Seven Hills Road

By Ellicott City, Maryland (which already has a reputation for being a city full of hauntings) there is a road known colloquially as Seven Hills Road. This road has a history of a very peculiar haunting, but also has a history of many unfortunate car accidents. It is said that if a person drives down this road and crests the seventh hill at midnight, a black truck will mysteriously appear and come speeding towards you and chase you. There are many stories to go along with this myth from residents and visitors. Many fatal car accidents have occurred on this road, which is actually called College Avenue. Whether or not a the demon truck actually exists, “hill-hopping” itself was a popular thrill for teenagers and young adults. They would speed up and down the road, a very dangerous activity as the road has many twists and blind spots, and the speed limit is or was 25 mph. Many people have lost their lives on this dangerous road this way.

blaycake  asked:

Could you do a cute lil headcannon for seven where MC is also a hacker!?!?!

i fucking love this request aND YOUR ICON AJLDFGH


  • Can you say hacking competitions??
  • Racing to see who can hack into Yoosung’s LOLOL account
  • Naturally it doesn’t take that long
  • His password is probably like icantbelieveitsnotrika
  • Anyway he’ll get into arguments over who’s the better hacker
  • But not the cute type “no you’re the better hacker”
  • He’s the better hacker
  • And he will fight you constantly about it
  • He’ll also hack into your accounts and just.. subtly fuck with you
  • So to get him back, you plug one of those wireless mouses into his main moniter and just jerk it around every half an hour as you walk past him
  • This kid is making it so much more complicated than it needs to be
  • He spends hours pulling out his hair trying to find what malware you put on his computer and he’s SO devastated that he can’t find it
  • After spending nearly twenty four hours trying to figure out what happened, he swallows his pride and asks you what you did
  • You just walk past him silently to his computer and pull out the part of the mouse that plugged into the computer
  • Needless to say he’s going to remember that moment for the rest of his life
  • The absolute fool

I’M SORRY I LOST THIS @thegrateandpowerfulcheese. And the name of the file was “the love of my life” luv u. Sorry. Hope you like it <3


  • This boy really wanted to meet your brother after hearing about your family and after he stopped crying. He would love to meet your family and someone that can help him to protect you. 
  • Your brother knew about everything he did for you, but well… LOLOL isn’t something he liked. So he started to question Yoosung about his life and his dream. 
  • Your brother almost cried. Hearing about Yoosung being a vet, how important RFA and Rika are to him you too and how he wants to help a lot of people around the country and world. 


  • God 707 knows everything. So he knew about your brother and your parents. But he waited until you were ready to tell everything. And he was so happy when you did it. 
  • But this guy was really nervous about meeting your brother. He doesn’t have the better job or has the looks or the money. Just the cars. So he was ready with information about your brother. 
  • But then he started asking Saeyoung about HBC and how to be smart. That was a relief. But then he asked about intimate things. AND OH, BOY. “MC, we have to go… see Elly! Now!


  • He was the one saying he should meet your brother and ask if he could date you because he is a gentleman. But when he saw a photo of your brother… Zen was a little scared about it. 
  • This guy would have some troubles with your brother. Anybody could see that he was really pretty… Maybe a playboy? And his job is… acting? A long talk about his dreams and his life…
  • And then you brother talked about sex. Your brother listened about boys being wolves and how Zen would protect you and be a gentleman. His little sister was in good hands. 


  • He said he needed to pay a visit to your brother since you would start living with him. And he would take a really expensive present if you didn’t stop him. That present was more expensive than your house.
  • Another problematic one. This one is really pretty and rich. Maybe some lovers? And he really likes his cat. But Jumin is amazing so while you made some tea he gained your brother’s trust.
  • Then he said about “sex before marriage”. Well, Jumin has some ideas about it, but he doesn’t know if he will be able to do it. So he just say he has to protect Elizabeth from Saeyoung.


  • This lady was really nervous about meeting your brother. What would he say? Maybe he wouldn’t mind you having a girlfriend, but he doesn’t like Jaehee? She practiced how she would introduce herself. 
  • But your brother loves Jaehee! She didn’t know but one time he saw her working and he asked for a cup of coffee after first meeting her. This girl is really happy about this. 
  • You three were drinking the coffee and then your brother made that question “how you do it with 2 girls?”. I can only say: Blush mess. 


  • He feels really responsible about everything that happened after you entered in RFA, so he would like to apologize to your family. Then you explain and he is like “let’s go right now.
  • Your brother is surprised. But then V just asks that he listens to everything. Some hours talking about Rika, RFA, Saeran and him being almost blind. He also said about the surgery. 
  • Your brother would ask some embarrassing questions to V. But he found it funny seeing V blush so much. And so everyone would be happy after all those stories.


  • He didn’t like the idea. Saeran still feels bad about everything and meeting your family could add more problems. But you are his love and this is the least he could do. 
  • You waited until he hair was red again or your brother would be more surprised. He was still surprised about Saeran’s clothes and his glare. 
  • Sometimes your brother would send him pictures of graveyards or tattoos. Now Saeran thinks your brother is strange and wants to block him. Maybe you should let him do it. 

Snow White by Bryan

  • Goodnight : The best part about being the little spoon while cuddling is being able to rub your butt against the person’s junk.
  • Billy : The best part about being the big spoon while cuddling is getting to rub your junk against the person’s butt.
  • Horne : The best part about the big spoon is that it lets me get bigger portions of ice cream as i cry alone in my room.

See, this is why I love Jack. This part of the video made me feel ill as well, especially when the mob mentality kicked in and everyone started laughing… Like it’s okay to disagree with someone, hell if he’s being rude tell him to fuck off, but I don’t think anything that man said warranted getting a drink thrown in his face. I agree with Jack - be the better person, don’t be an asshole. Don’t be like this.
Fuck people indeed.

Dank Names For RFA + Saeran and V
  • Yoosung: YooBUNG ;))))
  • ZEN: ZOON.
  • Jumin Han: JEW-MAN HAND.
  • Saeyoung: DankMaster27
  • Saeran: SaeRAN AWAY
  • V: V-ery Blind.
  • I am never sorry for any of my posts.