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“ We should keep talking so those aren’t your  last words “



Seth Rollins/OC: Seth is coming home for the first time in a few weeks after being on the road and you decide to surprise him with new lingerie. But when the door opens, Seth isn’t alone - he’s brought his friends home with him. He kicks them all out and then jealous, possessive smut. Requested by @screamersdontdance

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I miss him (Allison Reynolds)

She was always strong. Always tried to defend her opinion. She didn’t want to be perfect girl, her parents wanted her to be. Her mother was saying “Allison you should be a model, with your posture and features, you look perfectly”. But she chose exy.

And him.

Seth was quite opposite of perfect. He had his addictions, his words were rough and honest. He was quite a loner, she noticed. It was this kind of guy, that mothers told their daughters to avoid.

But he wasn’t just that.

He was there for her. He told her that she should play exy, no matter what other thinks. “Fuck them Allison, he said “You are great player, they shouldn’t care that you are girl. I know you have spark in yourself.”

She was trying to support him. She was stoping him from mixing his alcohol and drugs. She wanted to keep him safe. He was grateful her for it. 

There was affection. They didn’t show it that much while being with others, but sometimes both of them need it.  She was staying with him, when he felt worse. She remembered how she kissed his forehead, so hot from a fever. And how once he hold her in his arms, while she twisted her ankle and he was gently touching her hair and smiling. 

And with affection, there was the passion. At the beginning they were making out so often that Allison felt like on a crazy ride. She remembered taste of his tongue, countless hickeys on their body, their first time, so much pleasure.

But now it was all gone.

She cried so much the first night. She wasn’t strong then. But slowly, day by day, hour by hour, she was trying to get back to normal. She was still thinking about him.

Maybe he wasn’t ideal. Maybe they had conficts, differences, break ups, but on the other hand, they were there for each other. In good and bad moments. She didn’t think she would ever forget him

And all of this made her realize, maybe being strong isn’t about showing it up, maybe being strong is about surviving the worst moments and still being able to move on.


*makes political comment*

*shit!  did I go too far?*


for @dtappreciationweek day 6 -favourite 2015 moment

1. Immediately begin to live in the present as much as possible. 2. Refuse to worry 3. When your thoughts do touch upon your particular problem in that present moment, imagine the best possible solution to the dilemma.
—  Seth

Seth just described how you can see fragments of yourself that manifest outward. Like basically if you harbor so many thought forms that are formed in fear and negativity, if that energy is concentrated to such a degree and there happens to be a lapse in time you can see and apparition (I guess) of that image. If even for a couple seconds. The example used in the book is of the author and her husband in a night club, she’d notice this older couple looking bitter and ugly, angry. She noticed that the couple looked like them, her and her husband, whom at the time wasn’t physically feeling his best. It felt like for the they were at a crossroads to accept hat image or visual of that coupe as the next step on their path or to bypass it and choose something else. In that instant They chose to dance, they altered their path. The apparition, the couple disappeared. And even writing this i got the impression that it’s happen to me before. Like I’ve seen myself walking around disheveled and defeated and at some point chose otherwise. Cause i can guarantee I wouldn’t be here writing this.

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1 - Once Upon a December by Liz Callaway {Anastasia Sountrack}

2 - Bella Notte by Emile Pandolfi 

3 - Once upon a December by Emile Pandolfi 

4 - The First Waltz by Ilan Eshkeri, London Metropolitan Orchestra {The Young Victoria soundtrack} 

5 - Evermore by Dan Stevens {Beauty and the Beast Soundtrack} 

6 - Being Alive by Raul Esparza {Company}

7 - Bette Davis Eyes by Kim Carnes 

8 - Dream is Collapsing by Hans Zimmer {Inception Soundtrack} 

9 - The Night they Invented Champagne by Seth Macfarlane 

10 - Material Girl by Madonna 

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Currently reading All Women Are Psychic ad the last chapter goes into the crown chakra and mediumship. This chapter is talking about how people have developed their ability to channel and do automatic writing through issuing ouija boards. I think there’s a detailed explication of how it deals with and access the subconscious mind of the individuals using it as well as the subconscious of humanity. One of the examples of women who used ouija board and began channeling messages through voice is Jane Roberts who worked closely with an entity called Seth (The Seth Material is the name of the book). And I’m wondering if all the negative press (scary movies) is just a way to get people away from accessing the unconscious mind cause the homie Seth is laying down some facts and answering questions I had (I found the book in a used bookstore yesterday). Sure some of the things about ouija being scary are real, if you’re scared or have really irrational fears that you believe somewhere will manifest (i.e. If you’re already disturbed) and there’s always a possibility of a lower vibrational entity coming through, sure, but your power to dispel them is greater. I’ve never used a ouija board but now I’m very curious. I just think there are so many ways to see what this life is truly all about.

Betrayed and abandoned by his brother Seth, Dean Ambrose becomes obsessed with vengeance, devoting his life to tracking down his sibling and anyone close to him. Tracking Seth to his palatial home, Dean truly comes unhinged as he intends to tear his brother apart — in every way imaginable.

Yup, I’d watch it.  homo-pink and I would be 1st in line at the movie theatre to see this one.  Buy a nice big tub of popcorn and hunker down to watch a very EB like Dean literally rip Seth apart.  And I wouldn’t say no to corpse fucking, either…