the sequel tho


Borderlands Appreciation Month → [BTPS] Day 20: Favorite Boss/Enemy

“If hate is all you want, THAT’S WHAT YOU’LL GET!”


Rhackothy high-school/college/???AU 

i ship it

i ship this ship big time

send help

also captions yeah?

rhys does have his robotic/cybernetic arm in this AU, Hugo Vasquez just stole it in the first image tho

i was doing bunch of borderlands 2 (+ tps) sketches trying to figure out how the female characters’ faces work, and i thought i’d post all of the sketches once i’m finished but….. i couldn’t wait, please look at this tiny tina i drew, she’s my fav



Genre: pure smut (the things i do 4 u guys)

Warnings: swearing, strong D/s dynamics, blowjobs, daddy!kink, public teasing, dirty talk, facial (oops)

Word count: 1416

A/N: i promise you guys that this was consensual and dan is a fuckin tease. also i’ve been working on pbb which is why im kinda adskagerga, but yeah. i did leave the end sort of open, so if you want a part two, let me know! otherwise,  enjoy the fic and enjoy yoselves <3

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One aspect of gluttony that I think is fun is when someone eats so much that they end up food drunk, which is.. pretty much exactly what it sounds like. I really wanted to express that in some sketches and thought, ‘okay who’d be a good victim of eating themselves silly… oho wait of course this goober’ … plus I kinda really missed Demyx anyway OTL


books (re)read in 2016: raw blue by kirsty eagar

If you looked at it from the outside, you’d just see a girl in a car driving home. If you took the satellite view then you’d see the yellow roof of a car driving along a main road at night. If you went higher, you probably wouldn’t be able to pick out the yellow roof, but you’d see that there were quite a few cars travelling on that same road, and you might notice it had six lanes, three each way. Further up, you wouldn’t even see the cars. You’d see a necklace of bright lights strung along the coast beside a body of black water. And if you went higher than that and kept on going, you might eventually find the place in the universe where they decide what happens to people in their lives and they could tell you why.

But I can’t do that. All I can do is decide whether or not to wind the window down.

I wind it down. And I lean back in my seat. And the air feels good. And I will take that. Because I am not what happened to me.

My only “complaint” about the Deadpool movie.

More PAN.

What we got was great, but you can always afford to make it gayer trust me.

Also not enough of the old blind coke addict roommate. She was probably my favorite.


So I went to New York Comic Con for the first time. Went as Handsome Jack for the two last days and holy shit it was awesome. I met so many awesome people and this costume was so well received. I’m seriously really fucking happy about this. Won’t be my last time in New york, that’s for sure.
Also, I’m mad about the fact that I didn’t get a picture with that beautiful Moxxi I ran across on my way out Saturday night.
Look at all these awesome cosplayers!!!


I never got to fangirl here about how much I loved the OP and ED. It’s like so perfect especially tying in with the first OP Shangri-la! Also the full song for Dead or Alive has snippets of it too (i cry)