the seven cities

If winter ends
I’ll collect the hydrangeas
to echo the sound of lost lovers
through the water.
The cry carries, 
dipping the flowers 
into the lake. In both lakes.
Green and blue.
These are the echoes of Antília.
A woman willing to erupt
for soft love. 
I think I was her—am her. She ran
and ran, chasing flutes, until
love was in her mouth,
and then gone after it grew.
Antília cried green because of it.  
She piled her tears onto ash.
Her lover cried blue. They melted
into twin lakes and poured into
the moon hole of a volcano,
separate but always touching.
They reflect the sunlight
in different colours.
They wait to explode.

Alessia Di Cesare, A Legend for the Lakes: Lagoa das Sete Cidades

(a poem inspired by the twin lakes called “Lagoa das Sete Cidades” (Lagoon of the Seven Cities) in my grandmother’s hometown on the island of São Miguel. One side of the lake is blue, while the other side is green. It rests in the crater of a volcano. 

The legend says a princess named Antília fell in love with a shepherd boy, but their love was forbidden by her father. During their last meeting, the two lovers said goodbye and cried enough tears to form the lakes, which resembled the colour of their eyes. Antília’s eyes were green, her lover’s were blue.) 

Fic Masterlist ||

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These are all my multi-chapter fics, not including some of the old ones from 2015 I’m not likely to ever update again.


ben·e·fit. /ˈbenəfit/ “An advantage or profit gained from something.” Natsu and Lucy’s relationship has benefits. The sex is just one of them. But how long can things last before “no stings attached” turns to blatant pining? Not long at all, apparently. {nalu Friends with Benefits AU} | Rated M | Five chapters posted | 14/15 chapters planned


Berserk. Out of control with anger. This is what Natsu was born to be. A warrior soaked in blood. A murderer. This is what Pergrande turned him into. Taken at a young age by the King, Natsu is a soldier of the Royal Army, a creature of rage and violence—a weapon. Lucy is a thief from Fiore with a price on her head. Natsu is sent to kill her. {nalu fantasy AU} | Rated M | 34 chapters posted | Arc One Complete

Caught With Your Pants Down

Natsu freezes, his heart skipping a beat, blood turning to ice in his veins. Did—did the front door just unlock? That’s not possible though. Lucy’s dad isn’t supposed to be home until— // Lucy’s dad comes home from work earlier than planned and panic ensues. Natsu is caught with his pants down. Literally. {nalu modern comedy three-shot} | Rated T | Three chapters posted | Complete


“Chiaroscuro: an effect of contrasted light and shadow created by light falling unevenly or from a particular direction on something.” In a world of black and white and shades of gray, Natsu finds a galaxy of color in the girl at the flower store. {nalu soulmate!AU} | Rated T | One chapter posted


/krāv/ Verb. To feel a powerful desire for (something). They crave each other. And satiation doesn’t come easily. He growls against her again. “Beg for it,” he demands, lips ghosting against her. {nalu smut dump} | Rated M

Deck the Halls, Bitches

One week before Christmas Lucy realizes she has a problem. In her frustration, she may or may not have told her entire extended family she was bringing a date to Christmas. She lied. Cana’s solution? A Craigslist Ad posted by one Natsu Dragneel. Too much whiskey, crazy family members, and a multitude of awkward situations only serve as obstacles. There will be casualties. {nalu modern comedy/holiday fake dating AU} | Rated M | Eight chapters posted | Sequel Pending


Dragons. Fire born beasts larger than houses, wicked fangs and claws that could tear people to pieces. They train them. They ride them. They fight beside them. Eventyr, an academy in Northern Ishgar, is where young men and women go to train for the Ryttere, the military’s Dragon Corps. But dragons aren’t the only thing Natsu and Lucy discover there. {nalu dragon tamer AU} | Rated M | Eleven chapters posted | on hiatus/under revision


There are monsters in the world. Demons that crawl from the blackest pits and breach the Earth, murdering and feasting on the bones of humans. Lucy has spent her entire life training to fight the skeletons in her closet. Natsu has spent his life running from them. Unfortunate circumstances find the pair of them at Saint Katherine’s Academy, a school of black magic and demons. {nalu monster hunter AU } | Rated M | Five chapters posted | on hiatus/rewriting

In the Bones

Natsu and Lucy are from warring clans, each acting as a powerful warrior for their people. Natsu’s clan consists of skilled blacksmiths, crafting weapons from the earth and enchanting them with lost elemental magic. Lucy’s people are Spiritwalkers, powerful seers who can make contracts with ancient spirits from the bones they leave behind. {nalu enemies to lovers AU} | Rated M | One chapter posted | eight chapters planned

Limbic Resonance

Seven people. Seven cities across the globe. They are no longer just them. “Lucy, how are you here?” he questions her, wondering if she knows what’s happening to them. / Lucy only shrugs, her grin widening. “I don’t know,” she tells him, giggling slightly. He laughs along with her, wondering if he’d been hit too hard during his fight. {nalu Sense8!AU} | One chapter posted | seven chapters planned  

newbie - peter parker

word count: 700+
warnings: light swearing
prompt: peter parker imagine where the reader is new to midtown high and she bumps into peter in the hallway / she’s speechless bc he’s cute and pure via: @crybabycth
notes: uhhhhh I kinda wanna do a part two if anyone is down for that :~)

you were- well, you were very scared.

it wasn’t uncommon for your family to move around, in the past ten years you’d lived in seven different cities, but this time was different. your family had moved to the other side of the country, (queens, to be exact) and you didn’t know a single damn person.

not knowing anyone wasn’t so bad for the first two days; your family arrived on friday which gave you two days to settle before it was off to midtown, school of science and technology. you spent the entirety of those two days unpacking, sleeping, and binge watching episodes of buzzfeed unsolved. sometimes leaving your room to eat.

fast forward to monday, and you’ve already made it through your first period class, chemistry, and it was time to go to spanish. being the horribly unprepared student you were, you’d forgotten your spanish textbook in your locker, and currently you were speed walking to make it on time.

you round a corner and skid on your heels the best you can, but you can’t manage to stop yourself before colliding into a warm body and falling back against the floor. “i-” you start, gathering up your textbook and journal, clutching them to your chest before looking up.

you come face to face with an absolute angel.

there’s a boy standing at your feet with warm brown eyes and a dazzling smile, his eyes apologetic as he offers his hand to you. “i, uh- i’m sorry about that. i was in a rush.”

you blink rapidly before your brain catches up and you grab his hand, letting him help you back to your feet. a tinge shoots through your hand at his touch and you wished this wasn’t as cliche as it felt. “i-” you start again and finally tear your eyes away from him, chewing on your bottom lip. “i-i, uh, i uh, was too. in a hurry, i mean.” you flicker your gaze back to him and flush under his soft stare.

he hums and nods slowly, offering you a gentle smile, his eyes crinkling with the force of it. your heart rabbits slightly in your chest and you do your best not to appear as flustered as you are. “where were you headed?” he asks, and if you didn’t know any better you’d say he may be equally as nervous.

“the, uh-” you pause, tucking a strand of hair behind your ear in a nervous habit, your eyes flickering from your feet back up to the mystery boy repeatedly. “th-the spanish, um, classroom.” you realize how dumb you sound and add, “well, one of them.”

the boy laughs and it eases the tension you feel inside you, your eyes managing to stay on him. “me too,” he says, and then he blushes softly, the tips of his ears turning pink. “im peter, by the way. peter parker.”

“y/n,” you reply, adorning a smile for the first time in the conversation, trying to keep your nerves at bay. he was so fucking pretty. “y/l/n.”

peter nods softly and tilts his head towards the end of the hall, jerking his thumb in the direction. “can i walk you to class?” he asks and you feel your heart fall to your ass.

was he serious?

oh god what were you going to say.

no time, the bell is going to ring soon. “yeahs,” you say, and your face scrunches up the second you say it. “i- i uh, was trying to say yeah and yes but i- i just mixed them up.” you explain as the two of you start to walk side by side. you nervously tuck a strand of hair behind your ear as peter laughs softly at your demeanor.

“i like it.” he says, looking you over and making a warmth radiate throughout your body. he’d gotten a burst of confidence and you wished you could relate.

a silent two minutes was shared between the two of you, and it was somehow comfortable. it turns out you were going to the same spanish class, and upon realizing it, peter grins. “guess we’re classmates.”

“guess we are.”

Seven cities in motion

1. A modular city on a series of concentric circular railway tracks. Nobody need commute; you merely wait until your part of the accommodation ring aligns with the appropriate part of the administrative ring, or perhaps sneak through to the entertainment ring inside it or out to the wall ring to look at the mountains. Sometimes an alarm sounds and the rings align in such a way as to avoid or repel a threat from the hole within the innermost track, or from the outside world. Everyone has learned to stay away from the windows when this happens, so who knows what the threats might be.
2. A city of technologically-advanced snails. Having advanced past annexing their shells so that they could bunk up together, they became more ambitious. They formed shell towers, outsourcing propulsion to a small corps of dedicated crawlers, allowing snail farmers and scientists and artists and so forth to dedicate their lives to furthering the survival and knowledge of the snail race. They made glittering atriums and spiral slitherways and triple-horned cornershops and inaccessible, mysterious attics dripping slime down into the city’s highways. Occasionally they visit human cities in diguise as an enormous plate of profiteroles. Always check before you bite.
3. A city in a series of interconnected balloons, somewhere up in the atmosphere of Venus. It has great solar-panel fins to swim it away from Venus’s metallic montaintops. Other than that it blows where the wind takes it, a soft thing in a soft environment. There are others up there just like it, and to a distant observer they might appear to be great wandering jellyfish.
4. A city on an old world, one where every space has been built on and cracked open and knocked down and built on again with the remains of its most recent ruins. The world thus being covered in buildings in greater or lesser states of repair, it falls to us to define a city as its people. These people, banding together in groups of a million or so, roam across this world’s urban deserts year by year. As the climate shifts they move North and South; as the water supplies run out they move onwards; and when the wolves come from the bunkers at night they move their dwelling-places down from the mountains to the sea. In this way the city is constantly on the run. Sometimes it crosses path with another city and splits, amoeba-like, into two hybrid cities heading in diferent directions.
5. A city that was not technically supposed to be in motion, but was swallowed by a fish that refuses to keep still.
6. A city on a monorail. It is a very small city. It currently occupies the third carriage of a train on Line 2 of the Chongqing Metro, and has apparently declared itself an independent city-state. It is not currently a city in motion. The train manager has been called and will attend to the situation shortly. But assuming all that stuff gets resolved in a way that is favourable to the city, it will be in motion soon.
7. A city on a planet that is moving round a star.

reminder that bisexual military boys don’t need to come out of their tents for ANYTHING

that means!!! not even

- the pleas of comrades or old babysitters
- destroyed barricades
- friends hurt
- ships on fire
- ten weighty talents of purest gold
- twice ten vases of refulgent mould
- seven sacred tripods, whose unsullied frame
-yet knows no office, nor has felt the flame
-twelve steeds umatchd in fleetness
-seven captive Lesbians (women from Lesbos)
-Briseis in all her charms, I swear they were never mine, pure from my arms guiltless of my love, etc
-yet more – three daughters in my court are bred each well worthy of a royal bed
-myself give the dower
-seven ample cities in argos
-a twentieth of the wealth we plunder from Troy
-best friend crying like a girl
-honor, deathless glory

NONE of these are worth more than YOUR OWN MENTAL HEALTH.



Hello Tokyo! (03/20)

Proofread: Sophia (@aseria) (*˘︶˘*).。.:*♡

Visual Board Tour Event:

Sendai | Sapporo | Hiroshima | Fukuoka | Osaka | Nagoya | Tokyo

Mitsuki: Okay, let’s begin for today! IDOLISH7’s web program…

All: Kimi to ‘Ai'dolish Nai to~!

Sougo: This web program is presented by IDOLiSH7, and it takes place the same time as our tour to seven different cities, “Visual Board Tour.”

Sougo: We started this tour in January, and it felt like it passed by so fast. Thanks to the fans’ warm support, we finally returned back to Tokyo safely.

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Limbic Resonance (1/7)

Title: Limbic Resonance Part One: The Good, The Bad, The Dirty

Rated: T (later chapters may be rated M for violence and sexual situations

Summary: Seven people. Seven cities across the globe. They are no longer just them. Sense8!AU

Characters: Natsu, Lucy, Gray, Meredy, Gajeel, Yukino, Cobra/Erik

Pairings: Nalu, Kinabra, StingXYukinoXRogue; eventual others

Word Count: ~22K

AN: A very happy birthday to @not-just-any-fangirl! Maci’s a babe and I hope she has a very lovely rest of the day <3 She knew this was coming, but hopefully what’s inside will surprise her just a little ;)

Notes: I’ve made a few changes with Sense8 lore. Instead of everyone being born on the same day, people of the same cluster are a group of people who were supposed to meet in life, but were prevented from doing so. (On FF I’ll make a list of how everyone would have met!)

I’ll be posting this to FF in a bit, but please reblog this if you read it. This took me like four full days to write and I’d really appreciate it!

                 {if you wanna start a fight, you better throw the first punch}

He doubles over, clutching at his stomach as a spike of pain rips through him, tearing him apart from the inside. A fever burns at his skin, his hands trembling as he pants for breath. The bricks are cool against his burning skin, soothing him, and he curls closer, resting his temple against the rock, uncaring of the way it bites into his skin, drawing a thin cut across his bare arm. A gasp pulls from his throat as a second wave of agony  hits him, his skin rippling as it whips through him. Gritting his teeth, he closes his eyes, running a shaking hand through his messy, red hair.

Tears burn at his eyes, but he holds them back, not allowing them to spill over despite the pain—despite feeling like he’s going to be ripped to pieces. He can’t quit now, not when he’s so close. He has to protect this cluster, his kids. He can’t have them.

The shadows can’t have them.

His hands clench into fists, palms shaking at his sides, and he hears a scream split the air: his scream, hoarse and throaty, strained from speaking, from calling for help. Dark eyes snap open, and he quivers as he looks down at the locket in his hands, polished gold glinting in the flickering light, darkness creeping closer, threatening to swallow him whole. His head aches, thoughts muddled together, blurring as he remembers his own birth, his second birth. He remembers his friends, his cluster—gonegonegone. The shadows took them away. All but one. They can’t have his children too, he won’t let them.

A hand latches onto his arm, familiar and warm, a scar on the man’s palm, one he’s known for years and years. He glances up, eyes locking with familiar dark eyes, shaggy, auburn hair pushed off his face. There’s a flash of worry in his eyes, something like terror that makes him wince. The scarred hand slips into his own, a reassuring squeeze grounding him, keeping him from floating away. The touch says I’m here, I’m here, and he wonders how long it’ll last.

A second presence settles on his other side, a shadow. He doesn’t look at it, doesn’t dare meet its eyes. He made that mistake once before, he won’t do it again. He ruined them all because of those eyes, because he wasn’t careful. It cost him his cluster.

“Take care of them,” he murmurs to his friend, pleading. He needs to make sure they’re okay, that the shadows won’t find them. He won’t let them end up like his own cluster—he won’t. He’d kill to keep them safe—his brats. Nothing’s going to hurt them, not the shadows and not Him.

White blinds his vision, his back arching against the wall—pain, then relief. And that’s when he sees them.

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    We’re still caught up in the big, overemotional bubble of this show, so excuse any melodrama… but we may never recover from this. In the lead-up to the show we talked again and again about how terrified we were that they would try to ground the Iron Fist mythos, to keep it in line with the relatively tame magical realism of the other shows. This would have done a great disservice to the   character and spirit of the comics. If you’re going to make an Iron Fist adaptation, you’ve gotta just go all-in and hug the dragon… as it were.

    And they did– and with style. We got K’un-Lun existing in an alternate dimension, we got confirmation of the Seven Capital Cities of Heaven and the Iron Fist legacy, and holy moley, we even got acknowledgement of Danny’s fight with Shou-Lao the Undying! They even kept the dragon brand as an actual brand– which was just going above and beyond. We would like to thank Marvel, Netflix, Scott Buck, Finn Jones, and Shou-Lao for making all our dreams come true. 


Hello Fukuoka! (02/21)

Special thanks to (@aseria) for proofreading (^_-)-☆

Visual Board Tour Event:

Sendai | Sapporo | Hiroshima | Fukuoka

Mitsuki: Let’s begin for today! IDOLISH7’s web program…

All: Kimi to ‘Ai'dolish Nai to~!

Iori: This web program is presented by the seven of us, IDOLISH7, and takes place the same time as our tour to seven cities, “Visual Board Tour”.

Mitsuki: It’s sad that we had to leave Hiroshima. But starting today on February 21, we are visiting Fukuoka! People of Fukuoka, please take care of us~!

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“History in the making, part 18 … This is a moment in time. It’s more than history.”

Jay-Z, photographed leaving his performance at Center Stage in Atlanta during his “Hangar Tour” on November 18, 2006.

The “Hangar Tour” was organized to promote the upcoming release of his “comeback album” Kingdom Come. Hov and his 40-person, three-jet entourage covered 4,000 miles to perform concerts in seven cities in just 24 hours—as well as an interview appearance on Ellen. He began the performances in Atlanta at 6 AM, then traveled to Philadelphia; Washington, D.C.; New York; Chicago; Los Angeles; and finally hit TAO in Las Vegas at 3 AM—where was was introduced by famed ring announcer Michael Buffer. Each show was an hour long, with Hov running through his hits, new singles, and off-the-top freestyles. This 24-hour tour had never been attempted before, and Jay earned himself a “Guinness World Record” for his efforts. The only way to win tickets was through subscribing to the recently-launched Cingular Music streaming service, and those who didn’t win tickets could watch footage from the shows on their phone.

His then-manager John Meneilly had wanted him to catch up on sleep on the private jet between each show, but Jay instead chose to speak to the press and the two grand prize-winning fans who had won the opportunity to travel with him and his crew. On the way to Philly he told Shaheem Reid that “I’m crazy. I’m trying to bring some excitement back to the game.”

A Philly radio competition had granted another two lucky fans the opportunity to travel the 25-minute journey to D.C. with Jay on his Kingdom Come-decorated G5 private jet. Before leaving they rang their girlfriends and Jay graciously agreed talked to them. He has been known to do this throughout the years, and will often agree to speak to someone on the phone if you manage to make it backstage and meet him.

While sitting in his G5 private jet at Teterboro Airport waiting to head into the city, Hov quickly prepared himself a mayo sandwich. He mistakenly dropped it onto his jeans and white sneakers. “Oh, that’s tragic” he said calmly, then asked the flight attendant for another slice, because “it’s really the bread that’s more pressing.” That day a chance for a mini-meal meant a lot more than keeping one of his many, many outfits clean.


  • Kethra is a world set in a fantasy medieval/renaissance period in which dragons–and other mythical creatures–exist and our story takes place.

  • The kingdom of Dracaren is a mountainous but green country, with distinct seasons and a snowy winter, roughly the size of Scotland. It is bordered to the East and West by ocean, to the South by the kingdom of Loranta, and to the North by the Northern Wilds, high mountains where the snow never melts.

  • While there are many small villages and towns in Dracaren, there are only seven major towns/cities or so, and four of these are ports.

  • The capital city, Rhysan, is at the head of three rivers and nestled up against the mountain range that runs through the north of the kingdom.

  • The Royal Den, home to the largest concentration of dragons in the kingdom, is above the capital city in those mountains, as the dragons find it easier to take off by jumping from a height–and they can get to places that people can’t easily walk to.

  • Dracaren is a monarchy, authority ultimately derives from the crown. But each new reigning monarch is chosen not by lineage, but by a Sovereign dragon hatchling.

  • The Sovereign dragon is always female, and only lays the egg of her successor. She lays the egg the day the next monarch is born, and it hatches after about 5-6 years, a longer incubation than any other dragon. Sovereign dragons are always opalescent and the legend goes that it was a Sovereign who first imprinted on a human.

  • When the egg, which starts out white, gains opalescent swirls it is close to hatching. Children born on the day it was laid are brought into the hatching chamber to touch the egg. When the right one does, it will hatch.

  • Often the next monarch comes from the family of the current monarch, but not always. Sometimes the child is not even found within the capital or surrounding villages, and the egg must be taken under heavy guard on a quest to find her rider.

  • While this has rarely been the case, the most recent heir, Thomas, was an orphaned peasant boy and it took months of travel before he was finally found. He was adopted immediately into the king’s family and has been raised by them since.

  • Theodore II is a good king, and the kingdom has been at peace since early in his reign. Thomas’s generation has yet to see all-out war, but Theodore’s remembers it well.

  • Dragons are an integral part of warfare, acting as couriers, inserting spies over enemy lines, and of course as aerial combat units.

  • Dracaren is not the only kingdom to have a dragon force, they’re scattered throughout this world.

  • While this is a medieval to renaissancian setting–knights, swords, armor, etc–there is some magic in the world. The dragons are telepathic, empathic, and likely, since they can fly when they shouldn’t physically be able to, telekinetic. Smaller magics create lights that shine without flame, medicines more effective than just herbs, and other small comforts.

  • As far as religion in this world, there are many Gods, a Merciful Mother, Holy Father, and a pantheon that gives a patron God to every craft and need. They are all honored together at the Solstice and Equinox days, and each God has their own feast day as well, scattered throughout the year. Each village may have its own patron or may worship the Mother and Father. Every temple is dedicated to the whole pantheon as well as the patron of the area.

i read a lot about art as well as women’s places in sub-movements and what not so i wanted to compile a little list of notable books i’ve read about the intersection of those things, in case it interests you at all cause it does me. some of these take on an explicitly feminist perspective while others are more objective and “historical”/ devoid of political introspection- both narratives interest me. (if this seems at all crude or without nuance it’s because i’m just a book store clerk and not an academic, lol) :

i’m surely forgetting some- but i hope this was at least a little of interest! 


Hello Sendai!

This is the translation of Visual Board Tour Event Story (not voiced). Special thanks to Edmund (@iamtheoceansgaywaves) for proofreading♡

Visual Board Tour Event: Sendai | Sapporo

Mitsuki: Today, we’re starting IDOLISH7’s new web program, named…

All: Kimi to ‘Ai'dolish Nai to~! (1)

Riku: This web program is presented by the popular idol group, IDOLISH7!

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anonymous asked:

dont understand iron fist because he was immature

Then perhaps you weren’t paying much attention to his origin story (but who cares about the nitty-gritties when the character is white, right?) Danny Rand ended up in K’un-Lun as a result of his plane crash at the age of 10, and remained there till he was around 25-26 (the age he is now), and spending your formative years in such an isolated place - in comic mythos, one of the Seven Heavenly Cities that only appears every several few years - in an environment that fosters a more black-and-white, idealistic worldview, Danny is bound to be very ill-informed about how the world works, as opposed to your average American high schooler/college student/young adult. This is EXACTLY who the character is supposed to be, especially when he meets Luke, because it’s Luke’s friendship (in the Heroes for Hire pairing) that helps him grow.

It may help to know that this playlist was somewhat influenced by David Stevens’ The Waters of Babylon.

Sting - Beneath A Desert Moon

Rush - Caravan
Rush - Seven Cities of Gold
New Order - True Faith
David Bowie - The Secret Life of Arabia
Radiohead - How to Disappear Completely

Fleurie - Soldier

Ellie Goulding - My Blood
Oasis - Cast No Shadow
U2 - Stateless
Sarah McLachlan - Fallen
Snow Patrol - Run

Exitmusic - The City

Madonna - Gone
U2 - Gone

The Hoosiers - A Sadness Runs Through Him
Coldplay - Amsterdam
Florence + the Machine - Leave My Body

BONUS: All the songs that I’m aware of that are actually explicitly about (or explicitly mention) T.E. Lawrence

Running Wild - The Ghost
Annabelle - Fuis Lawrence d'Arabie
Lance Frank - Anvil of the Sun
Shearwater - Stray Light At Clouds Hill
Hombres G - Lawrence de Arabia

Al Stewart - Mr. Lawrence, Sir
Al Stewart - League of Notions
Pet Shop Boys - Jack the Lad
Manic Street Preachers - T.E. Lawrence on a Bike
Phantom/Ghost - To Damascus
Phantom/Ghost - St. Lawrence
Phantom/Ghost - Nothing Is Written
June Tabor - Aqaba
…aaaand I guess I gotta throw in Billy Joel - We Didn’t Start The Fire