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Fic Recs: Illustrations for The Seventh Tree by Clocks and RaelynnMarie:

Erik has served Shaw, ruler of the desert kingdom Genosha, for years as one of his Elite Knights. His life of unquestioning obedience changes when he meets a man in the strangest of circumstances who is not at all what he seems. (~31k words) 

Comments: So this fic is very, very special to me: it’s the second cherik fic I’ve ever read (very first one was Paper Monsters, also by Clocks), and this is The One that got me into cherik in the first place. The cultural fusion, adventure, great writing, and the slow, sweet and very real build-up between Charles and Erik completely sold it for me. It’s just a gorgeous fic, and more than worth re-reads.

(Click pics for higher res. First drawing based on this illustration by RaelynnMarie in the fic)

Cherik Historical AUs

I watched Jane Eyre. Amazing. Then I went on a cherik historical au marathon for the last two days. It was also amazing. Here are my favorites with a couple of early-mid 20th century. just cus.

The changeling; or, Charles Xavier (a Novel by a Lady) - aesc (PG-13 |Steampunk Historical)
XMFC meets a heavily-revised Jane Eyre meets steampunk. Faaavorite~! Charles is Pietro and Wanda’s tutor. 84K+ words of goodness.

Lost and Found - wallhaditcoming, whitebat (NC-17 |Royalty/Historical)
When Crown Prince Charles Xavier makes the impulsive decision to rescue a man who leapt into the river from enemy shores, his moment of selflessness ends up coming at a personal cost. In the process, however, he gains an ally and a friend. Charles rescues Erik, an enemy soldier. Charles has a heart of gold. Erik is suspicious at first but then gets protective because Charles is always leaping into danger. So good.

White Nights - spicedpiano, tahariel (NC-17 |Alpha/Omega |Mpreg)
Duke Erik Lehnsherr of Ironhold needs an omega to carry on his line, and Earl Charles Xavier of Salem needs an alpha to give him the political leverage he needs in order to make his sister Queen. An arranged marriage brings them together, but Erik’s lust for war and Charles’ hidden agenda threaten to tear them apart. This is one of my favorite AUs EVER. It’s 190K+ words of greatness, and I loved how their relationship progressed from having a mutual arrangement to TRUE LOVE. (There’s also steamy sex scenes. *_*) Misunderstandings, romance, angst, hurt/comfort, virgin!charles, protective!erik, protective!charles etc etc it has all my kinks. ALL OF THEM.

All This and Heaven Too - MonstrousRegiment {NC-17 |Historical: 1700s)
Shall we be lovers, then?” he asked quite courteously, as though they were discussing a stroll in the park. “Or are ye scared?” he put so much emphasis on the last word that it sounded almost like ‘scairt’. 

Better Outrun My Gun - Magnetism_bind (NC-17 |Western)
Erik is searching for the man who murdered his parents. Charles runs a saloon with his sisters.

The Waste Land - nekosmuse (R |SciFi/Dystopian)
The White Queen and her Shadow King sit on their throne, safe behind the psionic shields of the Walled City. The armies of Genosha batter uselessly at the gates, a war locked in stalemate. Magneto, camped in the frozen mud, receives word the Citadel intends to send a telepath to the front lines. The same telepath he met two years ago, who sat across a carved wooden chess set and offered Magneto the first friendly smile in a lifetime. The same telepath who still haunts his dreams. (This is more of a dystopian AU but it’s amazing. A must-read)

Overboard - rhymeswithmonth {PG-13 |Pirates!AU |Non-powered}
In a split second decision, Charles threw his hat aside and unbuckled his rapier from his belt, letting it drop to the deck with a clatter. Then he flung himself over the rail, to Armando’s alarmed cry, and hit the water hard.
Sequel: Take What You Can - rhymeswithmonth

City by the Sea - Black_Betty (NC-17 |Royalty |Arranged Marriage)
Erik is a Prince and Charles is his Betrothed. Arranged Marriage! Erik is an asshole and Charles just wants to be loved. <3

No Longer in Silence - Black_Betty (NC-17 |WIP)
Persuasion AU! I love all Jane Austen AUs.

Something Rich and Strange - winterhill (NC-17 |Mutant!AU |Pirates)
Pirate AU: Max hasn’t seen Charlie since he left him for dead on a beach in Cuba. It’s a little awkward that they’re meeting again now.

The Body In The Bedroom - telperion_15 (NC-17 |Mystery)
Autumn, 1909 – Viscount Charles Xavier has invited friends and acquaintances to spend the weekend, hoping for good company and interesting conversation. But he doesn’t bank on murder being committed under his roof, nor his growing interest in the enigmatic Erik Lehnsherr…
Murder Mystery!!

Wanton in the Air - Rosie_Rues (NC-17 |Mutant!AU |Slave!AU)
In which Charles rescues a gladiator from the arena and soon becomes somewhat disconcerted by this handsome new slave and his sharksome grin.

The Changeling Prince - Regann (PG-13 |Fantasy)
While seeking help to break a magical curse, a soldier named Erik finds himself trying to solve the mystery of a young prince’s illness, a task that leads him deeper into the fickle world of the fae than he ever imagined.

With pulses that beat double - aesc, pearl_o (NC-17)
It has been thirteen years since Charles watched his beloved childhood companion walk out of his life. Now, in fin-de-siècle Paris, a chance overheard remark may lead them to each other’s sides once more.

Taken By His Majesty - Pookaseraph (NC-17 |bottom!Erik |Slave)
A historical romance set during the early days of Rome’s occupation of Briton. Erik tries to kill Charles (who is a king). He fails and is taken as a personal slave instead.

The Gunpowder Files - Tawabids (R |Mutant!AU)
In a 19th century Britain, the wealthy Xavier-Marko couple pay Erik, a hired killer, to put their disabled son Charles “out of his misery”. Instead, Erik saves Charles from dealing with those kind of parents ever again. Charles follows Erik back to London and eventually convinces the assassin to take him under his wing and teach him the trade. When their lives cross paths with a destructive opium cartel led by the shadowy Sebastian Shaw, they decide to take down the businessman down no matter the cost.

Wind and Words - velvetcadence (NC-17 |bottom!erik |Age difference |WIP)
Lord Charles of House Xavier has been out-manipulated by Queen Emma into a marriage with her cousin. Still, there are worse fates than having to wed a handsome child.

The Seventh Tree - Clocks, RaelynnMarie (NC-17)
Erik has served Shaw, ruler of the desert kingdom Genosha, for years as one of his Elite Knights. His life of unquestioning obedience changes when he meets a man in the strangest of circumstances who is not at all what he seems.

The Boy with the Blue Eyes - nekosmuse, pallorsomnium (PG-13 |Fantasy)
We do not breach the void, his mother said, when he was a boy and new to such things…But Erik cares not for their words. He’s spent a lifetime staring into the void, into the startlingly blue eyes of the boy on the other side. We do not breach the void, the songs whisper, but Erik doesn’t listen.

And these non-modern aus. 20th century.

Xmas in Connecticut - Yahtzee (PG-13 |Human!AU |Fluff)
In December 1944, the entire nation loves Rebecca Lawrence - “America’s Most Beloved Homemaker.” Her columns about leading the ideal life in the country help lift people’s spirits on the home front during World War II. But when her publisher asks her to host a war hero for Christmas dinner, the world is in danger of learning the truth … which is that “Rebecca Lawrence” is imaginary. Really, she’s a combination of Raven’s snappy writing and Charles’ knowhow in the kitchen. This is a romantic comedy, a wonderful story which I always read whenever I need a smile on my face. <3

X Marks the Spot by thehoyden (NC-17 |Indiana Jones AU!)
The year is 1962, and Charles Xavier is a professor of archaeology who knows how his students feel, whether he wants to or not. He spends his spare time researching a mythical artifact, but he knows better than anyone that X never, ever marks the spot. Really great powered!au where Erik is on the search for the Tesseract and kidnaps Charles because he needs his help. Lots of delicious sexual tension.

Hier steh ich an den Marken meiner Tage - MonstrousRegiment (NC-17 |Human!AU |WW2!AU)
Erik Lehnsherr is a spy in the SS, and his British liaison is strategist Charles Xavier. Their relationship from the moment they meet to a year after the end of the war.

The Knight and The Dagger - Dow (NC-17 |Mutant!AU)
A Lieutenant in the Soviet Army, Erik Lensherr had no other goals than to find the man that killed his parents. But when a discovery yields a little boy with wings like an angel, Erik is shocked to realize that he isn’t alone. There are other people like him, both dangerous and alluring.

Cannot be Contained in Words - wallhaditcoming (NC-17 |Mob!AU)
Crime syndicate head Erik Lehnsherr travels to London on business, where he meets oxford student Charles Xavier. Their liaison spawns into a years long transatlantic affair, kept apart by Erik’s work and Charles’ studies,which Erik chronicles in photographs.

Dear Soldier - ToriTC198 (PG-13 |WIP}
When Charles’ school decides to send care packages to the soldiers fighting in Vietnam, he chooses to also include a letter and a few personal touches. When Staff Sergeant Erik is the recipient of that particular care package it will spur a relationship that will change them both.

Tessellation - nekosmuse (NC-17 |1960s? |Mutant!AU |Telepathic!sex |Hurt/Comfort |Happy Ending |AMAZING |EPIC |Canon Disabled Character |Astral Projection |Genosha}
He had been following Xavier’s career for years. He had read and reread and reread again everything the man had written. He had tried, on more occasions than he could count, to recruit Xavier into the Brotherhood, but each request for a meeting had been denied. Aside from his work, no one knew anything about Xavier. Not what he looked like, not the full extent of his power–though from what little they did know, he was by far the most powerful telepath in existence–and not what his intentions were.

The man was a recluse. As far as Magneto knew, Xavier had never once stepped foot outside his impenetrable Westchester manor. And now he was scheduled as the keynote speaker for the largest pro-mutant conference in the world.

I guess this could count as canon!au? Charles and Erik meet on their late thirties and they’re already pretty popular in mutant politics. Raven is Magneto’s second in command, Hank takes care of Charles, Erik still hates humans and Charles has emotional/psychological issues (and an alcohol problem). This novel I have read and re-read lots of times because it is really amazing and one every cherik fan should read.

Theme and Variations: War - ninemoons42 (NC-17 |Secret Agent/Spies!AU)
Erik Lehnsherr is a musical prodigy and a man destined for great things and great stages. But his life is shattered by a terrible accident that leaves him blind and trying to find his way back to his life, his music, and his place in the world.

Then he meets Charles Xavier, an agent of Section 8 of the Military Intelligence Directorate of Providence, and he finds himself listening in to clandestine radio transmissions and clicking Morse code, and these sounds are part and parcel of a war that can only take place in the shadows and the hidden places of history.

I mostly read fanfic on my iPod these days. In the spirit of Fanfic Writer’s Appreciation, I’m going to share what’s on there currently!

Reading now

For the Love of Pumpkin Pie by Butterynutjob
The Cherik version of this infamous Thanksgiving Craigslist ad!

Finished Reading, Need to Comment

All the Rest is Rust and Stardust by spicedpiano and tahariel
Yeah, after deciding twice over that I was not comfortable with the premise, I finally caved and read it. Still don’t know how I feel about myself as a person, but it’s definitely an achievement as a story.

Continuing Education by spicedpiano and aesc
Oh man, this one has gone so much deeper than I expected! From “snarky professors being snarky” into a lot of “recovery after abuse” territory and it’s just great, y’all.

Sprich Mit Mir/Talk to Me by papercutperfect

Resistance by Pragnificent
Short-and-to-the-point Hunger Games AU. Very thought-provoking.

Favorite Mistake by endingthemes
Ahhh the Big Misunderstanding trope done to perfection! And with so many feels!!!

Long-Term iPod Residents

The Seventh Tree by Clocks and RaelynnMarie
Builds a really intriguing world and has sexy dancer Charles. Need I say more?

Scenes from a Pineapple Revolution by luninosity
Erik wants to overthrow the monarchy. Being in love with the crown prince makes that a little awkward. (aka Adventures in Turtle Having Fealty Feels and Holy Crap That Was a Good Kissing Scene)

City by the Sea by Black_Betty
jhfdjkkdgiurjkalsdkn The sweetness! The angst! The suspense! skjdfhs

Anarchy in the U.K. by Yahtzee

(good gosh I have a lot more of these than I thought)

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anonymous asked:

Some really good Charles/Erik au's? Both long and short if possible. Thank you Xx :)

Ohh man so many! I think all of these are long fics. Most are non-powered AUs because well, if I added mutant!aus it would’ve been twice as long. O.O But you’re welcome to request more XD

Anarchy In The U.K. - Yahtzee is an epic au where Charles is the Prince of Wales and Erik is a reporter. It’s long and wonderful and full of feels and sex and pining and ughhh so good.

The Proper Care of Actors - afrocurl, Clear_Liqueur, Clocks, Etharei this is also an epic series where Erik and Charles are both actors who are working for Director!Shaw.

Our House, in the Middle of Our Street by clocks is a long, amazing AU where Charles is a social worker who fosters troubled kids in his mansion. And then he hires Erik to work on fixing the many problems at the mansion (He’s a great handyman with a mysterious past). It’s so good, one of my favorites.

Paper Monsters by Clocks
Fill for this prompt: Charles meets Erik Lehnsherr, his favorite novelist of all time at a coffee shop, but doesn’t know it’s him, and Erik just criticizes his own writing in front of his biggest fan.

Their Mouths Always Lie - keire_ke Detective!AU In which Charles is a mentalist sort of, and Erik is the new detective with a mysterious hidden agenda and military background. Charles also thinks he’s a serial killer. Based on Lethal Weapon and the Mentalist. :D

Downtown (everything’s waiting for you) - so_shhy where Charles is a rich CEO, Erik is a hooker with a heart of gold… (In other words, Pretty Woman AU). Soo good!

Excellent Judgment - cimorene is the speed dating!au where Charles owns a speed dating business.

Accidentally Welcome to the Rest of Your Lives - kianspo college!au where Erik and Charles have hate-sex at a party. then feelings get involved.

Appropriate Boundaries - Yahtzee
Charles has been having serious problems with back cramps in the year and a half since he’s been in a wheelchair. Erik is his masseur.

Charles’ Killer - luchia where Charles is a detective and Erik is a killer but more like a vigilante. *_*

come as you are - scarlettblush
Hospital AU. The one where Charles unknowingly woos a coma patient with Pride and Prejudice. Years later, they meet again.

Finally Moving by zarah5 inspired by Atonement where Erik is the son of servants and Charles is the son of aristocrats but unlike Atonement, this one has a happy ending. <3

Guilty by Association - Regann Detective!AU where Erik is a detective and Charles is a reporter posing as a prostitute. Long and awesome.

Hum a Few Bars and I’ll Fake it - wallhaditcoming College!AU! Where they become friends with benefits. then feelings get involved. Erik is a transfer student and Charles is part of an acapella group. <3

Into the Fray - miss_aphelion it’s SO GOOD. ONE OF MY FAVORITES.
Every year, two alphas are chosen from each district for a fight to death, and every year, a single omega is chosen to join them in the arena as the prize.

Erik Lehnsherr’s name has been drawn to compete as an alpha tribute and he is set solely on survival, but he hadn’t exactly counted on Charles, the mysterious omega tribute that isn’t playing by any of the rules.

Mutually Beneficial Transaction - Pookaseraph also a great, long au! There’s a little bit of an age difference since Charles is twenty-three and Erik in his late teens I think? Erik places an add on a sugar daddies website. And he meets Charles. Who is adorable and in need of affection. <3

Not So Much the Teacup - thehoyden Architect!Erik and Charles is a wedding planner working on Shaw’s wedding. :D

Spy Games - manic_intent based on Burn Notice with Erik Lehnsherr as the spy and Charles as the trigger-happy ex boyfriend.

The Opposite of People - kaydeefalls Theater!AU! where they all work in the theatre, Shaw is still a bastard, and Charles is doing his best to get this damn show open with his sanity (relatively) intact.

Into the Jungle - madneto the Tarzan!AU. Yes you read that right and it’s still awesome. *_*

Lost and Found - wallhaditcoming, whitebat
When Crown Prince Charles Xavier makes the impulsive decision to rescue a man who leapt into the river from enemy shores, his moment of selflessness ends up coming at a personal cost. In the process, however, he gains an ally and a friend. As Charles finds himself drawn to both Erik and his cause, he must find a way to satisfy both his conscious and his duty, all while separated from his troops and trapped behind enemy lines.

Ornithologies - tahariel where Erik used to be an angel and now…he’s not. Unlike Charles who is still an angel. It’s so good, their love is epic. 

Tale As Old As Time - madneto Beauty and the Beast!AU which I had lots of fun reading. SO MUCH FUN.

The Seventh Tree - Clocks, RaelynnMarie
Erik has served Shaw, ruler of the desert kingdom Genosha, for years as one of his Elite Knights. His life of unquestioning obedience changes when he meets a man in the strangest of circumstances who is not at all what he seems.

And the Gunslinger Followed - musical_emjay this is a Supernatural AU where Erik is a hunter and Charles is a vampire. Long and satisfying.

A Curious Carriage of Crystal and Cold by Etharei EPIC SCIFI AU where Charles is a miner and Erik is a very important dude. And rich. Tony Stark also shows up and plays an important part. There’s plot! Political intrigue! Mystery! A mysterious past! It’s powered!au as well and amazing.

Ghost in the Shell - MonstrousRegiment another great SCIFI AU and also powered!au based on Firefly! Erik is the captain of Magneto. Charles is a “priest”. Emma is a companion. You now who Logan is gonna be. >:D

Space Jam - Pangea epic epic scifi series. Where Erik and Charles are pining for each other AND EVERYONE KNOWS EXCEPT THEM. There’s also Deadpool omg he is hilarious. :D (Also Logan/Scott and all they do is fight. and fuck. awesome.)

Start A War - stewardess mutant!au where Erik is a cyborg.
Somewhere between gratuitous sexbot porn and a thoughtful analysis of what it means to be human lies this story. Near-future AU. Mutants have full rights. Cyborgs have none. Featuring genetics expert and telepath Professor Charles Xavier, and Erik, a pleasure model cyborg with a mysterious past.

Synchronicity - manic_intent Pacific Rim AU!!!

The Better Men - TurtleTotem Harry Potter AU where Erik and Charles are teachers at Hogwarts (who used to have a relationship). 

The Starry Sky and the Deep Sea by spicedpiano WIP but updated recently. Little Mermaid AU in Space

Hold Your Own, Stack Your Stones - primetime Alpha/Omega based on Mulan. It’s awesome.