the seven deadly sins

The Sins and snow

Diane- She loves it. “King come have a snowball fight with me? Oh no! Let’s make a snow man!” Builds snowman 15 ft tall. Slips all over the place. When it gets dark she takes her shrinking pill and drinks and passes out on kings pillow.

King- Hates the snow. But “Diane is so cute playing in the snow like that 😌”. Stays outside for Diane even though he hates it. Later that night drinks and sleeps somewhere else because he’s too shy to move Diane or sleep next to her.

Meliodas- Gets Elizabeth snow clothes. Insists on dressing her. Ruins the giant snowman with Bann because snowball fights. Makes an ice sculpture of naked Elizabeth. Also creates the ultimate snowball fight barrier.

Bann- “hey cap'n, let’s have a snowball fight? 😏 loser has to run in the snow naked”. Bann pees in the snow. Later that day runs around naked because he lost. Drunk all day to stay warmer. Ends up passed out outside and turns into bann snowman. Also he makes an Elaine ice sculpture and it’s gorgeous.

Elizabeth- mostly stays inside. Cleans up after everyone. Makes hot chocolate. Fails. Gives it to meliodas who drinks it even though it’s awful. Decorated the boar hat. Made hats for everyone. Just making sure everyone is okay.

Merlin- in her lab. Avoiding the cold snow. Performing experiments on subjects she has collected. Later she reads books and is fascinated with people in the snow.

Gowther- confused about why the snow brings so much joy. “Why are they so pleased with the weather? They never before have been? Why isn’t Elizabeth ice sculpture wearing clothes? Why is meliodas licking it like that while Elizabeth watches him?” All in all try’s to understand.

Escanor- wrights poem about snow inside. Stays inside because he is ☀️. Try’s to impress Merlin but she treats him like a child.

All the eyes till now! Well, sort of. I started on Noragami and Black Butler but never finished either of them hahah. Idk, it was just fun to see all the eyes next to eachother. I’m also wondering if I should sell prints of them!

Currently working on Akatsuki no Yona and Tokyo Ghoul eyes and maybe in the future D Grayman eyes~ Oh and also Ao no Exorcist, since a new season has been announced for 2017!

A year’s passed since I’m in this fandom, I’m so happy ;^;

But anyway, Christmas holidays are finally coming, so I was thinking about taking some color requests! From today until 13th December you can ask me to color everything you want about NnT.

Thanks you guys for reading this, and thanks for this beautiful year! 


“And I’ll tell you one more thing. A real sin… Can’t be erased, no matter what you do.” 
 ― Ban The Fox Sin of Greed, Nanatsu no Taizai Episode 7, A Touching Reunion