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Imagine waking up having forgotten ten years of your life with Dean.

Pairing: Dean x Reader 

Warnings: Angst, Fluff

Word Count: 1.8k

A/N: This is the sequel to the gif blurb Forgotten. I had never planned on continuing this story, but you guys seemed to want more. Now it’s been a while, so I hope you’re still needy. Hope this doesn’t ruin the first part. I’m nervous about this one.

Feedback welcome and appreciated 

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Nobody Needs to Know || Pt. 2

Pt. 1

Pairing: Jughead x Reader


Prompts: #93 “But, I said I love you.”

Warnings: A singular swear, some sad times, a very stupid Juggie

A/N: Let me know how you feel! If you’re interested in a part three, message me! Requests are also open for other imagines!

“You have feelings for me?”


You go slack-jawed, unable to understand exactly what had transpired in the short time it took you to go to the restroom. Jug still hasn’t blinked or made any sort of indication that he’s alive, frozen just as you are. The heat seeps from your hands, making them clammy which ,you take a ridiculous moment to think, is probably the grossest word in existence. You feel the missing heat from your fingers move up to your neck, making its way up your face until the heat makes you feel light-headed. 

Still, no one has said anything. You throw a quick glance to the friends across from you, seeing equally dumbfounded expressions. All three meet your gaze, with Betty shaking her head apologetically. Your face falls and you look back to the boy that still has not moved.

“I, uh, I just,” you pause, taking a deep breath in and blowing it back out again. 

He started to look angry. His fists ball, veins becoming more defined as his skin pulls taut. “Well?” He looks away from you, finally, moving his gaze to the friends across from you two.

Archie tugs on Betty’s sleeve, pulling her and Veronica out of the booth. “I, uh, think we should go.” He looks meaningfully at B and V, giving you a supportive smile as he drags them off.

Once the bell rings out, signalling their departure, Jughead’s hands relax and he sinks against the sticky vinyl of the booth. 

Well, if there was a time to try and explain, it must be now.

“Okay, Jug. Here it is. Here’s all of it.” You turn to fully face him in the booth, crossing one leg under the other and setting your fidgeting hands in between them. You try to look him in the eye, but seeing his face once again devoid of expression is too much. Instead, you settle on watching your hands betray your nerves. “I have feelings for you. Not… not like feelings we have for friends, for Archie or Betty or V. As in, sometimes I want to kiss you but also sometimes being too close drives me crazy feelings.” You look up again, only to find no reaction. Back to your hands. “I’ve know for- well, I was going to say forever, which is just blatantly incorrect. I’ve felt like this for almost our entire friendship, but I didn’t figure it out for a couple years after. I didn’t intend to develop feelings, and I really don’t want to lose you.” You look up once more, and finally there is something behind his eyes. Confusion, mostly, but it’s something. Your gazes stay on each other as you continue. “I love you, Jughead Jones. As more than the best friends I know we are.” The side of you mouth quirks up, but quickly drops again as your brow crinkles. “But, if you want to stay friends, I understand. Just, please Jug. Please,” you untangle your hands to put one on his bicep,” don’t let this ruin anything. Ruin us.”

Silence. Your hand slips away, and while you had not noticed yourself leaning forward during the speech you are now very aware of the miniscule distance between you two. Collapsing a bit, putting some distance in between, you see Jughead turn to you with determination and apology written in every line of his face.

“I’m just-” he shakes his head. “I’m sorry, Y/N. I don’t feel the same way.” His face crumples, but you don’t let him see yours do the same. 

Instead, you take another deep breath and give another smile. “That’s okay! We can just go back to how we were. If you want, we can call everyone back and just have a normal night?” As much as you want to hide your emotions, you hope he hears the plea hidden in the question. 

He looks away from you now, taking your earlier trick of staring at his hands. “I really don’t think that’s the best idea.”

Your heart feels a little twinge, but quickly you dispel it. “Y’know, I am a little tired. It’s pretty late, I’ll just walk home.” You stand from the booth, slinging your bag across your shoulder. “But we’re still on for tomorrow, right? All of us meeting at Twilight?”

He shakes his head. “I don’t think we can be around each other for a while, Y/N.”

You logically knew your heart couldn’t drop into your stomach, but logic never applied to your feelings for Jughead Jones.

“But, I said I loved you. And I meant it, in both the feelings way but also just the best friend way. That’s gotta count for something, Jug. You can’t push me away just because we’re a little uncomfortable right now.” You begin to worry. “If we don’t try to get past it now, we probably never will! It’ll just get worse over time and then our entire friend group will dissipate and they’ll drop me because I’m the youngest and everyone knows the youngest is cast out in major friend debates and-”

“Y/N!” Jughead pleads, “Please stop. I just need time. We’re okay, I promise, but I think we both just need a little time. Just, just go home.”

He doesn’t look at you, hands once again clenching. Instead of making more of a fool of yourself, you turn on your heel and walk out of the door to Pop’s.

It’s chilly, but you expected as much. What you did not expect was the trio that had left earlier, standing there expectantly. 

“What are you-”

“Did you honestly believe we wouldn’t watch through the window, Y/N/N?” Veronica gives you a sad smile, and Archie opens up his arms and walks towards you with a matching expression. 

Warmth envelopes you, and before long you feel sobs wrack your body. Archie just holds you, and you swear you hear a sniffle or two from him as the two girls join in your comfort session.

You aren’t sure how long you stand out there, taking strength from the friends that stayed in the cold to prepare for any outcome. What you are sure of is that Jughead watched the entire exchange, seeing him turn away through the window just as the group dispersed and started the trek to Archie’s house.

#3 My Neighbor's A Jerk

Summary: (Office AU) There’s this mutual feeling between you and your jerk of a neighbor, called hate. With every ounce of passion filled in your veins you both commence that feeling from day one of meeting each other. But what happens once, one of you are at the receiving end of the other’s help? Maybe you will learn how to co-operate?

Word Count: 2708

Pairing: Bucky x fem!Reader

Genre: RomCom

Warning: none

Author’s Note: finally, ik. But i don’t think i like this chapter all that very much. But still, enjoy! :)

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Imagine. Being Harvey’s daughter and dating Jerome. 

“Dad, I have someone I would like you to meet.” You more skipped then walked in holding Jerome’s hand. He walked a bit stiffly obviously shy you thought. Harvey, your father, looked up from his newspaper only to gape. “This is Jerome. Jerome this is my father, Harvey.” Jerome smiled. “You have one beautiful daughter Harvey, must I say.” Harvey stayed seated and didn’t want to make you uncomfortable with arresting your potential boyfriend, not that he would allow that to escalate more than it already had. “Thank you, son.” He said calmly. 

The Art of Loneliness | 01

Originally posted by sugagifs

Pairing: Reader x Yoongi

Word Count: 6.6k

Genre: Angst, Mentions of suicide and torture

A/n: Inspired by The Ones Who Walk Away From Omelas and Life by Rap Monster. The world is very different from what I’ve written before, so please tell me how you feel about it, both the positive and negative. Thank you!   

Description: In the world there are two types of people, them and Carriers. You’re a Carrier, one of the people that have been selected the bear the sadness of the world. You thought that was how you would live and die–at least you did, before tonight. 

        April 1st             

        I always wonder why I write if I’m the only one that will ever read it. But even if someone else did, would it matter? It’s not like they could ever understand, at least not the average person. I wonder, if they read what I had to say, listened to my thoughts and experiences, if they would feel guilty. Or maybe they’d fool themselves into thinking it’s not their fault, telling themselves that there isn’t anything they could do about it, so why care, right?

        For a long time, I wondered, why? Why me? At times I even ask, “Why couldn’t it be someone else?” but then I realize that despite everything they’ve put me through, I would never wish it on another person.

        I hear them talk about people like me sometimes, like if I’m not there, which I guess further solidifies their act. Yesterday I overheard some boy say something like “It can’t be that bad. It’s not she’s bleeding and dying on the floor. It could be worse.”

          He’s lucky enough that he’ll never have to find out that there are things that hurt more than physical pain, things that stir something so deep and disgusting in your heart that it makes you want to tear into your chest and rip it out, hoping that maybe if you hugged your own heart, you would finally have company.

          I wonder if anyone else wakes up every day wishing they were dead.

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Hoseok's Hubby Qualities:

☑ Outgoing ☑ Respectful AF ☑ Honest ☑ GOLDEN HYUNG ☑ Considerate ☑ Empathetic ☑ Will probably stand by you no matter what ☑ Never gave up on his passion ☑ Cares for his family ☑ So loving ☑ Living art in all forms my god

Dean Winchester’s Lyrics, Part 1

Summary: Dean Winchester isn’t exactly competent when it comes to relationships. He’s had nearly a life time to tell Y/N how he feels. Instead, he’s found himself in bed with her more times than he can count and left her with almost nothing after. Dean tries to reach her in his own way, but it’s not enough.When Dean finally figures out how he feels and what to say, Y/N quits the life and he lets her go. A spell of epic and violent proportions brings them back together. This is Y/N’s side of the story.

Warnings: This has adult language and explicit sexual context. Also, canonical violence is to follow.

A/N: This was written for @creatively-charlie‘s awesome challenge! There is a prompt, but I’m going to wait until the end to reveal it. This story is complete and has 5 parts. I hope you like it! Let me know what you think!

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You weren’t always sure why the Winchester’s crossed your mind, seemingly out of the blue. But sometimes, they invaded your thoughts at inopportune occasions. Sometimes, you were supposed to be taking notes in class. Other times, you were supposed to be concentrating on which espresso drink you were supposed to be concocting for the college student masses.

You were also pretty sure you had some form of PTSD because of the vivid nightmares you had every night like clockwork. They were in those too.
It was one particular Winchester that popped up in the bath while you were trying to relax or while you were laying in bed awake at night. Sometimes he was all your mind could think of while you were in bed with someone else. It was always an awkward moment when you accidentally whispered his name instead of the person you were having sex with. Uh… Oops?

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