the sexiest part of the show

The Parts of the Gotham Fandom

(Some people are in Multiple parts)

Classic Batman Fans: They don’t like Nygmobblepot or some of the other parts that stray from the cannon story. More critical when watching.

Nygmobblepot shippers: They love the new content. They live off of Nygma and Penguin. Many are currently in denial or distress. This is where the most emotional trauma and tears occur.

The Jerome Cult: Now they are just freakin’ crazy. They can quote all of his scenes and has seen his episodes multiple times. To them, even frankin-Jerome is the sexiest thing on the show. Nicknames for Jerome here include, dad/ daddy, son, or puddin’

The Zsases : They love Zsas. Every time he comes on the screen is a blessing. Seriously we need more of him. Also he is perfect in every single way possible.

Fetus-Bats Gang: The reason they watch is all for Brucie and his gang. They love seeing him and comparing him to Batman. The most popular ship here is Selina and Bruce.

GCPD Officers: Jim Gordon makes the show for them. Whether they ship him with Lee, Vale, Bullock, Penguin, or Barbara, they are all united under the cinnamon roll that is Jim.

Sirens: Babs and Tabs. They love the woman power and pure ferocity is the Gotham sirens in Gotham. 

TOP 10: my favorite touken moments of all times, part 1

Due the lack of touken and my numerous sleepless nights wondering and dreaming about the upcoming reunion, I decided to make a post gathering all of my favorite moments of this tragic couple. So come with me, my child, and join me through this dangerous yet pleasurable journey in where we are going to revive one of their best scenes so far. Let’s go, this way! *gets into the dark cave*

1. The Bite.

Touka’s bite to Kaneki was one of the most sexiest scenes in the manga. I just love the position because it looks as if Touka is holding him, embracing his body instead of just eating him, placing a soft kiss on his neck. And it was definitely the closest physical contact they’ve ever shared, so it makes it very intimate. It also shows Kaneki’s trust in Touka, he allowed her to eat a part of him in order to survive. 

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XOXO the sexiest Smythe. 

More thoughts on Mad Max

Something else I really liked about the movie is that although the wives are objectified as literally as possible by Immortan Joe (’My property’, ‘My things’, etc) the audience is never forced or allowed to participate in that objectification.

Even the ‘sexiest’ scene in the movie, when the wives are washing and Max sees them, is almost less about them than the water; and they are never relegated into desirable body parts (breasts, butts, etc). They are always active, they are always whole people.

A part I absolutely loved was when Nux woke and saw the wives, and I thought ’oh great, he’s going to comment on how hot they are and it’s going to be jarring and gross’ But no. Oh, he commented on their beauty, in his own slang and references, which the audience were not included in. We can guess ‘chrome’ and ‘shiny’ mean beautiful, but any other nuance is lost. The audience is purposefully excluded from seeing the wives purely in terms of physical attraction, and I love that.
Trudeau Will Be The First Canadian PM To March In Toronto's Pride Parade
Executive Director Mathieu Chantelois says this may be the first time any sitting national leader has taken part in a pride parade.
By Ishmael N. Daro

“Pride Toronto’s executive director Mathieu Chantelois told BuzzFeed Canada he was ecstatic about Trudeau’s involvement.

“[It’s] big news in Canada but big news around the world,” Chantelois said. “Not only because he is probably the sexiest politician alive but also because there has never been a leader of a country to walk in a parade, at least not that we know of.”

He said no former Canadian prime minister has taken part in a Toronto Pride parade, either.

He said Trudeau also showed a deep understanding and commitment to issues facing the LGBT community in Canada.

“When we met him in his office, he was really serious about talking about trans rights, about equal rights, about immigration, about gay men donating blood,” Chantelois said. “All these things are very important topics for him.”

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A small part of me wants to believe Vegeta was the sexiest alien stud ever to exist, buuuuut he was probably the biggest virgin the show ever saw XD

Artist: @saiyanb plz help me with the name of the artist, it’s slipped my mind
Translator: The Monkey princeling/Lollidrella


Today during a q&a panel I asked Amy about what her favourite part of Root and Shaw’s relationship is and she said Sarah. And that she doesn’t think that Root & Shaw were meant to fall in love but when they filmed the torture scene with the iron the directors and producers saw how much chemistry there was between Amy and Sarah and said they had to continue it because it might be the sexiest thing on the show ever and the chemistry was too amazing not to use. And she also said that her and Sarah are very much alike with where they came from and how they grew up so she said that they get along great and are good friends. Amy also said that the relationship between Root and Shaw felt real to her, and she said: “I don’t know what that says about me😜… Just kidding I’ve been married for 10years. ”

This all happened as if Amy and I were the only ones in the room having a conversation, she is very engaged to whichever audience member asked the question. I loved it, Amy is so beautiful, humble and kind and one of the best people to meet. She also gives great hugs.

Also the same area that SupaNova is held in is the same area where Amy’s Husband proposed to her.

The thing is, the part of Take a Break right after Philip’s rap when it’s just Ham and Eliza is 100% the sexiest moment of the show. Married couples who like one another and still want to have sex with one another is my thing and it’s so there with them. There’s so much sexual tension. Like, it’s way hotter than Say No To This when Ham is just a disappointment to us all and Maria deserves better.

[TRANS] Quotes from TheSTAR (part 1)

Captivating glare

GC: For this mission, you must show us your glare that will make if difficult for a woman to fall asleep. Of the five of us, who do you think has the most lethal glare?
JY: You can say it’s me.
BR: I’m usually lethal… (JY laughs) I wish to not be anymore.
GC: What about Shinwoo-ssi?
CNU: It’s amazing.
GC: Ohh~ Shall we start with you? Please look at the camera for five seconds, in the sexiest way.
CNU: *glares*

BR: *glares* I miss you.
All: Oh!!!
BR*whispers* Did you see that?

JY: I’ll cross my legs.
SD: I’ll cross mine too.
BR: Are you ready?
JY: I’m always ready. *glares* … Why? (All burst out laughing) 

(Caption: “Did someone ask you something…?”)
BR: Nobody said anything!
GC: “Why do you evaluate me? Why?” (BR: “Why?”)

SD: We have to do something to make it difficult for them to sleep, right? (JY: 3, 2, 1) … *mumbles* So that… before we slept… we cooked that ramen… are you going to eat it? Are you going to eat it? Do you want to eat it? Let’s eat together… with me… what do you think? …. *whispers* Let’s eat… (Everyone whispers)

BR: It doesn’t make sense.
SD: Because with just my glare I can’t…

BR: Either way, Channie doesn’t even have to say anything~
GC: *glares and winks* 

GC: I winked twice.
JY: You should have said “why” once.
SD: Should I wink? I should once. *blinks*

(Caption: “Did something go into your eye…?”) 
SD: That’s it.
GC: They’re tallying the points.
BR: I think Channie will get 1st.
GC: Ah, what are you saying? I liked Baro-ssi’s glare.
BR: Channie-ssi is, even if you close your eyes…
GC: Baro-ssi, even with your sunglasses on… *handshake*
SD: Be quiet, you good-looking guys!

Source: TheSTAR
Trans: roz @ bethe1all4one
Please remove all translations with full credits to source and
PSA For POI Fandom

As much as I love Clexa and Clexakru, this poll on eonline is a very important one for the Shoot fandom, since Person Of Interest is now officially over. With that being said, I need everyone whether you are part of the Shoot fandom or just love Person Of Interest, to go on the eonline website and vote for Root and Shaw. 

The following categories they’re in are:

  • Best Couple
  • Best Drama 
  • Sexiest Moment
  • Best Drama Actress

I believe they’re in more categories but right now our main focus is Best Couple since we are now falling behind. We have until Monday, July 4 at 5 p.m. PT to get this done. Let’s win this for Amy and Sarah guys!