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Let me love you

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Sam Winchester was by far the sexiest person you had ever seen in your entire life.  No man or woman ever had a chance against him.  

From the day you met him he made your panties slick with arousal.

You held out for him. You wanted him to be the next and only person you slept with, so you waited; hoping that one day he would see how much you loved him.

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I know there’s so much Harry going on right now, so I feel the need to cut in and just say .. I love Niall Horan. Everyone knows how much I love Harry but the love I feel for my little irish muffin surpasses that(I know.. seems impossible). Nothing makes me happier than Niall Horan and I’m not ashamed to say that. 

HIs lyric video for Slow Hands is probably my favorite thing in the world and I am watching it as I write this and maybe that is why I’m all in the NIall feels, I dunno. It’s also 2:30 in the morning, I woke up early today and worked all day/night so maybe I’m just a bit out of it but I JUST LOVE NIALL HORAN, OKAY?! 

Niall Horan is the most adorable, yet sexiest, man in the ENTIRE WORLD and I will FIGHT anyone who disagrees. 


(Fun fact that I just realized as I went to press post - I’m wearing my Niall represent shirt he did last summer. Wore it to work and had some girls be like ‘Niall!’ and then saw my 1D tattoo and fangirled even more. Made me smile. haha)

Harry Styles: Wedding Series

Wedding Series #4: Telling The Families

(Word Count: 3, 697)

You stood leaning against the kitchen counter, your arms spread out as you looked out the window above the sink. You could hear Harry grunting in on the deck, his hands gripping the silver handle of the recently purchased barbeque that had been stocked to the back of the garage since it had been brought. Harry wanted to rip it open and get it set up since the weather in London was hot and sunny and extremely rare. You laughed softly as you watched him pull it across the wooden deck, his bottom lip tucked between his teeth as his old and worn out converse trainers scuffed against the wood. His hair was pulled back away from his face in a bun at the top of his head, as a tank top hung low on his chest. His denim shorts were hanging down with the waistband of his Calvin Klein boxers showing; you couldn’t help your eyes from lingering over the soft yet prominent curve of his bum.

It had been 2 days since he’d proposed to you, and it had been a struggle in trying to keep your engagement secret. You could see Harry was bursting to tell everyone but you’d made sure that he kept his mouth zipped until you were both ready for everyone to find out. You couldn’t blame him though. It was great news and you couldn’t wait to tell everyone about it. He’d had a smile on his face ever since you’d said the word ‘yes’, and it made you fall even more in love with him.

He’d wanted that for so long. To know that you were going to be his wife was a feeling he’d wanted to feel for so long. Waking up to you felt different; he’d look at you as if you were already his wife. His beautiful and sleeping wife. You were no longer just ‘the girlfriend’ to Harry, you were now ‘his fiancé’ and soon to be wife. The soon to be Mrs Styles. It made you feel all fuzzy inside. To know you were going to be marrying the man of your dreams in a matter of months, to start of a life with him and have a family with him. You got to spend the rest of your life with him by your side, supporting him whilst he supported you, and experiencing things with him that you’d never experienced before. You couldn’t wait.

You rinsed over the plates and the cutlery that would be needed, the feeling of someone behind you making you turn around. “Hi, gorgeous girl. You look beautiful this fine day” Harry winked, as he placed his hands at your hips. His fingers tickling at the skin as he dipped his hands underneath the material. “What time are your parents coming by?” He wondered, as he pressed a kiss to the shell of your ear, sending shivers up your spine. You reached from the tea towel and wiped over your hands as you turned in Harry’s hold, your hands trailing up his arms and resting at his biceps.

You smiled and stood on your tip toes as you pressed a kiss to the corner of his lips. “They should be here soon, babe. They said 2, and it’s just gone 1:45. Your family are coming by then right?” You wondered, as your fingertips scraped across his scalp softly. His hair was soft against your skin, and he looked ever so beautiful standing there with soft strands falling from the bun atop of his head. He nodded at your question and dropped his forehead to your shoulder, his breath fanning across your bare upper arm. “Is the barbeque set up? I’m guessing you won’t be doing the cooking…” You giggled, as he shook his head and pulled your body closer to his. His palms pressed to the dip in your back.

“Robin said he’d do the cooking. Your dad said he would as well” Harry mumbled, as he lifted his head, and looked down at you. His lips were curved into a grin as he rested his forehead against yours. “Which means I get to just be around you the whole afternoon” He winked, and chuckled as you danced your fingers against the skin of his belly. You smirked as he flushed a bright pink when you skimmed your hands lower and curled your fingers into the coarse line of hair leading from his pubic bone to his belly button.

“Is someone getting a little frisky?” He whispered, as you smirked and peppered his face with kisses. “You are, aren’t you? It’s the tank top, isn’t it? The sexy, low-hanging tank that turns you on so much” He winked, as your hands cupped his face.

“You, Mr Styles, are the sexiest man on the entire planet. How could I not get a little frisky with you?” You winked, giggling as he nuzzled his nose against your jawline. His warm breath was fanning across your collarbone. “But as much as I want to do the dirty with you right now, we can’t because I think I just heard a car pull up in the driveway” You giggled, as Harry’s head rolled back and a grunt left his lips. “Oh, Harry. Stop whining” You laughed, and pushed his hands away from your hips.

* *

You looked to Harry as you both stood behind the front door, a smile on his lips as he could hear chatter come from the other side. He placed an arm over your shoulder and pulled you into his side, as your arm snaked around his waist and gave him a soft squeeze. He looked to you with a glint in his eyes, as the doorbell rang and dinged around the house. A knock on the door was soon followed, as Harry reached forward and opened the door, cringing as it creaked open and revealed both families standing there. Anne had a tray set under her arm with cakes and cookies set upon then top, whilst your mum was stood there with a tub full of her famous apple and pork sausages.

“There’s my beautiful baby” Your mum squealed as she lurched forward and pulled you into a tight hug, your father coming into view behind her. “How are you? We’ve not seen you in ages, my darling. Oh my goodness, we’ve missed you so much” She sighed, as she pressed kisses to your face before unwrapping her arms from around you. The smile on her face warmed your heart, and you’d missed it. You really missed it.

“We’ve been good, mum. I missed you so much. I know I’ve not been visiting much, but we’ve had so much to do and Harry’s been busy and I’ve had work to catch up on” You sighed, as your father pulled you into a warm hug. “How is everything back home?” You wondered, as you squeezed your father close to you. “Missed you, dad. Good to see you” You grinned, as he kissed your cheek softly and let go of you.

“Everything’s well. Not too much going on. We planted the flowers you gave us for our anniversary. They turned out beautifully, and they go well with the whole garden. You have such good choice” Your mum smiled, as your dad nodded and closed the front door. “Your father built the shed he said he was going to build as well… We’re growing strawberries and tomatoes. Gives us some chance to pop over with some when we grow them” Your mum grinned, as you took the box from her hold.

“Strawberries. Me and Harry love them, mum” You grinned, as you watched your father shake Harry’s hand softly. “Don’t we, H?” You smiled, as he stood beside you and pressed a kiss to your forehead.

“We love them” He grinned and took the box from your hold. “I’ll go and take these out to the garden, and set the barbeque up for Robin. Drinks and beers are in the fridge, you guys can help yourself, of course” Harry smiled, as Robin sided up to you and pulled you in for a hug.

“Hello, my darling. Lovely to see you again. I presume Harry’s been taking good care of you?” Robin joked, as you let out a soft giggle and hugging him tightly. “You’re looking well, so I take that as a good thing” He teased, as Harry frowned playfully. “I’m joking, Harry. We can see you’re head over heels for this one” He smiled, as every cooed as he blushed a pinkish colour. “I’ll let you have a hug with Anne. She’s been dying to see you all day” He smiled, as you felt his arms release you and a new pair of strong arms taking you into a hold.

“There’s my sweetpea. How are you? I’ve missed our chats” Anne stated, as she pressed a kiss to your cheek. “Has my Harry been looking after you?” She wondered, as you looked at her and nodded.

“Of course he has, Anne. He’s been a gentleman. Trust me. He’s been wonderful” You whispered, as she squeezed you tightly. “I’ve missed you, Anne. Please tell me you made your chocolate chip cookies?” You pleaded, as she laughed and nodded. Laughing harder as she took in your happy face, as you hugged her tighter. “Thank you so much, Anne! Oh my god. I’ve missed them!” You sighed and pulled away from her. “I always try and beg Harry to make them for me, but he refuses. Saying his baking is terrible…” You pouted, and took the coat from Anne as you placed it over the banister of the stairs.

“Oh, you should tell me you need some. I’ll make you both a huge batch next time, and I’ll bring them up” She grinned, as she followed you through to the garden.

* *

The night time had soon come around, and you were somewhat shocked that your families hadn’t seen the diamond emblazoned ring settled on your ring finger. You and Harry sat on the lounge chair, your legs thrown across his lap as his hands massaged at your calves softly. His shoes had been kicked off, along with yours as the two of you and your families settled down around the fire. Anne and your mother had got themselves hooked into a conversation about Gemma and her work plans in London, whilst your father and Robin had started a conversation about flowers and gardening.

“I’m shocked they haven’t noticed yet…” Harry whispered, as he pulled out the hairband holding his hair back and let the soft strands falling down his face. His other hand gripped a bottle of beer as he looked down at you and smiled. “Should we just tell them? Just out it” He chuckled, as you nuzzled your nose into his cheek. His skin soft and smelling faintly like barbeque smoke.

“Leave it for a couple more minutes… They all seem to be caught up in their own conversations” You giggled, as you watched your mum and Anne munch away on the cookies Anne had brought out from the kitchen. “How’d you think they will react? I know they want to have a wedding soon but… Is it a bit early?” You wondered, as Harry turned his face and nudged his nose against yours.

“Not at all, baby. We’ve been dating for 5 years. I know you’re the one I want to spend the rest of my life with, (Y/N). It’s not difficult to say that I’ve made the right decision. I knew that when we’d reached the 3 year mark, we’d be together for a long, long time” Harry whispered, as you smiled and reached your lips up to press a soft kiss to his skin. “Let’s just tell them, baby. They’re bound to expect it soon, and they’re probably wondering why we’ve gotten them together for a barbeque and a gossip” He chuckled, as you shuffled up and moved your legs from his lap.

“Let’s do it then…” You grinned, as you listened to Harry sit up and cough lightly, gaining the attention of both parents. “Mum, dad. Anne, Robin. We have a little something to tell you” You grinned, as you watched the both sets of parents sit up and place their drinks down. “It’s nothing to worry about. In fact, it’s something we’re going to need a lot of help in” You started, as your mum gasped and covered her mouth.

“You’re pregnant?” She gasped, as Anne’s mouth dropped and her eyes widened. “Sweetie, just spit it out! Tell us! Are we going to be having a grandbaby?” She begged, as you looked to Harry who chuckled under his breath. “Harry! Tell us… Don’t tease” Your mum begged, as your father reached forward and placed a hand to her knee.

“We’re not pregnant, (Y/M/N). We’ve not even spoke much about having babies yet” Harry laughed, as he squeezed your knee tightly and looked at you. “We’ve got something exciting though. We will need so much help in planning for it and organising it” He egged on, as Anne raised an eyebrow. “We’re getting married. I proposed a couple of days back. We’re engaged” He stated, as your mum gasped.

“Of course! How could we forget?” Your mum sighed loudly and covered her face with her hands. Your father laughed softly and stood up, holding his hand out for Harry. You looked to your parents before you stared at Harry, with a confused look on your face.

“Harry came and asked us for permission a few days before. We had a feeling it was coming. But he wouldn’t tell us when” Your father laughed, as Harry took his hand and stood up, shaking it softly. “Enough with the hand shaking, Harry. You’re family now” Your father chuckled as he pulled Harry into a tight hug. “Welcome to the family, Harry. We’re so pleased our little (Y/N) has found a guy like you. But, she’s my little girl. If I see her on our doorstep, crying with a bag packed, I will come and find you” Your father stated, as he held Harry at arms length, laughing softly as Harry’s eyes widened slightly before he let out a nervous laugh.

“I wouldn’t dream of hurting her, (Y/F/N). She means so much to me” Harry whispered, as he watched over your dads shoulder at your mum and his own gushing over the ring on your finger. “She’s just amazing, and I couldn’t ever dream of hurting her or even making her cry in a bad way” Harry stated, as Robin walked over and pulled his step-son into a hug. Harry’s arms wrapped around him tightly, squeezing him to his body as Robin mumbled into his ear.

“She’s a lucky lady, Harry. You keep her close and never let her go. Your mother and I, we love her lots. She’s beautiful and she deserves every ounce of your attention, okay?” Robin smiled, as Harry nodded. A large grin on his lips. “Oh, Harry. I may not be your father, but I am so proud of you. Your mum is so proud of you, and I couldn’t be happier to have such an incredible step-son” Robin added, as Harry squeezed his hand and shook it lightly.

“Thank you Robin… If anyone could be my step-dad, I’m rather glad my mum chose you and not some freak” Harry chuckled, as Robin nudged his arm softly. “My darling, come to me!” Harry called out, as he opened his arms and felt you bundle into his chest. His arms immediately wrapping your body. “I love you, so, so, so much, my darling. I really do. How lucky am I to have you in my life?” Harry grinned, as your mother and Anne walked over.

“Harry, I am so proud of you, my sweetheart. Never have I ever felt so happy for you. The moment you brought (Y/N) home, I had a feeling you were going to be keeping her around for a long while. I like this one a lot, Harry. Don’t you let her go, okay?” Anne smiled, as she pulled the two of you into a hug and pressed a kiss to the top of her sons head. “Remember to give your dad a ring later then. And tell him. He’ll be so thrilled, sweetie” She added, as your mum placed an arm on his shoulder. “It’s a beautiful ring, as well. It suits (Y/N) so much. Not too fancy, but very gorgeous” She whispered, as your mother smiled widely.

“You, Mr Styles, have made my daughter the happiest girl in the entire world, and I couldn’t ask for anything better. Seeing a wide smile on your daughters face when she tells you she’s found the man of her dreams is such an incredible feeling. You wait until you have one. It makes you the happiest” Your mum whispered as she pulled Harry into a tight hug, just as Anne pulled you into one. “Thank you. Thank you for everything you’ve done for her. Me and (Y/F/N) are so honoured to have you in our lives, as well as (Y/N)’s. Thank you so much” She added, as Harry pressed a kiss to her cheek softly, and hugged her before letting her go.

“I love her. So much, (Y/M/N). Thank you for bringing her into the world. Without you, I couldn’t have met such a beautiful and gorgeous girl” Harry winked, as you gasped and slapped his arm softly. “What? That’s the truth. I’m glad they had you, you know?” He winked, as you covered your face with your hands and shook your head. “Oh, stop being so embarrassed, baby” Harry chuckled, as he wrapped his hands around your wrists and pulled your hands from your face.

“Oh, you two” Your father laughed, and sat back down in the seat. His hands picking up the bottle of water he’d been sipping at for the past hour.

* *

You watched Harry’s face light up as Des popped up on the small screen of the iPhone he had held in his hand. He’d not seen his dad in a long while, and it made you feel upset that he couldn’t spend the time he wanted with him. You’d always wondered if he’d wanted to go and stay with his dad for a while, and you wouldn’t even feel offended if he said he wanted to go for a week or two.

“Hi dad, I miss you” He started, as Des chuckled lightly and shook his head as Harry grinned. “How is everything? I know I’ve been bad at visiting recently. We’ve been busy in the studio and stuff” Harry chuckled, as Des smiled and waved a hand. “I should come and visit soon. I’ll bring (Y/N) down and we can have a couple of days just catching up” Harry nodded, as Des grinned and nodded also.

“That sounds wonderful, H. I’ll be sure to come and see you on tour as well. Like I always do. I miss you too, Harry. I’ll come and visit London when I can” Des smiled, as Harry placed an arm around your waist. “Is that (Y/N) there with you now?” Des wondered, as Harry nodded and held the phone further from him so he could fit you in the frame. “Hello, love. Has my son been taking care of you?”

“Of course he had, Des. He’s been wonderful” You grinned and pressed a kiss to his cheek. “I miss you too, just in case you were wondering” You winked, as Des laughed and shuffled in the seat he was settled in.

“Not that I mind having you ring me up, what do you want from me?” Des wondered, as Harry looked at you and grinned cheekily. “What have you got to tell me, you two? I’m going to be a granddad, aren’t I? I know that look, Haz” Des grinned, as Harry chuckled, and shook his head.

“We’re engaged, dad. We’re getting married. Not settled on a date, but yeah. We’re getting married” Harry smiled, as Des gasped softly and his face softened. “Yeah… Pretty amazing, right? (Y/N)’s going to be my wife, dad. I proposed a couple of days ago, and she said yes and it’s all going incredible” Harry sighed happily, and closed his eyes, letting his head drop slowly to rest against yours.

“Oh, Harry… That is fantastic news, son. I’m so happy for you. That’s amazing” Des grinned, a complete replication of Harry’s grin. And you could just tell where Harry had gotten the smiling gene from. “I am so proud, Haz. There’s a reason to come and see you guys. I’ll be sure to stay for a while then. Just for you two” Des smiled, as you felt Harry’s arm squeeze you to his side.

“That would be great, dad. God that would be amazing. We do miss you” Harry sighed, as you yawned slightly and closed your eyes. You felt Harry’s gaze rest on you, a chuckle leaving his lips. “Right… (Y/N)’s getting a little tired, so we’re going to head off to bed. It was great speaking to you, dad. We’ll keep you updated with any ideas and plans that we have, and we can organise a date for you to come up and a date for you to head back. We’d love to have your input in everything” Harry smiled, as Des nodded.

“That sounds incredible, H. You get off to bed then. (Y/N) seems really tired, son. Congratulations, you guys” Des smiled, as Harry waved goodbye and thanked him one last time, before he hung up the FaceTime call and placed his phone on the bedside table.

“Goodnight, my darling fiancé. I love you. I cannot wait for you to be my Mrs Styles” He whispered, as you grinned sleepily up at him, and pouted your lips. “Oh, you want a kiss, hmm? Come here then. Give your husband to be some sugar” He winked, as you slapped his bare chest softly and sighed. Boy, you loved him. How could you not?

#20 He Gives You Butterflies


“Well, darling, you’re going to have to let me see your lovely self eventually,” Harry groaned against the bathroom door. You were getting ready to go out to Louis’ party, and he’d specifically picked out that you were a short black dress. Is was tight, but it wasn’t disgusting. You’d just finished doing your hair and makeup, wanting to look pretty. You slid the doorknob and opened the door, your gaze instantly meeting his. The smirk on his face instantly gave you butterflies all around your stomach. Before you could do anything, your back was pressed against the wall and his face was down to yours. “Damn, you look stunning,” he mumbles, before kissing you softly; and the butterflies in the pit of your stomach knew he meant it.


You’d come to one of his concerts - the first one you had ever attended. The various screams off the boys’ names were heard along the crowd, as the show began. You were seated next to a girl who couldn’t have been older than 12, and your best friend was positioned on your other side. Quickly, your eyes found Niall, and wow he looked really good on stage. The thought of him being yours just made your heart beat faster. The time had come for the song Little Things and as he sat on the stage steps, his eyes immediately connected with yours, making butterflies flutter all around your stomach. As his solo came, his eyes never once left your gaze, and you knew that he was singing exactly to you, and he was being 100% serious.


The sun trickled in through the window, stirring you from your deep slumber. Your eyes turned to the side, and you smiled, seeing Liam still fast asleep beside you. You leaned over, peppering kisses all over his face, and you giggle when his nose and eyes scrunch up, and a laugh escapes his lips. He pulls your body close to him, and kisses your temple gently. “Good morning my beautiful princess,” he mumbles, his voice still deep and cracking with fatigue. You blush, feeling your stomach turn and flip with butterflies. You’d always loved it when he called you names like that. Before you know it, your face is being sprinkled with kisses and you giggle, turning and hiding your face in the pillow.


“I dont like it when you feel the need to get dressed up for me,” you hear Louis’ voice call from the bedroom, through the open bathroom door as you completed your makeup. Your full appearance consisted of tight black skinny jeans, a ruffled blouse, and your hair curled in ringlets. You finish your mascara, when a hand catches yours. “Darling,” he says and takes the makeup, setting it down on the counter. “I like it just the same when you’re wearing sweatpants and one of my tshirts,” and with just that, you get butterflies in your stomach from the compliment. “I love you no matter what you’re dressed like,” he continues, and kisses your forehead gently. You quickly walk out of the bathroom and change into pajamas, having a lazy day with Louis.


“Im not going to stop until you say it,” he taunts, overtop of you, his hands tickling your entire body at once. “Fine! Zayn is the sexiest man on the planet,” you scream through laughs, as he collapses next to you. You playfully shove him and in seconds he’s back overtop of you. “Sure you want to do that, love?” A smirk appears on his face, making your stomach fill with butterflies. You bite down on your lip and nod, crossing your arms, and he leans closer to you. “You made a mistake,” he teases, Zayn’s lips nearly kissing your ear. The butterflies grew in your stomach, and with all your strength you flipped him off you, then straddle him. “Did I now?” You taunt back, matching the smirk that was on his face seconds before.