the sexiest beast

There’s a really, really deformed NPC Nosferatu in game by the name of Rupert (although the real name or gender is unknown, they just call him that), who is deformed so much, he has an octopus-alike visage, and literally is a tentacle monster. After watching closely the fashion nowadays, some vampires conclude (in no particular order):

Toreador: And the next thing you know, Rupert is the sexiest beast ever!

Ventrue: Was it you in that porn anime?

Toreador: Do you know Lovecraft made a cult of you?

Toreador: Are Japanese schoolgirls bothering you? Is that why you live in the sewers?

Nosferatu: I had fantasies about tentacles when I was younger.

Toreador: FHTAGN!

Rupert: [makes annoyed slurping noises]