulling his zipper with your mouth, setting his pants around his ankles. You start to gently stroke his cock through his boxers, while looking at him with puppy dog eyes.

“I guess you weren’t going to be as good as i thought.” he stated

That’s when you smirked at him and he was shocked. You pull out his member and took it all in at once leaving him breathless. Bobbing you head up and down you noticed Kim Taehyung rolled his head back and bite his lip in pleasure, but you wanted to hear him, so you decided to change things up, you bring your hands up to his hips and begin to slightly scratch him while curling your tongue up around his dick while you were moving back and forth.

“Ah, Fuck… baby… god damn.” was all that he could spit out as he trust his hips and twitch in your mouth.

Before you could get him to cum, he moved, picking you up off the ground and standing you up. He stripped you of everything except the choker and stockings you had on.

“Your so fucking hot, and its all for me.” he said as he crawled over you once again. “I wanna hear you scream my name for what I’m about to do to you.” he said as he gripped your neck.

He was biting you you hard and gripping your hip with his other hand. You arched your back so high, and in that moment he slammed into you, stretching you nicely. You practically screamed loud enough for the whole party to hear, but nothing was stopping you or him. He was trusting in and out of you and you swore you never felt something so wonderful, and you didn’t want this pleasure to stop. While he was moving back and forth his grip on your neck got tighter and tighter, you swore you were seeing colors. He sped up and you could feel him twitch inside of you.

“Cum for me baby.” he said “And say my name.”

Just a few more trust and you release all over him shouting his name. He release shortly after you. After that he gently placed a cover the to of you and began to cuddle you.

“You know this means your mine now… And I don’t ever wanna hear you stop saying my name.” he said as he pushed his face in your neck.

The End

Divine Intervention

Harry turned on his heel and started walking toward the east side of the building. His boot scraped across the loose gravel littering the concrete floor and cut through the quiet that had descended all around them.  He called over his shoulder, “I’m here to check the foundation.”

Louis was next to him then, warm body emanating a nearly impossible heat in the biting cold.  Harry glanced at him and could see a pale pink blush cresting his high cheekbones.  “Foundation?”  

God, his voice was so sexy.  Coming out of that pretty pink mouth of his…tiny sharp teeth and a wet, lush tongue…Harry shook his head, trying to stay focused, on task.

Louis cleared his throat next to him.  Harry realized they’d reached the far end of the building and were standing near the elevator bank — or the would be elevator bank.  It was just a shell right now.  A hollowed out promise of what was to come.  Harry shuddered as he looked down the inky black tunnel.  A sick twisting feeling rippled through his stomach.

“Foundation?”   The man asked again, cutting through Harry’s chilled reverie.

Harry needs a little help moving on.

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**This is part of the 2017 HL Prompt Challenge.  We will be posting new works weekly based on a one word prompt!

superfan94  asked:

Hi! So this is a prompt for whenever you have the time I just need to get it out there before I forget! Totally not a priority right now! So I got this scene in my head of Lucy (I miss her!!!! And Jenna) walking in on Maggie and Alex in the middle of sexy times! And a week later still teasing Alex about it! Sorry it's just you've made me obsessed with Alex/Lucy friendship. Again not sure priority just wanted it written down before I forget.

If they absolutely had to be walked in on by Lucy Lane – if it had to happen – Alex would have wanted it to be on one of the times she was on top, one of the times she had Maggie held down and screaming her name and begging her for more.

Because that? That, Lucy would have congratulated her for and teased her about, but the teasing would have been more of the same, more of what she already got from her friend.

But as it is?

As it is, Lucy lets herself into Maggie’s apartment when Maggie has Alex wearing nothing but her glasses, on her knees in front of the couch, cuffs on her wrists above her head as Maggie holds a vibrator inside her, tilted to pressure Alex’s clit, and Alex is nothing if not wrecked.

Lucy’s jaw drops and her eyes widen and her mouth goes completely dry.

And she promptly trips over her own feet.

Maggie swears and Alex pants, barely able to react to the interruption, and Maggie holds up a hand to Lucy, leaning over Alex to grab a throw blanket to wrap her in.

“I’ve got you, babe, okay? It’s just Lucy, everything’s okay, alright?”

Alex nods and lets her eyes flutter closed as Maggie uncuffs her hands, kisses her wrists, and wraps her up.

“So Agent Danvers,” Lucy starts as Alex recovers from the interruption, safe with Maggie’s arm around her. “Badass in the streets, bottom in the – “

“Don’t finish that sentence, Lane, or I’ll show you that badass part right now.”

“What, you naked except for a blanket and those sexy sexy reading glasses that your girlfriend apparently loves so much?”

Lucy smirks and Maggie chokes and Alex pffts and takes off her glasses immediately.

“We’re going to never speak about this again, clear?”

“Mmhmm. Clear as crystal, Danvers.”

But that doesn’t stop Lucy from asking Alex to read out an ingredient list for her and Maggie while they cook, nudging her glasses toward her as she acts.

“Wanna make sure you can see properly, Alex.”

It doesn’t stop her from, a few days later, asking Alex how her wrists are doing. If her throat is still sore from all that screaming of Maggie’s name.

“Just looking out for you, Danvers.”

And it doesn’t stop her, a full week later, from checking in with Alex while she’s watching her spar with new trainees at the DEO.

“Careful there, Agent Danvers, you don’t wanna reopen the rug burns on your knees.”

Each time, Alex wants to be irritated and she wants to be annoyed.

She really does.

But each time, she can do nothing but blush, and splutter, and gulp, and pfft, and forget how to string words together.

Which is exactly why Lucy keeps doing it.

Until, that is, J’onn overhears her latest crack about whether Alex’s ray gun has as many settings as her vibrator, and begs her, for the love of all that is decent on this god forsaken planet, to leave Agent Danvers’s love life at home.

“I will if she does,” Lucy mutters at that, and Vasquez snorts.

“Good god, I need to retire.”


A post wherein film writer Kimberly Luperi explores Edith Head’s costuming for THE LADY EVE (’41).

“Colonel” Harrington: Ah, there you are. Well, it certainly took you long enough to come back in the same outfit.

Jean Harrington: I’m lucky to have this on. Mr. Pike has been up the river for a year.

How Charles Coburn and Barbara Stanwyck got away with those lines in THE LADY EVE (‘41) during the Production Code era is beyond me, but that’s beside the point. The dress the “Colonel” alludes to in this scene, a stunning black two piece, ranks as one of my favorite ensembles of all time. The glistening crop top and high slit skirt are exceedingly glamorous, sexy and revealing  - just the right combo for Jean to work her magic. It’s a flawless marriage of costume and character, officiated by Hollywood’s most famous designer, Edith Head.

Stanwyck assumes two very different identities and wardrobes in THE LADY EVE ('41). As Jean, a card shark out to con the wealthy on a South American ocean liner, her attire skews flirty and brash, with a global streak. As Lady Eve, a British socialite guise Jean dons to access the aristocracy in retaliation for Charles Pike (Henry Fonda) breaking up with her, her outfits appear refined and regal.

In 2014, designer Deborah Nadoolman Landis introduced THE LADY EVE (’41) as part of a UCLA Film and Television Archive series on Edith Head and quoted the celebrated designer as proclaiming the “basic test is if the clothes submerge the personality into the character… That is what the costume designer must do - disguise the actress.” While it’s obvious to viewers that Jean and Eve are one and the same, Charles is humorously blind to this fact, and without a doubt, Head’s styles played a sizable role in seducing and concealing the reality from him. “I had to keep Jean’s look as different from Eve’s as I possibly could,” Head affirmed, and that she did.

As color translated to the screen in THE LADY EVE (’41) in shades of black, gray and white, Head resorted to more particular methods to convey her multi-faceted leading lady’s intentions and personalities.  For one, she used contrast to great effect in early scenes. Shading disparity exists in Charles and Jean’s garments when they appear together, like her black dress and his light colored suit in the scene described above, which emphasizes the difference in their characters. Additionally, Head tended to outfit Jean in black, white or a combination of both to make her appear “a tad coarse.” The designer also brought the Latin look “out of resort life and into the everyday working world,” since Jean meets Charles on a boat coming from South America. Believing that Stanwyck looked terrific in serape and poncho cuts, Head added items likes capes and tie-front pieces to Jean’s wardrobe.  Finally, she made use of reflective materials such as sequins, crystals and beads as well. These objects injected a blithe, amorous touch to Jean’s attire. 

Head switched gears with Eve, often styling her in lavish fabrics and lighter, more modest colored gowns, which provided an aura of distinction. Head also designed with reflective items on Eve’s ensembles, as evident in the intricately beaded, illustrious white gown she first appears in. On this character, these classy objects serve to enhance Eve’s attempt at gentility. 

The designs certainly did the trick - for Jean, Eve and the leading man, too. According to columnist Hedda Hopper, when Fonda witnessed Stanwyck in Eve’s introductory outfit, he exclaimed: “Gosh! No wonder that script says I’m to fall in love with you. You’re making it mighty easy.”


Part 5

Part 5 of my modern Feysand Au. Feyre and Rhys wake up together and god this scene made my heart happy! 

(Special thanks to @kamahi95 for helping name this one!)


Part 1Part 2Part 3, Part 4Part 6, Part 7, Part 8Part 9.

Word Count: 2,024


I forgot to close the blinds.

It’s the first thing that comes to my mind when the sunlight, which ultimately wakes me, streams through the windows and right into my eyes.

I turn my head away from it in attempt to block out the light that now filtered its way into my room.

I don’t want to get up just yet. I am warm, and comfortable, and cocooned in someone’s strong embrace.

Rhysand. I almost forgot he had shared my bed last night. We had actually slept too, fully clothed, which had to be new for him.

I didn’t dare move from where I was locked in his arms.

His bare chest was right in front of my nose, my hands laid upon the tattoos that decorated his golden skin. My cheek was against his bicep, which is a very comfortable pillow despite the muscles that lay beneath the skin.

Rhys was still asleep. When I let my eyes roam up to his face, a smile splits mine. His hair is sticking up on the side that is against the pillow. His face looks so much more peaceful and young in sleep. It was like the hardships that faced him during waking hours were wiped away and youth came through the cracks in his mask.

I don’t know all of the burdens that Rhys has faced, but I know that when a person looks this different when they sleep it’s because they put on a mask so people don’t see how vulnerable they actually are.

My sister Nesta is the same way.

I’m not sure how long I lay there and look at him, but it felt right. Being in his arms felt right.

My hands hadn’t moved from where they were curled against his chest but I take this opportunity to spread my fingers across his skin.

Big mistake.

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Continuing my trend of French titles because why tf not.  Episode 8 gave me feels and I am a dog person and we all know snuggles are the best with puppies.  Have some more Victuuri fluff.

Partager - to share

Yuuri let out a contented sigh as he stepped out of the bathroom. He often took it for granted, having lived at an onsen all of his life, but there was nothing quite like a soak in the hot water after a long day of training. He scrubbed at his hair with a towel as he made his way to his room, his mind still half-distracted as he went through his programs in his head.

His thoughts were interrupted by the click-click of nails on the floor, followed by a wiggling body leaning against his legs. Yuuri smiled.

“Ah, Makkachin!” He leaned down and scratched her head, earning a tail-wag and a lick on his hand. “Did you eat yet?” Makkachin’s tail wagged faster, and she pranced in front of him, nearly tripping him. Yuuri chuckled—just like her owner, she was enthusiastic about food. He glanced down the hallway, looking for the man. “Victor?”

The door to Victor’s room was closed, and there was no response when Yuuri knocked on it. Makkachin looked between him and the door, and then down the hall expectantly. Eyebrows raised, Yuuri turned back towards the main room, Makkachin darting in front of him to lead the way.

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He knew that Magnus and Alec had been put in a fancy suite up in the attics. Apparently there was even a separate kitchen. Simon just kept heading up, knowing he would hit the attics at some point.
He reached the attics, heard murmuring and movement behind the door, and flung the door wide open.
Then he stood, arrested on his second threshold of the day.
There was a sheet over Alec and Magnus, but Simon could see enough. He could see Alec’s white, rune-scarred shoulders and Magnus’s wild black hair spread on the pillow. He could see Alec freeze, then turn his head and give Simon a look of absolute horror.
Magnus’s golden cat eyes gleamed from over Alec’s pale shoulder. He sounded almost amused as he asked: “Can we help you?”
“Oh my God,” Simon said. “Oh wow. Oh wow, I am really sorry.”
“Please leave,” said Alec in a tight, controlled voice.
“Right!” said Simon. “Of course!” He paused. “I can’t leave.”
“Believe me,” said Alec. “You can.”
“There is an abandoned baby on the front steps of the Academy and I think it’s a warlock!” Simon blurted out.
“Why do you think the baby is a warlock?” Magnus asked. He was the only one in the room who was composed.
“Um, because the baby is navy blue.”
“That is fairly compelling evidence,” Magnus admitted. “Could you give us a moment to get dressed?”
“Yes! Of course!” said Simon. “Again, I’m very sorry.”
“Go now,” Alec suggested.
Simon went.
—  Born to Endless Night

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There is one big thing I must say about this gif in particular…

Has anyone else noticed, after many long watches of this beautiful interaction, how long these two lock eyes as JR moves in for that hug? How Ian subtly turns his head to the right to stay on track with JR’s movements before he turns left so his chin goes for a hug instead of a kiss, like he’s remembering, “oops, this isn’t something we should do here,” ? How the movement of Ian’s hips matches his lips, shifting right, before realigning left, and even remaining uncomfortably out of contact with JR’s lower body. Like even just the chance of brushing up against him would be too much.

And maybe JR remembers even later than Ian does, with the way their cheeks must rub on the far side as he waits and waits and waits before finally turning his head as his arms wrap around Ian’s neck and shoulders.

I just thought someone else should be thinking about this today. ;)

One of my favorite group costumes was when we were the Rugrats characters. None of us broke character all night–we even drank all our booze out of baby bottles and sippy cups (it’s surprisingly convenient–no spills!). Kevin was baby Dil, and we pushed him everywhere in a stroller. Dianna was Reptar (major props to Dianna for bucking the “girls just wanna be sluts” Halloween stereotype and wearing a head-to-toe fuzzy dino costume that was not sexy in the least). Harry and his girlfriend were Phil and Lil, and Telly–who is a not-small man, with facial hair–was Angelica. Telly made a beautiful toddler. One of the writers was the dog, Spike, and I, of course, was Susie Carmichael, one of the few ethnic Rugrats characters.

We had an iPhone boombox cued up to the theme song, which we blasted to announce our arrival, and carried a playpen. Everywhere we went, we’d set it up in the middle of the room (other partygoers be damned) and climb right in. In pictures, I am so drunk that I’m cross-eyed, sitting there in that damn playpen. After the party, on the way back to the bus, Kevin toppled out of his stroller and was as helpless as a real baby. It took about five of us, over the course of at least ten minutes, to get him back in. Yes, he could have just walked on his own two feet, but where is the fun in that? I think this might have been the moment when I realized how much I loved Kevin McHale and that we would be friends for the rest of our lives.

—  Naya Rivera on Kevin McHale in Sorry Not Sorry: Dreams, Mistakes, and Growing Up

Torn 12

I wanted this part to be longer but I have been staring at the same words for weeks. So I decided to go ahead and post it. I am so sorry ladies I am just not motivated right now. I so wanted this to be more. If anyone can put a fire up my ass and motivate me please do. I really need it. You can read the other parts here.

“Mr. Coulter we really need to get you stitched up.” The nurse told Eric yet again more exasperated. She looked at him sternly, looked at the blood slowly dripping down his chest and dropping to the floor. Eric shook his head no and waved her away as he paced back and forth in the waiting room of the infirmary. The nurse looked at Eric again and found herself admiring his muscular frame. Get it together Mandy. The man has a stab wound to the chest for God’s sake! Mandy chastised herself as she walked up to Eric. She didn’t care how tough or fearless……and sexy he was he needed to listen to her. Mandy grabbed his arm to stop his pacing. Eric glared at her with such force she unconsciously stepped back but did not let go of her grip.

“Dauntless leader Eric! You need to listen to me. I need to stitch up your wound.” Mandy raised her voice a little to get him to hopefully listen to her.

Eric looked behind Mandy as the doctors and nurses were working frantically to save your life. There was blood everywhere.

“You have to save her and the baby!” Eric yelled towards the nurses and doctors.

“One of the doctors looked back at Eric.

“Mr. Coulter we are doing everything we can.” He assured as he pulled the curtain around them blocking Eric’s view of you.

“Come with me so we can get you stitched up.” Mandy told Eric again.

“Is Jen ok?” Eric asked as he was led to a waiting exam table.

“She will pull through. Her stab wounds were not life threatening. We are giving her a CT scan now for the hit to her head.” Mandy answered while she cleaned Eric’s wound and prepped it for stitching. Eric was trying to keep still as Mandy quickly stitched his wound.

“So much blood. I can’t get it to stop!” Someone shouted from behind the curtain. Eric jumped up from the exam table and rushed over to where you were laying fighting for you and his baby’s life. Eric swung back the curtains and gasped at the bloody scene. Your blood was everywhere, towels trying to soak up the blood were everywhere and you were still bleeding as blood seeped to the floor.

“Don’t lose them!” Eric shouted as he rushed to grab your hand in the process his bare-feet slipped on your blood and Eric fell back hitting his head on a metal equipment, and effectively knocked himself out.

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She’s Kinda Hot


  • Danger days smut where Kobra finds you super attractive right from the start and isn’t shy about it plz? ^.^
  • Hey! I literally live for your account especially your killjoy ones so I don’t really have a formal request but anything killjoy themed would be awesome (:
  • can i have a kobra kid fluff? :) tkxxxx <3
  • Can you do some really fluffy danger days mikey please? Thanks if you can!

“Y’know how sexy you look when you’re shootin’?” Kobra whispered into my ear, sending a chill down my spine as I took aim. I tilted my head to face him, trying not to focus on the perfect smirk on his face.

“How many times are you gonna try to mess up my turn?” I asked him for the one hundredth time that evening. He held his hands up in defense, taking a step back.

“Just thought I’d let ya know,” he shrugged, sitting back down on the hood of the Trans Am to watch me. Party scheduled a rendezvous with another killjoy group this morning, sending Kobra and I to go and complete the trade. But, are allies must have been running late, leaving Kobra and I to wait in the hot sun until they showed up. He talked me into a shoot off, blasting bullets into cacti to kill time. 

I took aim again once he was out of reach, poking my tongue out unconsciously as I pulled the trigger. I hushed zip rang out and vibrated through the empty canyons as the tip of the cactus flew off, still sizzling as it hit the ground with an abrupt thud.

“Not bad,” Kobra commented, taking off his sunglasses and raising an eyebrow. “But, it was a little high for the marker. Would’ve skimmed right across a Drac’s head. No offense,” he added quickly when he caught my eye roll.

“Like you could do much better?” I smirked, putting my gun back in my holster to cross my arms at him. He chuckled at that, cracking his knuckles before blowing on them.

“Watch and learn my crash queen. Gun me.”

I grabbed his ray gun from the driver seat as he lined himself up with another cactus, flicking his glasses back down. He held the gun securely with both hands, giving his hair a quick flick out of his face before shooting. I could see the smoke fuming off the plant, a battery sized hole punctured right through the center of the cactus. Kobra grinned at the shot, twirling his gun off his index finger before strapping it back down in his holster like in an old western movie.

“Admit it, that was pretty rockin’.”

“Okay okay, it was good. I wish I could shoot like that,” I sighed bitterly. I was still new to their group, fresh out of Battery City and my body still recovering from the medication. My hands still shook when I stood still, my biggest weakness when it came to firing any weapon.

“You will. After all that shit gets out of your system, you’ll be a crack shot. But until then, I can give you some pointers?” He offered. I checked our surroundings, making sure no Dracs were sneaking up on us or our colleagues weren’t in sight. But, the desert was as silent as ever and there was nothing but sand as far as the eye could see. 

“Alright, teach me your ways,” I giggled, pulling out my gun and standing behind the hand drawn line in the sand. I gulped when I felt his presence behind me, way too close.

“Okay, the first thing I noticed is that you don’t have both eyes opened,” he instructed in my ear, the flyaways in his hair tickling my neck. I nodded, trying to focus on the green target a few yards away and not the burning urge in my stomach to make out with him. 

I could his hot breath fan over my earlobe and my hands began to tremble, making the gun rattle noisily. My breath hitched when I felt the warm leather of his gloves cover my hands, holding them in place.

“Hold still,” he said slowly, but patiently. I mumbled a small sorry and turned my attention back to the plant. “Okay, now position your thumb right here.” He adjusted my thumb up, my grip on the handle loosening. “It may feel a little uncomfortable at first but now the kick won’t be as strong. And now jus’ line ‘em up and fire.”

I flicked the trigger instantly, a smile breaking out on my face as I saw my bullet hole directly next to his. Kobra gave a triumph cheer and high fived me. “Damn, beautiful and a dead eye; I think i’m in love,” he chuckled, holding his gloved hand up to his heart. 

“Shut up,” I giggled, looking down at my feet so he wouldn’t see the faint blush on my face. 

“I’m serious though. You’re quite literally the hottest thing I’ve seen in the Zones, and I’ve read every Murder magazine published.”

“Well i’m glad I beat your porno magazines.”

“Hey, there not porn. Murder’s actually a very educational magazine for your information.”

“Last weeks issue had a whole section just for porno droid advertising.”

“What’s wrong with a lil eye candy?” He grinned mischievously, placing one of his hands on the small of my back and slowly pulling me into him. I felt my face heat up at how close we were, if i leaned forward an inch we would be kissing. “But, I can toss that rag in the trash now. I got new eye candy.”

I pushed forward onto my toes and kissed him, feeling his lips meet eagerly. I felt the smooth leather from his gloves run slowly up my neck, curling into my hair and gently pulling my head back. His other hand came up to my cheek, cradling it as he pushed his tongue past my lips. I let out a quite whimper that only seemed to egg him on even more. 

He pulled away suddenly, head perked up in alert. My eyes fluttered open and I looked up in confusion at him. “Look who finally decided to show up,” he huffed in annoyance, gesturing with a head nod towards the beat up car hauling towards us.

“I’m not complaining.”

“I am, I was about to hit second base.”

“Wait til’ we get back to the diner, you’ll maybe see more than that.”

“Oh baby, keep talkin’ like that and i’ll cream my jeans,” he chuckled, planting a chaste kiss on my noes before walking over to the visitor’s car. 

“Did you pansy asses get lost or something?!”

In the sidekick!AU, Nino knows Adrien is Chat Noir, which means he knows Adrien is dating Ladybug, which becomes a problem post-reveal because Marinette wants to grope her boyfriend in public but she can’t or Nino will find out she’s Ladybug.

Although convenient, Adrien’s house is about as sexy as a graveyard and there are too many people around asking questions.

Marinette’s apartment… has Alya in it.

Then it hits Marinette. “My parents’ house.”

Adrien: ??????? How???

Marinette gives him the address. “Come by at midnight and you’ll see.”

Midnight finds Adrien on Marinette’s roof (all those stairs he has to climb as civilian Chat Noir - poor baby). He’s just about to ask himself whether he has the right place when the skylight pops open and Marinette pokes her head out.

“My, is that Chat Noir, Ladybug’s trusty sidekick?” And she gives him this absolutely devilish grin and purrs, “Does your Lady know you’re here?”

And that’s how Marinette started visiting her parents more often. (ノ´ヮ´)ノ*:・゚✧

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Realization - Chanyeol fanfic

1218 words 



Summary: Chanyeol hasn’t been acting the way he did when it all began. But he hasn’t realized it himself.

“You’re an idiot!” She pulled his ears out and stood on her toes, looking at his face. “I’m not!” He pouted and closed his mouth while blowing air into his cheeks. 

She ignored him and kept observing his face. His eyes wondered around her face too, and they just stood there for a while, staring at each other. One while pouting, another while pressing lips into a thin line.





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2/18 Hickory Roasted Almonds, a play by Soup-Nose The Goat.

Soup-Nose: I see you have almonds. Can I have one?

Me: No, they’re too salty for goats.

Soup-Nose: Almond! Give me the the almond. 

Soup-Nose: Nobody has ever in the history of the universe wanted anything as badly as I want this almond. The strong nuclear force pales in comparison to my attraction to your almonds. 

Soup-Nose: Some goats just want to watch the world burn, you know. Goats who don’t have almonds right now.

Me: All right, all right. Here you go.

Soup-Nose: Aauuu! Salty! 

Soup-Nose runs to the water bucket, sticks her head into it, and sprays water everywhere, splashing a very surprised peacock who had been flirting with a Sexy Fence Post. The peacock flies off and sits on top of the goat shed, making angry squeaktoy noises.

Soup-Nose: Whew, that was awful.

Soup-Nose: Hey, are those almonds? Can I have one?

VIXX reaction - having a fangirl as a gf~

So they got caught or they just do it comfortably in front of them..? ^^ Ok, I’ll just go with whatever goes through my head mkay~

N: “Gurl, calm yourself, it’s just me stripping…”

Leo: “You’re weird but adorable at the same time, I can’t.” *cracks up*

Ken (feat. Ravi): “…bruh.”

Ravi: “If you fangirl that much when you see me on screen, what happens if I do it right now?” *does aegyo* Raveh you better run

Hongbin: *being sexy self*  you:*nosebleed*

“Should I call ambulance or something..?”

Hyuk: *bboing bboing* “Hahahah you funny.” (ummm ruuude?)

Ok that was hard, because Hyuk’s reaction is excalty what he did when I saw them a year ago, he did this aegyo, and when I lost my breath and all (at least I was sitting so..) HE STARTED LAUGHING AT MY REACTION WITH BINNIE AND RAVI, THAT WAS NOT NICE GUYS.

“Is this a better look?”

My assistant, Christine Walker, shifted her appearance right before my eyes. This recently-discovered ability of hers was starting to make her more and more valuable to me.

“Christine! You look like – Well, you don’t look like Christine anymore.”

“Let’s just go with Chris,” she said, “Now, was this the look you wanted, or not?”

I had to say it was perfect. The body was lean and athletic with nice arms and a solid set of abs. The face was young and fresh-looking, like that of a very well-polished high school jock. She gave me a pouty smile, one that I knew would photograph amazingly, and tilted her head just slightly to the side. She raised one of her arms up and over her head, placing a hand behind her neck, which gave me a tantalizing view of both her fully-flexed bicep and the inviting armpit underneath. It was a pose that was sexy, but not overtly so when coupled with the youthful face she had chosen.

“What?” she asked me. I noticed for the first time that my jaw was hanging wide open in astonishment. If I’d stood there looking at her like that for another moment, I might have started drooling. “You said you needed a male model for this shoot, didn’t you?”

“Well, yeah,” I said, “But you’ve never done this as a male model before.”

“I think I can handle it,” she said with a confidence that she didn’t normally have. I was starting to notice that when she shifted into all of these different bodies, her personality changed just a little bit to match her new looks.

“Well, OK then, Chris,” I said, “You’re hired. Let’s get you to hair and makeup. See you on set in one hour.”
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Patroclus cuts Achilles’ long hair before they leave Scyros.

I LITERALLY just finished this book today and this scene idea came right into my head so I needed to get it down right away. THIS. BOOK. I am shook to the core.