the sentries

The Sanses’ Music Interest

Because I’m a little biased on my music choices myself. (Plus, I’ve noticed that everybody gives the Sanses edgy music tastes, so I’ve come to screw up that tradition.)



Sans usually puts off that vibe that he doesn’t have any interest in…well, anything really. However, my headcanon is that its all just a front and that Sans just enjoys music in general, but his favorite genre would have to be retro (you know, the music everybody USED to like.) 

His interest in retro music started off as a joke as to throw people off when they’d ask about it, but it soon blossomed into a whole playlist on his phone that he listens to at his sentry station or while on the go in his tricycle.

Favorite song: Dancing Queen - Abba



Classic rock for this less than classy person, please.

This genre not only provides authentic voices and sounds, but the stories (both good and bad) behind them speak to Red on a spiritual level that he’ll never be able to comprehend. Just don’t tell anyone about this monster’s mushy adoration for the genre.

And come on, its pretty easy to sing along to Bohemian Rhapsody after listening to it for years (let’s be honest, every other person knows the lyrics).

Favorite Song: Too many to count, but he’s always had an eye (socket???) for Led Zeppelin’s Stairway To Heaven



Hope you’re down for some twists and turns, cause that’s just scratching the surface of his music.

Welcome to the day and age of swing music and rockability, whether it be electro or conventional.

The music is so upbeat, quick-paced, and lively that its hard for Sans to ignore. During his time off or while cleaning around the house (cause Stretch is a lazy bum), he’ll put on this music for some extra motivation and go to town with his quick footing and swaying.

Just don’t mention the blush on his face as you walk on him sensually dipping a mop.

Favorite Song: The Twist - Chubby Checker


This faker says he’s all about heavy metal, but we all know he’s a true Latin dancer.

Like, get this boy a hula-hoop cause his hips DO. NOT. LIE. The intimacy and smoothness it requires to move to the music is right up his alley due to his “PRECISE AND LIMBER PHYSIQUE”. Plus, this bean was even able to pick up some Spanish while he was at it.

He knows all the cuss words. ALL OF THEM.

Favorite Song: Bailando - Enrique Iglesias (of course the Spanish version)

Please talk to me about Allura’s space mice

More space mice stuff here!

I always imagined Symmetra’s turrets to have individual personalities and emotions. Or maybe she imagines that they have personalities and emotions… Either way, I get very sad when my turret children are destroyed, so I couldn’t resist drawing them. They’re hella cute, if I do say so myself.

Symmetra’s turrets, after the mission

Here’s Wilma and Betsy on the couch, gossiping about the latest in Sentry Turret fashion. George looks on from their favorite chair by the fern.

William and Francine have just had the most intense realization about life, and would prefer not to be bothered.

Bob just wants to go home.

DM: Okay, Elmer - your turn.
Bard: What’s in front of me?
DM: There’s just one orc sentry remaining by the mouth of the cave. 
Bard: Right, and I’m invisible, so I sneak up behind him and whisper over his shoulder:
“According to all known laws of aviation, there’s no reason that a bee should be able to fly—”
Group: *bursts out laughing*
Bard: And I cast Dissonant Whispers. 
DM: Okay, he makes the save.
Bard: Then he takes only 8 points of psychic damage.
DM(laughing): It’s enough! He keels over.
Cleric: Holy fuck.
Bard: To bee or not to bee.