the sexiest part of the show


Pairing: EXO Baekhyun X Reader

Genre: Smut, Fluff

Trigger Warning: smut af

Word Count: 1711

A/N lol I was so stressed about my exams I went and cried in my bed. then wrote some smut. That’s how you deal with school problems 

Also sorry it literally took me 9 years to write this


A groan escaped Baekhyun’s lips as he lowered himself into the sofa chair opposite you. You looked up from your phone that sat between your fingers. 

“You alright there?” He landed stiffly in the chair, sighing again once the cushion seemed to wrap around him. 

“I’m so sore…” he grumbled. “We practised endlessly today.”

“Oh dear. They really do work you hard, don’t they?” You mused. Baekhyun shifted slightly in his seat, his eyes crinkling and brows furrowing as he winced at the pain. 

“Ahh, it’s my back.” He looked up at you, his eyes drooping in self sympathy. 

“Do we have any pain killers or something?” you asked, standing up from your seat. “I’ll go and look.” You began to turn away but Baekhyun stopped you. 

“Wait. Maybe you could… possibly…” he began. 


"Give me a massage?” His eyes shone pleadingly and you couldn’t help but agree. 

“Okay. Let’s go to the bedroom then." 

After taking a good couple of minutes for Baekhyun to heave himself out of the couch, he lay down on his front, his chest sinking into the mattress of the double bed.

"Be gentle,” he said, his voice cracking. You chuckled. 

“Don’t worry, I will.” You couldn’t help but smile at his innocence, positioning yourself adjacent to him. You kneeled on the bed next to him, stretching out your knuckles and testing your hands’ flexibility. You placed your hands on the cotton of his t-shirt, gently rubbing circles towards the top of his back. Almost instantly, Baekhyun let out a content sigh. You gradually moved further down his back, continuing the same gentle motion. 

You caught glances at his face, tipped on its side. His eyes were shut, often squeezing together in satisfaction.  

“Jagiii…” he mumbled, reaching for the hem of his t-shirt and pulling it up to expose his skin. You couldn’t help but feel distracted by his voice, his sensual sounds igniting something in the pit of your stomach. You tried to ignore it, assuming he was too tense for what you had in mind. 

He stayed in the same position; you presumed he’d wanted the contact of your hands against his skin. He let out a hiss as your fingers pressed into his back. “Your hands are cold,” he stated. 

“Sorry." You worked your hands over his flexing muscles, pleasing Baekhyun with each movement.

As you continued massaging him, he continued to produce unforgivable moans and groans that you tried desperately to distract yourself from. His lips were parted and his eyebrows were furrowed, as if he were concentrating on something. While you were examining his features, he suddenly turned in your grasp, rolling into his back. His eyes gazed up at you, any sense of tranquillity disappearing as a dangerous and cheeky glint seemed to replace them. He half smiled, a cocky grin playing on his lips. 

"Why don’t we do something we can both get pleasure from?” You mirrored his devilish smile. Taking that as a yes, his arms snaked round your waist as he pulled you atop him. Your lips connected and your long forgotten massage turned into a fiery kiss full of passion and want. 

Baekhyun took control and rolled you both over, so your back was lying pressed against the mattress while he held himself above you.

This time, moans escaped your lips as his hands roamed over your body. At your voice, you felt his crotch harden against you. His fingers crept up your t-shirt, cupping your bra. He smiled and gently pulled it upwards, revealing you only in your bra. His hard stomach pressed against yours as he dipped downwards and connected your lips together again. Both his hands found their way behind your back and unclasped your bra, exposing your chest completely.

His lips moved from yours to wander against your cheek, then your jawline and your neck. All the while, his hands were working at ridding your body from your remaining clothes.

“You feeling better now then?” you murmured, soon followed by a gasp into his hair. He was still sucking at your neck, leaving beautiful marks that claimed you as his own. He held his body up with his hands planted heavily either side of you, locking you into his own personal prison.

“Much better,” he breathed against your neck. You arched your back into his body as one hand came to circle your core. His finger coiled around your clit before entering it inside you. You shivered and pressed your hands into his back, feeling your nails indent small curves into his smooth skin. You melted into his touch, your eyes rolling back and your eyelids fluttering shut in pleasure.

Baekhyun’s lips finished sucking your skin and he began gently nibbling on it. You shuddered in response. You began to feel a line of sweat glistening on your forehead as Baekhyun’s arm movements seemed to go quicker and quicker – now two fingers buried inside you. You moaned and whined out breathlessly, repeating his name like a chant.

You could feel his grin against your skin. His teeth grazed across your collarbones as he cockily smiled at the reaction he’d caught from you. You threw your head back as you were dissolved in pleasure – your first orgasm fast approaching. “Baek… Stop…” you gasped. “I want to cum with you-“ you attempted to stop him, you’d wanted to share your orgasm with him. But he ignored your efforts, his right hand coming to lay gently across your lips.

You moaned into his hand as your high suddenly shook through you – a bold of electricity shattering through your veins. Your heart beat incredibly fast while time seemed to slow down around you. You cried out Baekhyun’s name, your nails pressing deeply into his skin even further. You wondered if you’d left deep marks behind.

As your orgasm finally died down, you were left lying breathless on the sheet. Baekhyun pulled his fingers out of you, bringing them up to your lips and letting you clean them for him. You gazed at him adoringly, sweat glistening all over your body. Your legs unconsciously crossed themselves, protecting your burning heat from over stimulation.

While regaining your stability, your fingers found their way to Baekhyun’s belt and undid the clasp. You pushed them down his thighs, pulling his boxers down with them. As his rock hard member slapped against his muscular torso, you smiled hungrily, arousal making its appearance once again.

You wrapped your fingers around him, stroking a finger over the head and running your hand up and down. You started to pull yourself out from underneath Baekhyun, expecting you both to change positions so that you could pleasure him yourself, but his hands flew to your shoulders, his iron grip keeping you in place.

“No, I want you too much. Now,” he stated huskily. Happy to comply, you felt his arms return to your thighs, pulling them apart again. He positioned his hips readily, his cock pressing lewdly against your entrance. He was further away from you now, instead of lying directly atop you he was half kneeling lower down. He looked carefully at you, eyebrows raised in question. It was one of the sexiest things a man could do – you thought – showing they’re asking for consent. You reached forward, wrapping your hands around his neck and pulling him down to kiss him.

With this movement forwards, he entered you. You moaned simultaneously into one another’s mouths, saliva mixing between the two of you. He started slow, thrusting at a consistent pace until quickly he began to charge into you. His hips moved so suddenly against you that neither of you could commit or concentrate on kissing, your lips just lying parted against each other. They both sung each other’s names.

“Oh my god,” you rasped, his dick brushing against your one spot of pleasure. His eyes clamped tightly shut as he repeatedly hit that same place inside you, your moans only increasing. His skin shone with sweat, drops even occasionally falling onto your skin as he continued to rhythmically slam into you.

His pace was soon so fast it was almost unbearable. At this point, you’d become putty in his hands and you were an item for Baekhyun to fuck. He’d moved his head to bury it in your shoulder, growling against your skin as he pounded into you relentlessly and unforgivingly. One of your hands buried its way into Baekhyun’s hair, holding him closely while his hips rolled against you. You felt his breath against your collarbone, ragged and erratic as you could feel he wasn’t going to last much longer. You couldn’t help but wonder if he was in pain – the movement probably being ten times more intense than the dance moves he’d performed earlier on in the studio.

A pool of fire flickered in your stomach, your second orgasm igniting in your body. Baekhyun’s thrusts never ceased to slow down, although the steadiness began to falter as he had almost caught up with his end. He panted and groaned, almost as if he were annoyed at himself, until he thrust into you with so much force that you ended up coming together – one another’s fluids mixing and combining as one. Stars dotted your vision as your voice was stolen from you; you bathed silently in bliss while he repeated your name over and over as if it were a hymn.

He sighed out in exhaustion and pleasure, jerking and crashing his chest against yours, lying still against you. For a few moments you both lay there, catching your breaths and gasping for air. It took a few minutes for the room to stop spinning and Baekhyun rolled to the side, falling onto the mattress beside you.

You both continued to stare at ceiling above you. Satisfied and spent.

“Well,” Baekhyun began, “that was definitely one way to loosen me up.”

TOP5 Sexiest PRODUCE101 Trainees – #2

Sex appeal is something that doesn’t come with good looks, a nice personality or incredible skills. Even if you’re not good looking, you can still be sexy. Even if your character sucks, you can still be sexy. Even if you are a useless piece of shit, you can still be sexy. But you know what – it is even sexier if someone combines all of the good features, and outshines everyone as the perfect sex god.

After already mentioning three exceptionally seductive trainees of Produce 101 Season 2, it is time to show you the man who almost hit first place – almost.

#2 – KIM JONG HYEON // 김종현

A smile that melts your heart, and a look in his eyes that burns your panties – that pretty much describes NU’EST’s Jonghyun aka JR perfectly. But it’s not only his fantastic facial expression that makes him so unbelievably sexy.

Originally posted by androren

Within the shortest amount of time, almost every trainee of Produce 101 Season 2 realized that this sexy fella represents the perfect leader. And let’s be honest – what’s hotter than a guy who is in charge of a huge group of super handsome boys, right?

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His amazing personality is without a doubt one of his sexiest features. He cares more than anyone for others, which he even shows during live performances. Jonghyun usually performs in the background, and – although his rap skills are absolutely dope – he isn’t greedy when it comes to main rap parts. So tell me – how can you not fall in love with such an amazing guy?

Anyway, being sweet and nice doesn’t give you automatically sex appeal, right? What makes Jonghyun so impossibly hot is his husky voice. While hearing him talking, you might think his voice is rather nasal. But damn… as soon as he starts rapping, the sound changes drastically. Suddenly, the perfect charming boy next door turns into a sultry creature that makes your hormones go crazy.

Originally posted by bloodylee

Additionally, Produce 101′s unofficial leader has a smile that shines so bright, I’m afraid to lose my eyesight every time I see his perfect teeth framed by those gorgeous lips.

Originally posted by junioroyalz

Speaking of lips… I believe that Jonghyun must be NU’EST’s best kisser. If you’ve seen their Hello music video, you should know what I’m talking about. I am not sure if that lucky bitch who got kissed by Jonghyun so passionately is still alive after filming this scene. I would have definitely died from a heart attack.

Jonghyun’s mature image, his amazing leadership skills, his husky rap voice, his selfless behavior and his burning hot expression make him without any doubt to Pledis’ number one sex god.

Originally posted by southboyclub

It doesn’t matter if he shows his sexiness through his performances as a member of NU’EST, a participant of Produce 101 or a trainee of Pledis Entertainment Jonghyun makes my blood boil every single time he appears on screen.

Although all the other members of NU’EST are hot as fucking hell, (– that’s why I’ve put three of them on this list –) Jonghyun outshines everyone with his seductive presence. 

Oh, and don’t worry if you sweat like crazy, JR. We actually love it. It makes you even hotter – much hotter. I would even say you could earn a fortune by selling bottles of your sweat. I’d buy it.

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TOP5 Sexiest PRODUCE101 Trainees: #5#4#3#2#1

Goblin in Review: The Kisses

As specially requested by @mynameishassie​ Here’s a review/reaction of all the kisses between Shin and Eun-Tak in Goblin. Just to play around cause I have nothing better to do.

Gif Credit | Rating: Innocence = 10/10, Dirty = 0/10, Satisfaction = 4/10

Ahh… good ol’ memories. The very first kiss between Shin and Eun-Tak in episode 6… a kiss so pure, innocent, and naive that all the snowflakes started floating upwards. What is gravity? Apparently it doesn’t work in the presence of these two sweethearts. So what makes this kiss important being their first kiss? Well this kiss set the stage for Shin to start thinking about life instead of dying. This kiss was initiated by Eun-Tak not because she necessarily loved him at the time, but because she didn’t know the consequences of Shin’s sword and what love really encompasses. This kiss compared to their last kiss is totally different in terms of romance and their mutual feelings. Shin was still only learning what it meant to be in love and Eun-Tak was still only desiring love. This is seen in their body language as Eun-Tak was struggling to stay on her tiptoes to hesitantly peck him and Shin’s shoulders were completely slumped forwards in utter dumbstruck. A perfect way to get our silly couple rolling. Despite this kiss being not hot and sexy, I appreciate this kiss as I love Shin’s reaction to Eun-Tak kissing him… to think this supposedly “weak” and “defenseless” girl can easily make this 939 yo Goblin confused and break down his defenses. But I desperately needed more than this kiss.

Gif Credit | Rating: Sweetness = 10/10, Hotness = 2/10, Satisfaction = 7/10

Now this was a proper “first kiss” of them being an official couple; what better way than for Shin to redeem himself by initiating the kiss while Eun-Tak asked for it in episode 10. The setting was perfect for our silly couple: fun date in a tent while drinking soju, a kick-ass entertaining performance, and a sweet and happy kiss shared between the two. This kiss was literally the definition of happiness as their kiss even has it’s own Sun shining a random light of unknown origin. It was quite hot of Shin to grab her face so gently as he kissed her and then Eun-Tak stole another kiss right afterwards. This made me love Eun-Tak more as she’s not afraid to ask for kisses… I understand why, lol. Just look at who her boyfriend is. I do like this kiss a lot, as said by Eun-Tak herself, “It’s perfect.” It was the perfect kiss to show how they mutually love each other after coming to an agreement that they will both fight to be together as compared to episode 4′s kiss. I wasn’t expecting anything hotter or sexier since our couple finally got together after jumping the hurdle of Eun-Tak finding out the truth behind Shin’s sword. But still, I needed more! lmao

Gif Credit | Rating: Cuteness = 10/10, Crime = 0/10, Satisfaction = 6/10

The cute photo booth kiss. That’s all that really needs to be said about this kiss, lol. It was a cute and off-guard peck that Eun-Tak gave to Shin which left him flustered and giggling like a little girl. >.< The funny thing is that Eun-Tak had pure intentions while it left Shin thinking about (most likely) not so pure thoughts … this girl can literally kill Shin on the spot whether she removes his sword or not, lmao. I just can’t get over how Shin caught himself using “tiny” and “small” in the same sentence! And then he proceeded to say he wants to come here every day, lmfao. This entire scene in episode 12 is adorable and especially how pure Eun-Tak’s intentions were to 1) get a picture with him and 2) give him an excuse to see his sister. Of course, it wasn’t enough to satisfy my fangirl desires and I was desperately hoping… praying… for a kiss that would exceed my expectations.

Gif Credit | Rating: Hotness = 10/10, Passion = 10/10, Satisfaction = 100/10 

Now we’re talking… this kiss swept me off my feet when Shin turned back to give her such a desperate, passionate, and engraving kiss before his imminent death. THIS WAS THE KISS WE WERE ALL WAITING FOR 13 EPISODES LATER!!! Just look at this beauty! Till this day… I love this kiss so damn much, it’s the kiss of the century. Just look at how Shin cupped her face as he kissed her with such a passion knowing that he might disappear forever. Look at Eun-Tak unable to say or do anything as she just closed her eyes in compliance… worried why he would suddenly kiss her like that. It was the perfect hot and passionate kiss to show how our couple loves each other and wants to be together. THEIR CHEMISTRY WAS OFF THE CHARTS! OMO! The only that that disappointed me about this kiss was how they DIDN’T FULLY CLOSE-UP FILM IT! Like why you gonna film a friggin hot kiss but not show us the whole thing close up??? Ugh… That was the good stuff there. >.> Despite my love for this kiss, I was praying that an even better kiss would happen once she was 29 yo. 

Gif Credit | Rating: Feels = 10/10, Longing = 10/10, Satisfaction = 10/10

This kiss was sooo good… a slightly melancholic kiss that was filled with feels as Shin immediately embraced a frantic Eun-Tak into a kiss as she finally remembered him. All I can say is that this kiss was so good from the angle it was filmed, from how it focused on Shin’s hand tightening on her, and to how both Eun-Tak and Shin’s eyes were filled with so much pain, sadness, and longing for each other. I started ballin like a baby cause they needed to be in each other’s arms and I was so happy when she finally remembered him! Ugh… To think this all happened in episode 15… T.T But this wasn’t the kiss I was waiting for… there was something else I needed to see from the episode 14 preview. 

Gif Credit | Rating: Lovey Dovey = 10/10, Rainbows & Unicorns = 10/10, Satisfaction = 8/10

Just another really lovey dovey peck between the two… oh wait… two pecks cause Shin wanted another one, lmao. I just love their height difference… *incoherent giggling* BUT I’M STILL WAITING FOR THE BEST KISS DAMNIT! DON’T FAIL ME GONG YOO!!! 


Gifs Credit | Rating : Sexiness = _(꒪ཀ꒪」∠)_, Dirty thoughts = ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡° ), Satisfaction = ∞ w/ too much salt

What more can I say about how much I am absolutely obsessed with this long over-due sexy make out between these two? Just look at how Shin launched at her… but at the same time Shin is such a gentleman as he stopped to make sure she was okay with it.. OF COURSE she would reply back enthusiastically! BUT I DIED WHEN SHE JUMPED AND WRAPPED HER LEGS AROUND HIM! OMG! AND FOR THE LOVE OF ALL MAKE OUTS, when Shin started planting kisses on her face and she was smiling from enjoying his touch… that was the sexiest thing I’ve ever seen!!! BUT DAMNIT! WHO THE FUCK CUTS IN THE MIDDLE OF GONG YOO AND KIM GO EUN’S KISSES??? WHY WOULD YOU DEPRIVE US OF THESE TWO WONDERFULLY AMAZING KISSERS??? WHY COULDN’T YOU SHOW US THE WHOLE DAMN THING??? (╯°益°)╯彡┻━┻

Seriously, the only issue I have with this kiss is that they abruptly cut the kiss at the GOOD part. They could have gradually transitioned out of the scene instead of just cutting in the middle of the kiss; they had plenty of time to add 30 more seconds – oh for goodness sakes, I would’ve been glad to see another hour. PLUS, WHY WOULD YOU NOT SHOW SOMETHING YOU TEASED US IN THE FUCKIN PREVIEW??? Two lovers who defied time, God, death, and were finally together would NOT just simply call it a night after sharing a passionate kiss on the couch AFTER staying together overnight in fuckin luxurious hotel (with probably a huge ass bed)… just saying. ┻━┻ ︵ヽ(`Д´)ノ︵ ┻━┻

And that’s all folks… I can’t really say that I’m completely satisfied since I love Shintak so much… It makes me sad that Gong Yoo and Kim Go Eun will probably never costar together again since it’s rare for people to costar together a second time. WHAT A SHAME! YOU HAVE TWO AMAZING KISSERS COSTAR TOGETHER AND THAT’S IT? Like I would have been okay if they didn’t show any skin… just some more steamy moments between the two because their love is so fuckin tragic that they deserve some more lovey dovey couple scenes. Ugh… just because I’m a salty grandma, friggin 15 age rating ruined it! At least the kisses got better and better and we got a few Gong Yoo certified kisses in Goblin. T.T 

“The kiss itself is immortal. It travels from lip to lip, century to century, from age to age. Men and women garner these kisses, offer them to others and then die in turn.” ~ Guy de Maupassant, The Complete Short Stories of Guy de Maupassant, Part One

Levi and Hange, now married, guest in a talk show
  • Host: Levi, Hange, let's do fast talk. Sex or chocolates?
  • Levi: I don't like sweets, so sex.
  • Hange: I love chocolate, especially when it's on Levi's body. (Levi glares at Hange.) Just kidding. I like both.
  • Host: Lights on or lights off?
  • Hange: I have bad vision, so lights on. But dim light is fine.
  • Levi: Lights off, but dim light is fine.
  • Host: Does size matter?
  • Levi: No. No matter how big a titan is, I'll be able to kill it.
  • Hange: Yes. Look at Levi. He's cute-sized.
  • Host: Best time for sex?
  • Hange: At night, when I'm in the mood.
  • Levi: At night, when I can't sleep and we're both in the mood.
  • Host: Best place to have sex?
  • Levi: In the bedroom with locked doors and curtained windows.
  • Hange: Somewhere private. But it would be nice to do it on snow.
  • Host: Favorite non-sexual activity?
  • Hange: Cuddling, sleeping.
  • Levi: Kissing, hanging out with each other.
  • Host: Sexiest part of Hange's body?
  • Levi: Her smile.
  • Hange: That's not a body part, Levi.
  • Levi: Tch! Fine. Her eyes.
  • Host: Sexiest part of Levi's body?
  • Hange: Everything! But if you insist, his lips.
  • Host: Tell me something that people don't know about Hange.
  • Levi: She's a good cook.
  • Host: Tell me something that people don't know about Levi.
  • Hange: He laughs. A lot.
  • Host: What's your message to Levi?
  • Hange: Thank you for taking care of me. I love you.
  • Host: What's your message to Hange?
  • Levi: Thank you for loving me and accepting my imperfections. I love you.
Color Him Green

Pairing: Jimin x Reader
Genre: Smut
Rating: M
Written by: xoxoTheQueenOfHearts
Requested by Anon

Four Strikes. That’s all it took for your boyfriend to snap.

Your first strike happened early this morning when Jimin had brought you along to one of his dance practices so you could spend more time with him. But he didn’t particularly like the fact that you would sometimes get to close to his friends and a part of you knew it was because he was jealous. And today you felt like playing a game with him and tease him just see how far he would go.

You sat in the corner of the dance practice room as you watched your boyfriend and his friends practice their dance moves. After about 4 songs deep, they all took break to grab them some water and dry off with a towel. Jimin came up to you and pecked you on the lips that you were happy to return. But just as you returned the kiss you walked over to Hoseok with a smirk on your face as you started your game.

“You did amazing Hobi!” You complimented him first before your boyfriend. “Can you show me that move of yours? I feel like I mess up.” You say poker faced as you show Him his part in your dance moves in blood, sweat, and tears when your arm covers your eyes and a hand placed above your crotch. When you were done, you noticed the room had grown quiet. You knew this was one of the sexiest moves throughout the whole dance but you were just friends.

You glance into the mirror at your boyfriend who looked as if he was daring you to continue on but you dismiss it as Hoseok puts his hands on you and helps you groove to his part and when you finished you threw your arms around his neck and pecked his cheek. “Thanks Hobi Hobi!”

By the time lunchtime rolled around you knew from your boyfriends aura he was starting to get annoyed, but that didn’t stop you because Jin the eldest of his friends took you and Jimin out for lunch. As you were eating you ignored Jimin but placed a hand on his thigh to let him know you knew he was there.

Second strike. You knew you were pushing buttons now as you were laughing at Jin’s dad jokes when you never laughed at Jimin when he told his jokes.

“Jin! I got one for you!” You say as you finally caught a breath. “How do you make a tissue dance?” You ask him and Jin shrugs his shoulders. You try to contain your laughter. “You put a little boogie in it!” Both of you burst into a fit of laughter as Jimin just stares at the both of you.

“Are you serious?” Jimin asked you not laughing at all.

You glance at him. “Well atleast Jin-oppa finds my jokes funny.” You notice at Jimin’s expression starting to darken at the little nickname you just gave Jin but you turn your attention back to Jin.

“Okay..okay! I have another one! Are you ready?!” You ask Jin as he sits and waits. “What type of shoes do ninjas wear?” You ask him and then you lean in when he doesn’t say anything and you whisper, “Sneakers..” Jin laughs so hard he starts to drool and you both are laughing so hard before Jimin says he’s ready to go.

By the third strike you were both standing in Jungkook’s dorm. It was a mess. Clothes were thrown in all places while food was left out instead of being thrown away into the garbage. “Jungkook!” You yell for him as your boyfriend gives you side glance as Jungkook walks into the living room from the hallway.

“What noona?” He asks you confused and you’re bewildered that he didn’t know. Jimin brushes passed you not liking Jungkook’s nickname for you as he and Jungkook take their places on the couch to play some games.

You shake your head as you start cleaning up his place. Starting with laundry and then moving to discard of the trash. “Kookie don’t get it like this again you hear me!” You shout from the laundry room.


Then you felt someone give you a back hug. “Thanks Noona! You’re the best!” Jungkook says to you as you finish the remainder of his clothes. Jimin stood in the doorway aggravation coming across his face.

By the time you were going to mess with him again you were walking home. More like following him home but he was walking to fast. Your fourth strike was a game until you ran into your ex boyfriend. You looked for your boyfriend Jimin to rescue but he walked a little too far ahead. Your ex boyfriend blocking your view.

“Y/N, what are you doing out so late? A girl like you shouldn’t be out here by herself..” he says to you as he gave you a weird vibe like always.

You tried to get away from him but he blocked you. “I’m not by myself, I’m with my boyfriend and he isn’t going to be fond of you keeping me.” You spat at him just as Jimin comes by your side. The look on his face, you knew you were dead when you got home.

And you were. By the time you both got home, he gave you the silent treatment knowing you hated it. You followed him around the house until he shoved you into your shared bedroom. “Did you have fun mocking me?” He asked you as he glared at you clearly pissed off.

You swallowed. You imagined he would be angry but not this angry. “It was a game at first but I wasn’t expecting to run into my ex boyfriend Jiminnie!” You try to reason with him.

“So you thought it was a game when you asked my hyung to show you his dance move?” He started. “Of all fucking dance moves you ask him that!” He yells at you.

You flinch but don’t move away. “We’re just friends Jimin!” You yell back.

He grits his teeth, his face tensing up. “Friends don’t dance like that together..” he growled pulling you into a heated kiss and pulls away. “You are mine Y/N!” He says as you pull him back down to kiss him but you’re not strong enough to keep him there.

“Take off your clothes and lay on the bed!” He orders you and you don’t need to be told twice. Seconds later you are bound to the bed frame. “Make a sound and see what happens.” He threatens just before he attaches himself to your nipples sucking and licking them as he brings them between his teeth.

The sudden action made you want to whimper beneath but you quickly bit your lip and squeezed your thighs together. He kissed and licked his way down to your hot core. “Already so wet and I haven’t even started.” He said as he opened your legs more harshly before attaching himself to you like a magnet.

Now it was a game to him as you clenched your eyes shut as you tried desperately to stay quiet because you knew if you watched him you weren’t going to last long and that’s when you knew it was a game. He licked your clit teasingly slow, barely touching it. He pulled away as he rubbed you. “Keep your eyes on me.” He says and your eyes flutter open as he goes back to eating you out. And just when you were about to release and ride his face, he pulls away.

He releases you from the bed frame and slams into you without warning. A loud moan escapes your lips as his thrusts become harsh and rough but it was still pleasurable. He grunts as you clench your pussy around his size and girth. Then he stops. No movement.

A game.

He smirks down at you as you try to rock your hips into his trying to get the friction you needed but he stills you. You whimper. “Don’t play a game you can’t finish Y/N..” he whispers.

You try to level out your pants. “Pl-Please fuck me…” you breathe out hating to beg.

“What was that? I didn’t quite catch that?” He smirks. He really was doing this to you. You never beg and yet here you were.

“Fuck me dammit!” You yell. “Anything just please move and fuck me.” And he does. It doesn’t take long before you both come undone together and you’re in a crying, moaning mess.

“I’m sorry Jimin..I really am sorry.” You cried as he leans down and gives you a small kiss.

“Then don’t color me green.” He whispers.

i’m sorry no matter how many times i watch spectre i cannot get over the NERVE bond has bringing a girl half his age to q’s hotel room

of all the parts of this movie i roll my eyes at, this one offends me the most

q is nervous, he clearly took the time to compose himself after what happened to him on the ski lift, and even put on his sexiest panties in the hour before bond showed up

q thought his two plane rides were finally gonna be worth it

he was too afraid to fly the first time and missed out on shaving a naked bond in the sensual golden hue of a sprawling macau hotel suite

but now

he was finally


gonna lose his virginity to bond in a secluded snowy austrian b&b

goddammit bond

Sex with Peter Maximoff would Include

Requested by: Anonymous

-Using the cheesiest lines both in and out of the bedroom

-Playfully smacking him as you laugh so hard you snort

-Using his powers to try to undress you while the two of you are still in public

-He’s sooooo into neck kissing and like honestly that’s a sexual experience for him right there

-He could go down on you for hours and tbh just let him he loves it

-If there’s something the both of you want to watch on tv, doggy style so neither of you has to be faced away from the screen

-If you ever spoon there’s a 100% chance of him grinding up against you Bc he’s needy

-Hes so needy for kisses during sex he keeps kissing you the whole time, and even moans into your mouth at some points

-All of his underwear is joke underwear and he tries to make you laugh while you’re taking his clothes off

-He thinks he sexiest thing on earth is dancing with you so he takes you dancing sometimes when he’s feeling frisky and ends up bringing you to the bathroom

-Using his powers. Certain … uhhhhh parts of him vibrate

-He’s so noisy omg so many high pitched moans and whines

-He likes to tease you but if you try to tease him he gets really pouty and unhappy because he is the most impatient guy

-If you ever give him hickies he shows them off proudly and tells everyone exactly who gave them to him

-Him being a biiiiig sweetie afterwards and kissing you all over and holding you really really tight as you fall asleep

Request anything you’d like to see! My ask box is open!

The Parts of the Gotham Fandom

(Some people are in Multiple parts)

Classic Batman Fans: They don’t like Nygmobblepot or some of the other parts that stray from the cannon story. More critical when watching.

Nygmobblepot shippers: They love the new content. They live off of Nygma and Penguin. Many are currently in denial or distress. This is where the most emotional trauma and tears occur.

The Jerome Cult: Now they are just freakin’ crazy. They can quote all of his scenes and has seen his episodes multiple times. To them, even frankin-Jerome is the sexiest thing on the show. Nicknames for Jerome here include, dad/ daddy, son, or puddin’

The Zsases : They love Zsas. Every time he comes on the screen is a blessing. Seriously we need more of him. Also he is perfect in every single way possible.

Fetus-Bats Gang: The reason they watch is all for Brucie and his gang. They love seeing him and comparing him to Batman. The most popular ship here is Selina and Bruce.

GCPD Officers: Jim Gordon makes the show for them. Whether they ship him with Lee, Vale, Bullock, Penguin, or Barbara, they are all united under the cinnamon roll that is Jim.

Sirens: Babs and Tabs. They love the woman power and pure ferocity is the Gotham sirens in Gotham. 

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I know that the lori x rick original power couple was a response to richonne, but do you think that it was because the response was overwhelming positive or negative? And I might be wrong but I smell the hand of Chris Hardwick on it!


I think there’s several factors that’s leading to some of this fuckery going on. One of them being that the official TWD accounts have always been lukewarm at best when it comes to Richonne. Now the picture itself doesn’t really bother me (I’m not threatened by a dead woman, and she was important to Rick). The issue is with their use of the “power couple” moniker, which is just wrong. But whatever. 

Anyway, I think the overwhelming response to this episode has been positive. I haven’t really seen much in the way of a bad review (at least not across my dash), and most of the people who had issues focused on two things. That awful CGI deer (lol, but true) or Richonne (obvious haters and racists. Anyone who wants to debate this with me can @ me and I’ll explain to you how after 5 seasons of build up, cast and crew confirmation, Andrew fucking Lincoln Captaining the hell out of the ship, why you are wrong, a hater, and more than likely racist). The negative response I think was small, but they’re often a vocal lot of asswipes who are pained about what is happening, which is this:

  • TWD is the most popular TV show right now. (Say what you will about it’s quality, it’s super popular and that’s important) As such, we have the White Male Lead (played by one of the most attractive, sexy, intelligent, talented actors) in a healthy, stable, loving, sexual, equal relationship with the Dark-Skinned Black Female Lead (yes she is the lead), with dreadlocks. The actors have unbelievable chemistry, they gush over each other every chance they get, they genuinely enjoy and believe in Richonne, and they’re fucking gorgeous together! That doesn’t sit well with certain parts of fandom who would rather their white fave go with bland and basic (so they can see themselves getting fucked by him rather than seeing him make beautiful love to Michonne)
  • I think “Say Yes” was a genuinely great and memorable episode, up there with last year’s 6x10, The Grove, A, the Pilot, and Clear. Apart from pilot and the Grove, some of TWDs best episodes tend to have one thing in common and that’s Richonne. Scott Gimple’s obviously a key factor in that, since he’s been crafting this ship since Season 3 and pays extra attention to their development, which also upsets certain aspects of the fandom. 
  • This week’s been a great week for Richonne. The episode was amazing, the reviews largely positive, the interviews shed further light on how much fun the actors and crew had on set, ANDREW LINCOLN’S COMPLETE LACK OF CHILL IN MADRID, has left some people pressed and petty. 
  • Richonne (the single best, well crafted, healthiest, sexiest relationship on TV right now) are being hoisted (in-show and by TPTB) as a critical part of the show and the upcoming “All Out War” narrative. Again, people are pressed and petty.

I could go on and on about how when something good happens to Richonne, and Michonne specifically, these little pricks need to come out of the woodwork cause they’re threatened and fragile and more often than not racist.

And let us be very clear here, Michonne’s Dark Skinned Blackness, her Dreadlocks, her rise above the mediocre Eurocentric standards of beauty that black women are constantly subjected to, yet she is LOVED for, not just by Rick, but by Carl and Judith, is a KEY FACTOR in why stupid fucktwats are popping up now calling Richonne disgusting

But, I digress. Yes, I think the overwhelming positive response to Richonne has caused a backlash of sorts. Do I think CH has anything to do with it? Possibly in influence only by way of the way he discusses certain things on the show, but not directly with AMC’s social media accounts or anything. He speaks for that certain section of fanboy that like to nerd out over their white faves and overlook everything all else to serve that. I don’t spend time thinking about him too much. 

Thanks for the ask! Sorry for the long response!

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I have no gag reflex and extremely flexible, so would Junkrat and Roadhog treat that knowledge? ;)

I’m jealous



The dude gets a boner whenever you do the splits, it’s the sexiest thing to him for some reason, seeing you bend your body in such ways. More so when it shows off a part of your body like your legs or butt. He really likes to watch you stretch.


It’s a good thing you don’t any gag reflexes because this guy is huge. It will come as a complete surprise to Roadie if you were able to take all of him into your mouth, like, holy shit that’s impressive. He might be a bit selfish about from time to time because, hey, being deep-throated feels amazing and it’s seriously impressive with your lack of a gag reflex.


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Pairing: Eric x reader
Prompt: After the events that took place in ‘Princess’ the relationship between the reader and Eric takes a dramatic shift.
Fandom: Divergent series
Word count: 3304
Warning: Mentions of smoking and sex, strong language

A/N: This is part two to my fic Princess so i would highly suggest reading that first. Enjoy and please read the authors note at the bottom. - Lola


Three months have passed since everything that went down on the mission and saying that things between Eric and you had changed didn’t even begin to explain it. The dynamic between the two of you was odd to say the least. Before your relationship was defined by petty insults and the occasional brawl. Now things where different. The two of you where still at each others throats most of the time. But now there where times when punches and slaps where replaced with kisses and bites. Harsh words where replaced with the occasional sweet nothing or dirty whisper.

The Dauntless people weren’t to sure how to react to it all. It wasn’t much of a secret before that you guys hated one another. But now you two went from screaming low blows at each other one moment to being caught making out and trying to cop a feel in some dark corner of the compound the next. Rumors spread like wildfire every time the two of you where seen together. It wasn’t much a surprise really, the dauntless could almost give candor a run for their money when it came to gossip, especially when it concerned a leader.

Four and the rest of your friends openly disapproved of you 'relationship’, as they often called it. Eric and you where not dating, No the two of you where simply having some fun. There was no denying that he was attractive to say the least and he most certainly knew what he was doing in bed, so why not take the opportunity?

There was only one thing that bothered you, the fact that it was impossible to deny that you had some kind of twisted crush on him.

You didn’t know how to explain It but somehow in the span of three months your strictly physical relationship had developed into something more, at least for you it had.

You knew Eric was an asshole, you most defiantly knew that, and you made sure to remind him often. Just like how he often reminds you that he thinks that you’re a spoiled brat by calling you Princess. Somehow over the span of time you had secretly grown oddly fond of the nickname.

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Hay! Can I request A to Z game (B,M,O,S,T,X) for Chance Valentine from Gangsters in love, I hope it is okey with you! P.S. Love your writting!!!


A to Z NSFW Headcanon: Chance Valentine

B = Body part (Their favourite body part of theirs and also their partner’s) Chance loves his arms. He works out enough to keep himself pretty cut, and his biceps and triceps definitely show it. He also knows how much you like his muscles ;) His favorite part of you is your butt. Chance Valentine is totally an ass man. From admiring the view when you bend over to get something, to smacking your butt as you walk by, to casually copping a feel, the Boss loves your ass.

M = Motivation (What turns them on, gets them going) He gets really turned on when he sees how much you want him. He’s always down for sex, but it’s when he sees that you want to do the do that he REALLY gets going.

O = Oral (Preference in giving or receiving, skill, etc) Chance doesn’t have a real preference, he loves a good blowjob, especially if he’s seated and can relax and just watch you suck him off on your knees. But he also greatly enjoys making you cum with just his tongue. He’d prefer to start sex off with oral, whether if goes both ways or not. He is amazing at pleasing you with his mouth though… he doesn’t even need to use his fingers (that’s not saying that he doesn’t). He can have you cumming in a hot sec.

S = Stamina (How many rounds can they go for, how long do they last…) Can go for multiple rounds, with short breaks. He is a very fit man so if you want to fuck all night long he can totally make that happen. Each round usually lasts about fifteen minutes. Between rounds he usually goes down on you, offers a massage, or just holds you in his arms.

T = Toy (Do they own toys? Do they use them? On a partner or themselves?) Not a fan of toys. Likes to please you without the use of any artificial aids. He’s damn good at it too. But if you asked, he wouldn’t be opposed to cuffing or blindfolding you.

V = Volume (How loud they are, what sounds they make) Is fairly quiet except for the occasional grunt or moan, but when he does make noise its like these super sexy sounds that slip out when something feels particularly good to him. He also talks dirty. When he calls you ‘babe’ or ‘baby’ while he fucks you it’s almost enough to make you cum.

TOP 10: my favorite touken moments of all times, part 1

Due the lack of touken and my numerous sleepless nights wondering and dreaming about the upcoming reunion, I decided to make a post gathering all of my favorite moments of this tragic couple. So come with me, my child, and join me through this dangerous yet pleasurable journey in where we are going to revive one of their best scenes so far. Let’s go, this way! *gets into the dark cave*

1. The Bite.

Touka’s bite to Kaneki was one of the most sexiest scenes in the manga. I just love the position because it looks as if Touka is holding him, embracing his body instead of just eating him, placing a soft kiss on his neck. And it was definitely the closest physical contact they’ve ever shared, so it makes it very intimate. It also shows Kaneki’s trust in Touka, he allowed her to eat a part of him in order to survive. 

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The Little Things


You had started playing a game called Demi Lovato : Path to Fame and had slowly became obsessed. Jay had of course hated it but then slowly became as obsessed as you were. (These are just snippets of events and it is just basically fluff because I can’t help but see Jay as the type of guy who would do anything to make his girlfriend happy)

You laid on your side with your left hand cuddled in between the pillow and your left temple, your right hand holding onto your phone; your finger tapping on the screen slowly. Jay’s right hand was wrapped around your waist his left holding up his head. You could feel his breath against your ear and as he nibbled on your ear from time to time, his thumb rubbing circles on your left hipbone. The two of you were snuggled against each other for quite some times, dropping comments and giggles here and there. It was the perfect position for the both of you.

It had been somewhat of a routine whenever he stayed over at your place or you stayed over at his place. Given it had been rather hard to even get together these past few weeks, him with his busy schedules with his new album released and you with your preparations for your new album.

“This guy will probably be the third person.” Jay commented as you tapped on your screen again continuing with the game.

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Ishqbaaz-June 5, 2017-Reactions


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ooooo LiNgErIe

Originally posted by oyebabli

i’m loving it

for literally how long have i been saying that shivaay needs to fuck his wife?!?!?! FOR TOO FUCKING LONG


i definitely skipped the episode where all the shit went down 

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mein dunya se lad sakh thi shivaay, paar ab se nahi 

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i literally knew exactly which part of o jaana they’d play for this scene. honestly these people should just hire me, i already know everything about the show

okay. legit tho. neck kisses are the SEXIEST THINGS EVER. 

shivaay def got a boner 

and annika is def wet (pun intended) 


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okay something that’s becoming one of my favorite things in this show is shivaays smile after making annika blush 

Originally posted by tellywoodtrash


can. they. just. have. one GOD DAMN MOMENT. where annika is NOT threatened by someone. 

Originally posted by momelu

ewwwww…was pinky….watching all of that??? that’s a little…CREEPY 

kamini is so creepy wow. why are like all the adults in this show the WORST

except dadi and janvi, don’t worry i didn’t forget how amazing they are


daaaaammmmnn shivaay you are putting in the WORK to fuck your wife. lights, champagne, roses. hmmm i’m impressed

Originally posted by burntpasta

nakuul looks so handsome without his hair gelled back (still don’t think i’ll ever find him hot, but that bitch has made this bitch blush) 

uff someone PULEASE tell me what blush nakuul is wearing!!

HE DID IT FOR YALLS SUHAAG RAAT YOU FUCKING VIRGIN (there is absolutely no shame in being a viRgin, take all the time you need boys and girls) 

ummmm for all the talk i’ve done about shivaay and annika doing it. NOTHING could’ve prepared me for shivaay saying “i want this to be our first night” and ummm…ya 

i’m QUITE uncomfortable but i still want this for them. but i don’t want this explanation at all. that’s whats making me uncomfortable

i can already tell you annika did not understand. like i don’t even need her to finish her sentence for me to know that

annika’s idea is SO LAME compared to shivaay’s 



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omg its so cute how proud of him she looks 

THERE YA GO SHIVAAY. BE A FUCKING MAN. (also there is no set definition of a man cause gender is fluid)

NOW SHES GETTING IT (mmmhmmm. if ya know what i mean) 

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hmmm whatcha up to there kamini???




i cannot stop laughing right now. this is ridiculous. 

i guess i’m a “two rupee cheapadi” because i’ve even wore lingerie to a party where a fuck ton of people saw me in it. oops. i looked good tho 

bitch he definitely just checked out his wife’s boobs 

i’m kinda for shivaays two rupees ideas

he is EXCITED 

uh oh. i think i know what i’m about to see


also that lingerie is so ugly, like there’s such sexy and demure lingerie that would’ve looked so much better on annika. and you chose a pink rag???

you can totally tell he actually thinks thats really cute 

uff. now we got double saas-bahu drama going on

Originally posted by n-wordbelike

awww that was so cute “lekin shivaay, agar meine aap paar paani nahi phenka, toh mein gussa kaise dikahoon gi” 

that was super cute

hmmmm. interesting technique. but i definitely think someone might get the wrong idea if THATS what you do when you’re angry

can pinky just fuck off. i’m so sick of her. this saas-bahu theme needs to end completely 

she’s not thinking about you in the way you want her to be thinking about to mr. horny sso

don’t tell me it wouldn’t DESTROY shivaay to see annika walk out of his life. and as far as him being illegitimate. the only people that will ever be able to help him get through that are his brothers AND annika. but he will literally NEVER get over annika leaving him. and i wish pinky would understand that. 

June 6-Promo


oh god. ab kya ho gaya???

Hey guys! I just wanted to say real quick! I’m sorry this ended up being so long! I just had a LOT to say about this episode, and i went a little overboard with the gifs! but i had a lot of fun watching this episode! hopefully yall did too! 

Block B in Finland [questions from fans & answers]

[BLOCK B IN FINLAND] Membersquestions and answers for each other (questions from fans)
I actually got a video of this but the quality is very bad.. D:
Don’t know if I got all the things they said but at least most of them~


Ukwon(to Taeil): Did you know that you have this many fans in Finland?

Taeil: I didn’t know that the venue would be this full and I’m so surprised to see all the fans here

Zico: Thats it? KKeut?

Zico (to B.Bomb): What you think about finnish people? Would you be able to keep one as a friend?

B.Bomb: It’s really possible. There are so many beautiful girls here.

B.Bomb(to Zico): Who is the member that is most popular amongst the girls?

Zico: That member is the coolest and puts himself out the best, so I chose Jaehyo

Taeil(to P.O): What was the most surprising and amusing thing in Europe?

P.O: I am so amazed that there are so many people who love us

P.O: I was just wondering if I look ugly..


Kyung(to himself): Which member would you marry if you were a girl?

Kyung: Umm.. Zico… I think he’s sexy…

Kyung: I want Zico to show his sexy dance!

*and so Zico did sexy dance with Kyung*

Kyung: He’s just as sexy as I thought

P.O(to Jaehyo): What is the sexiest part of a girl?

Jaehyo: I think I need a bit time to think this.

Jaehyo: It’s the butt.

P.O: I would like to see some butt dance!

*Jaehyo doing really short butt dance*

Jaehyo(to U.Kwon): I heard that you know one finnish song! Can you sing it?

*U.Kwon sings ievan polkka*


Dirty Imagine #2 - Part Three

“I know baby, but I’m still not done with you”


By this stage we were both covered in sweat, but in a way - that made it more erotic. A hot and sweaty Justin Bieber was by far the sexiest thing I’d seen in my life.

“I’ve been waiting for this moment all night, I’m going to fuck the hell out of you” Justin said with an eager look on his face. I decided to show my eagerness too.

“I want to bounce on your hard cock Justin, please, please fuck me, I’m ready. I have to feel you inside of me. I want Jerry in me. I don’t want to feel a condom, I’m on the pill, it’s okay. I want your skin, on my skin, your dick, in my pussy.” I could tell this made Justin horny.

“Holy shit baby - I can’t fucking wait. I’m going to fuck you, and I’m going to do it right now.”

Without further hesitation, we began. First Justin took me over to his make-up desk. It was a large desk with lots of things on it. Justin was so horny and so eager now. We were both completely naked from before, and by this stage Jerry was rock hard and throbbing again. As soon as we got to the desk Justin bent me over it, so I was leaning on the desk and my ass was sticking out.

“First I’m going to fuck you doggy”. Said Justin, and he sure did.

Without any hesitation, he pushed Jerry into me. The pain at first was immense, I forgot just how big Jerry is. Every inch he pushed jerry in it hurt more, and he stopped so only half of Jerry was in me, and began fucking.

“You okay baby? I don’t want to hurt you.” I told him it was fine, and to keep going. I wanted him inside me badly. I looked in the desk mirror, to see the beautiful sight. Justin’s perfectly toned body, his beautiful hips with the defined V line was thrusting into me from behind. He sped up and I was moaning. With every thrust the pain turned to pleasure. I told Justin it didn’t hurt anymore and that made him go faster. He was still only putting half of Jerry into me, but it was so nice, feeling his hot and thick dick thrusting in and out.

“I want you to put all of your length inside of me, I’m ready.”

Justin obliged, and slowly pushed the other half of Jerry into me. Justin was now balls deep inside my pussy, and it felt great. It felt incredible in fact, feeling the walls of your vagina clinging to his long length.

Now that Justin was all the way inside of me, he began making love to me again. With every thrust he picked up the pace, and he knew it made me crazy when he got faster. I looked in the mirror again, he had another look of concentration, but also a vicious and hungry look, like before when he ate my pussy on the countertop. Seeing him concentrate on nailing me made me incredibly excited, and I could feel myself coming close to a final orgasm.

I was now constantly moaning, I couldn’t do a thing about it. Justin Bieber fucking me was something so incredible; I couldn’t stop myself from moaning, even if I tried. Justin was now encouraging my orgasm, saying things like:

 “I’m going to fuck you until you feel my cum explode inside of you.”

“You won’t be able to walk after this, I’m going to fuck you so good.”

I couldn’t hold on any longer.

“I’m going to cum Justin. Please, please fuck me harder!”

“Good baby, all over my dick. Please” he replied, picking up the pace again. It looked like this:

Justin was now fucking me so fast, his necklace hitting his hard abs after each thrust, the sound of his perfect balls slapping against my ass after each thrust, and the sound of his thighs making contact with my ass after each thrust. I moaned louder and now was practically screaming, Justin knew I was orgasming. I was holding on tight to the desk. Here I went. He slowed down a bit  and pushed jerry all the way inside me so he was balls deep again - and held it there as he felt my juices gushing out.

Justin was moaning too now; after feeling my cum run all over jerry.

“I’m gunna do it too baby, I want you to feel cum travel through you, I want you to feel my load get shot deep inside you.”

So again Justin picked up the pace, and again he was fucking me incredibly fast. He grabbed my hips and steadied me with his hands, and focused on one spot inside me, and kept pumping jerry into me. I could tell Justin was about to cum with his urgency. It looked like this:

“Ohhh! FUCK! Yes!”

“Take my fucking dick, YES!”

And with his monster thrusts at the end, he finally fell over the edge. I felt Justin Bieber cum inside me. He shot his load right into my pussy, reminding me he had no condom. I felt it rushing through me, and it felt nothing short of amazing. Our juices mixed together inside of me, and then he pulled his dick out, panting.

“That was fucking amazing!”

I nodded, being lost for words.

We had a shower and I washed his body and he washed mine, giving my clit a little play while he was at it – he just couldn’t help himself. We went back into the dressing room and turned the TV on.

“I better be going soon.” I said.

“You were so amazing, we have to do it one more time before you go. You never bounced on my dick like you said you would.” Justin said with a wink. We both laughed, as I put my hand under his shirt and continued watching TV.


Part 4 will be out within 1 week. It will be the finale. Thanks for the support and stay tuned! Follow my main blog if you haven’t, for pictures of jerry. ;)

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How lieutenants would compete for title of 'sexiest lieutenant'

Nanao Ise: Nanao would refuse to take part in it.

Marechiyo Omaeda: Bribe the judges with his jewelry.

Izuru Kira: Just be himself.

Isane Kotetsu: Shyly move around and say she wasn’t interested in the title.

Momo Hinamori: Stick next to Isane’s side, say she didn’t want to participate.

Renji Abarai: Walk around with the top part of his hakama off and showing all his tattoos.

Tetsuzamon Iba: Use his manliness/coolness to win.

Shuhei Hisagi: Stand off to the side and somewhat participate.

Mashiro Kuna: No clue what is going on so she’d just be normal.

Rangiku Mastsumoto: The boobs.

Yachiru Kusajishi: Not involved.

Nemu Kurotsuchi: Do innocently sexy things. Absentmindedly play with the hem of her hakama and pull it up.

Rukia Kuchiki: Turn red face and say she wasn’t involved.

kimuracarter  asked:

Thanks for all of your writing! I'm sorry the haters are awful. I mean, you provide content for free, and people think they get a say. I don't get it. Anyway, as I just came from Zumba class, would the guys try doing Zumba with their S/O if she asked and started dancing in front them? What would the results be?

ZUMBA IS SO FUN OMG [including april bc yall know our girl does Zumba]:

He’ll encourage this! Exercise is important, and he’ll be glad you are taking care of yourself. He’ll do his best at dancing with you, but he finds himself faltering a lot when he glances at you.

You are…really good at this. Plus, he likes to do more graceful, slow dances when it comes to his S/O, so poor baby will be trying his best. He’ll be staring you for pointers.

[And just because, because MM honey you WORK IT]


Ehh, he’s gonna be a lot more hesitant when ot comes to dancing. You’re gonna have to tease him and ask him if he’s scared and that’ll get him up and dancing right quick.

[Granted it’s more of an angry, competitive dance, which has you tryin’ not to laugh your ass off]

He does get distracted when the hip parts of the Zumba come on. It’s been established he is totally a thigh and ass guy, and with the way you’re movin’ makes it reeeaaallly hard to concentrate on beating you at dancing.


YES he LOVES Zumba. If you ask him to join you, you bet he’s gonna jump up and dance with you! He is a pretty amazing dancer, and won’t hesitate to show off. He even does flips and only grins when you whine that that isn’t fair.

[Sometimes, though, he finds himself slacking off because you can dance and just- oh my God-]


It’s actually surprising, but Donnie love to do Zumba!

When you ask him to dance with you, he jumps and sets down whatever he’s doing with an excited, “oh!” He’s actually quite good at it, since he picked it up the day you said you were trying it out.

And lo and behold, when the hip part comes on, he gives you a show without even knowing it. [And LOOORD be still my heart if it ain’t the hottest thang you’ve seen all day!]


YES!! Zumba is like yalls daily workout! [Mostly so you two can avoid having to workout with Raph. Boy is merciless! MERCILESS!!]

Sometimes ot becomes a game, who can come up with either the goofiest/sexiest dance move, and have it match the beat. It goes two ways, yall fall the floor laughing, or yall just fall to the floor, yknow? 😏

Silent Hill: Shattered Memories Explained

Haven’t done an ‘Explained’ article in a while, but I recently got the itch. For the uninitiated, these articles are basically plot summaries that also break down the symbolism and long-term effects of plot points. I’ll also throw my two-cents in now and then for good measure. The whole thing is framed like a dialogue between me and you. This breaks up the monotony of walls of text and also delves into some things right when questions about them may arise. We’re doing Silent Hill: Shattered Memories this week because I feel as though it is horribly misunderstood. Hopefully, this write up will get you to appreciate the little things it does just a little bit more. 

What’s the deal with Shattered Memories? Why the random name?

Silent Hill: Shattered Memories is the seventh installment in the Silent Hill series, and was originally advertised as a “re-imagining” of the original Silent Hill. It first came out for the Wii, but was eventually ported to the PlayStation 2 and PSP. The game was developed by Climax Studios, which was the same team that developed Silent Hill: 0rigins. The subtitle ‘Shattered Memories’ quite literally refers to the shattering of memories. Your protagonist spends the game piecing together things that happened for their therapist. 

Why would they remake or reboot the original Silent Hill? It was amazing!

I agree. The original Silent Hill was amazing. But this isn’t a remake or a reboot. In fact, I wouldn’t even call it a “re-imagining.” Konami and Climax tried to play the big twist of this game too close to the chest and from a PR perspective it shot them in the foot. We’ll get more into that later. 

Alright… well, I’m guessing you play as Harry Mason again. 

Well, it is a game that is based on Silent Hill so that would make sense. You start Shattered Memories off in a psychiatrist’s office with a doctor pouring himself a glass of whiskey. This is actually the first change step away from the original Silent Hill. This man is actually Dr. Michael Kaufmann – a major antagonist of the original game in a completely different role. During the course of the game, you’ll flip on several occasions between Harry Mason’s perspective in Silent Hill after his car crash to the psychiatrist’s office where Dr. K issues a lot of cryptic advice on why you see things the way you do. 

The car crash does happen though. Harry lost control of his car on the icy roads and crashed into a snowy embankment. When he wakes up, he realizes that his daughter Cheryl is missing and sets out to find her. 

Does the same stuff happen in the game? 

Somewhat. After heading into the town, he arrives at one of two classic Silent Hill locations: Diner 52 or Goold Ol’ Days bar, where he meets Officer Cybil Bennett or a bar maid. Surmising that he is suffering from amnesia, he realizes that he lives at 1206 Levin Street with Cheryl. This too is an important location from the original Silent Hill. Fearing she may be in danger after a few static phone calls, he rushes home when the streets become consumed with ice. 

Consumed with ice?

Yeah. The developers were going for a cold feeling of isolation in this game, so they stuck with the blue ice motif. It works, kind of, but we never really get a great look at the otherworld in this game because combat has been replaced with running from deformed creatures. Ultimately, it makes more sense to run from everything than to stay and struggle. I like that they tried something new, but blue is more of a calming color and I’ve been more freaked out by the grotesque blood and rust otherworlds of the SH 3 and the original game. 

What are you chased by? 

They’re called ‘Raw Shocks,’ and their name is a pun on the Rorschach test, which is a psychological test that uses inkblots and a person’s perception. In the Rorschach test, what a person sees in the inkblots is based on a person’s unique perception. Likewise, the Raw Shocks will look different based on your personality profile. 

So, when he escapes the monsters the ice just goes away?

Yup. He successfully reaches what he believes at the time to be his house on Levin Street. You’re asked at this point by Dr. K to color a picture of your home. An interesting mechanic, as the Levin Street house will indeed look like your picture. Sadly, it’s not. Harry meets Mike and Lucy Stewart at the house and starts to argue with them after they tell him she isn’t there. When Harry claims that they’re in his home, Lucy comments that the couple have lived there for 14 years. Mike then shuts the door and Officer Cybil arrives. She examines his license, which bears the Levin Street address, and decides to take him to the police station. 

Is Cybil Bennet just like she was in the original?

No. Her appearance and attitude is solely defined by your psychological profile. In this game she also isn’t from Brahms; she works as an officer for the town of Silent Hill. There are three different looks she may take on: friendly, brown-haired Cybil who looks way too much like Detective Benson from Law & Order: SVU, aggressive bitch in a police outfit Cybil, and over-sexualized blonde Cybil. I guess the sexed up one looks the most like the original. Regardless, her role in this game is to help Harry discover the truth of what is happening. 

Does she figure out the address thing?

She’s kind of cut off. The snow interrupts their drive and Cybil leaves Harry. He chooses to wander into the forest. He eventually follows a path leading him to Midwich High School’s football field. Cybil calls him and tells him to wait for her at the school’s gym, as it is used as a shelter during snow storms. While at the school Harry meets a girl called Michelle Valdez. She claims to have known his daughter Cheryl and shows a picture, but in it Cheryl is an adult and Harry rejects that it could be her daughter. 

There wasn’t a Michelle Valdez in the original Silent Hill.

I know. She’s the only major character in this game who doesn’t have a Silent Hill counterpart (though a part of me feels like her sexiest model was inspired by Cynthia Valasquez). In this game she works and lives in The Balkan as a singer and bartender. Michelle was at the school waiting for people to attend the high school reunion. She was the only person that showed up, and, like Cybil, exists mostly to challenge what Harry knows in this game. 

What happens next?

Harry follows Michelle to The Balkan, which is a popular young adult night club (not a church, though it is a representation of sin in this game). While there, harry finds a young woman identifying herself as Dahlia. This confuses him. She’s surprised at his confusion and tells him that she came to pick up the SUV parked outside to take Harry to Simmons St. where he would meet up with Cheryl. 

Dahlia is a young woman that wants to help Harry? 

The Dahlia of this game is also different. She, like Cybil and Michelle, also has three different appearances based on your psych profile. One Dahlia is overly seductive, another is a punk, and the third is a stoner. They’re all made to look like villains for some reason (like the original Dahlia), but none of these are what the real Dahlia of Shattered Memories looked like (again, more on that later). I will say though that each bears a vague resemblance to Heather Mason from Silent Hill 3. 

So Harry stupidly gets in the car with Dahlia?

It’s not as bad as you might assume. Again, in this game Dahlia is different. The two make small talk and are relatively civil. All is not great though. Upon reaching the bridge on their way through the town, the ice otherworld takes over and Dahlia (and the bridge itself) freezes over. The SUV then plummets into the water below, trapping the two inside. Harry tries to escape while Dahlia remains completely motionless. 

Game over?

That’s one eventuality. You have the option of turning on the radio and escaping or drowning. If you escape, you’ll awaken in Alchemilla Hospital, having been saved by Cybil. He freaks out and describes what just happened to him, but she writes him off. Then another ice otherworld moment occurs mid-conversation (again, right when Cybil is questioning Harry’s beliefs). Afterwards he runs into Lisa Garland, who has been involved in a car accident. Harry decides to escort her to her apartment where she can get medicine to help with her headache (fun fact: her pills bottle says “Claudia” which is a throwback to PTV and White Claudia from the original Silent Hill). She falls asleep on her couch and Harry leaves. He heads towards Toluca Mall, but Lisa phones him and begins pleading for help. 

Please tell me they don’t kill Lisa again.

Oh, yes they totally do. Depending on the player’s previous actions, Lisa will either be dead or dying when you return to her apartment. She actually bleeds out in pretty much the same way as in the original Silent Hill. Cybil will appear and order him to freeze.  She says that she knows he isn’t “Harry Mason.” That’s when the ice otherworld makes another appearance.

 Not Harry Mason?

Bear with me. Harry finds himself inside Toluca Mall. He eventually does make it to Simmons St. where he was supposed to meet Dahlia and finds an older version of the one he met before. She takes this moment to reveal that they are married and that Cheryl is at the lighthouse (which should be a huge callback to the original). The ice otherworld then reappears, freezing her again. Harry finds himself in an area similar to the Nowhere location of the original game and enters what appears to be Cheryl’s bedroom before falling asleep on the bed. 

He’s married to Dahlia in this one?

Trust me, this is going somewhere. When he wakes up in Cheryl’s room, Michelle is beside him and offers a ride to the lighthouse. During the ride, an argument between Michelle and her boyfriend, John, breaks out and they both leave the car. Having to fend for himself again, Harry finds himself in the sewers (which, for the record, were my least favorite place in Silent Hill). He eventually reaches Annie’s Bar, where Michelle tells him that she dumped John (this is a bit of a red herring at the time, but I think their relationship is supposed to mirror Dahlia and Harry’s). Anyway, she tells him that he can reach the lighthouse by crossing Toluca Lake using a boat behind the amusement park.

Here we go. Now this is starting to sound like Silent Hill. 

Well, it is Silent Hill so it should. Regardless, Harry passes through the park and finds a boat at the more. Inside, Dahlia (the young one this time) is there again and they agree to go to the lighthouse together. Along the way, Harry is seduced by Dahlia. Again, the ice otherworld strikes and Dahlia freezes. The lake cools over and Harry makes his way to the lighthouse on foot. The ice cracks and breaks, leaving him to swim over. Cybil is on the lighthouse’s shore and saves harry once again. 

Why are these people all appearing out of nowhere? 

It’s building to something. Harry snatches Cybil’s gun, saying he won’t let her stop him from finding Cheryl. She again states that she has no idea what is going on, but after looking up his file it clearly showed that Harry Mason died 18 years ago in a car crash. When she leaves, Harry enters the lighthouse, which is actually Dr. K’s psychiatric office.


That’s right. Harry Mason is dead and has been for 18 years. The reason why the ice otherworld froze over anything and anyone that lead to the truth was because of who was talking to Dr. K in his office. It wasn’t Harry Mason; it was his daughter Cheryl Heather Mason. Now 25 years old, Dr. K explains how Cheryl has been holding on to the memory of her beloved father. She hasn’t been able to grow or move on as an adult, because she’s fabricated this fantasy in which her father survives the car crash and is the hero of the story. She constructs a world in which Silent Hill is nightmarish and Dahlia, who is actually her mother, is a villain. 

Why is Dahlia a villain?

It’s revealed in the end that Cheryl’s parents divorced right before the car accident that killed her father. She blamed her mother and resentfully portrayed her in her make-believe world as a terrible person. Dr. K even states, “She’s not the monster you make her out to be.” 

So, did Harry really live at 1206 Levin Street?

Yup. Back when he was married to Dahlia, before his accident 18 years ago. The new residents [see above] have only been there 14 years.

What was Harry in this game if the real protagonist is Cheryl?

Harry is a mental manifestation that believed that he was real, similar in nature to Maria from Silent Hill 2. Both are based on real people and share those people’s memories, but the personalities and actions differ based on the requirements of their creators (Cheryl and James from Silent Hill 2). In this iteration, Harry was a professional writer (he states to Lisa that he wrote a novel called “Longing for the moon”). Who died in a car crash in Silent Hill…similar to what happened in the bad ending of the original Silent Hill.

Wait a minute. Are you saying that this is what would have happened if the Bad Ending of the original Silent Hill were canonical? 

Yup. This is what happens to Harry’s daughter if he died in that car crash. It is essentially an alternate timeline to the series. Which is why I maintain that it isn’t a “re-imagining” or reboot. 

How does it all end? 

Pissed off at Cheryl’s reluctance to accept the fact that Harry is gone, Kaufmann throws his drink at the wall and yells at her. Suddenly, Harry enters the therapy room during the discussion and Cheryl looks over towards him. This is where the multiple endings kick in. Based on your psych profile, you can have a few different conversations with Harry. 

The first conversation is Cheryl letting go of the painful memory of her father’s death. In it she says, “You’ve been with me for so long,” to which Harry replies, “I always will be.” He smiles and freezes. The Second is her not forgiving Harry for dying, and him telling her that she should forget him (he says this before shattering into pieces). Finally, the third is of her continuing to be delusional and refusing to let go of the image of her father as a hero. It’s similar in nature to Silent Hill 2’s Maria ending. 

After this conversation a videotape scene plays (again, depending on your psyche profile) that provides a bit of context to the events before the game. In the ‘Love Lost’ videotape, Harry and Dahlia are next to the care as Cheryl and he are getting ready to leave. He tells her that the divorce wasn’t her fault. In ‘Drunk Dad,’ Harry arrives home drunk and begins to yell at Cheryl. In this context, Harry was a drunk and an addict that was possibly abusive to his family. In ‘Sleaze and Sirens,’ Harry lies on a bed with Lisa and Michelle while on the boat. They ask him if they can be in his next book and if it can be dedicated to them. He says that it was only fair to dedicate it to his wife and daughter, which implies that he was adulterous while still living. Finally, the ‘Wicked and Weak’ videotape shows Dahlia as an abusive wife towards Harry, who berates him for not having enough money and calls his novels shit. The interesting thing is that only one of these tapes might be true or all of them might be true. 

There’s also a UFO ending on the second playthrough in which Cheryl believes that her father was abducted by aliens and that Silent Hill was built on a giant spaceship. 

To close things out, I really hope you give this game a second playthrough if you breezed by it the first time. There are so many areas to explore, phone numbers to call (the Konami Customer Service Line is the best), and alternate events to watch. It is a totally unique psychological, survival horror and should be a favorite among fans.